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Medium: 250 exp
Hard: 375 exp
Deadly: 500 exp

Daily: 1,500 exp

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Aarakocra1/4MediumHumanoid (Aarakocra)Neutral GoodMonster Manual p. 12
Aarakocra Captain3MediumHumanoid (Aarakocra)Neutral Good Monster Module p. 3
Aarakocra Priest of Aerdrie8MediumHumanoid (Aarakocra)Neutral GoodMonster Module p. 4
Aarakocra Sharpshooter1/2MediumHumanoid (Aarakocra)Neutral GoodMonster Module p. 3
Aaztar-Ghola4MediumHumanoidChaotic EvilFifth Edition Foes p. 5
Abjurer9MediumHumanoid (Any Race)AnyVolo's Guide to Monsters p. 209
Aboleth10LargeAberrationLawful EvilMonster Manual p. 13
Aboleth Sovereign16HugeAberrationLawful EvilMonster Module p. 5
Abominable Beauty11MediumFeyNeutral EvilTome of Beasts p. 11
Abominable Sloth6HugeBeastUnalignedPrimeval Thule Campaign Setting p. 220
Abyssal Wretch1/4MediumFiend (demon)Chaotic EvilMordenkainen's Tome of Foes p. 136
Acolyte1/4MediumHumanoid (any)AnyMonster Manual p. 342
Adult Black Dragon14HugeDragonChaotic EvilMonster Manual p. 88
Adult Blue Dragon16HugeDragonLawful EvilMonster Manual p. 91
Adult Bronze Dragon15HugeDragonLawful GoodMonster Manual p. 108
Adult Copper Dragon14HugeDragonChaotic GoodMonster Manual p. 112
Adult Gold Dragon17HugeDragonLawful GoodMonster Manual p. 114
Adult Kruthik2MediumMonstrosityUnalignedMordenkainen's Tome of Foes p. 212
Adult Mithral Dragon14HugeDragonNeutralTome of Beasts p. 133
Adult Red Dragon17HugeDragonChaotic EvilMonster Manual p. 98
Adult Sea Dragon16HugeDragonNeutral EvilTome of Beasts p. 135
Adult Void Dragon14HugeDragonChaotic NeutralTome of Beasts p. 139
Adult Wind Dragon17HugeDragonChaotic NeutralTome of Beasts p. 143
Aerisi Kalinoth7MediumHumanoid (Elf)Neutral EvilPrinces of the Apocalypse p. 192
Agathion4MediumCelestialLawful GoodMonster Module p. 7
Air Elemental Myrmidon7MediumElementalNeutralPrinces of the Apocalypse p. 212
Akyishigal, Demon Lord of Cockroaches12LargeFiend (Demon)Chaotic EvilTome of Beasts p. 82
Ala8MediumFeyChaotic EvilTome of Beasts p. 13
Algoid3MediumPlantNeutralFifth Edition Foes p. 8
Alhoon10MediumUndeadAny EvilVolo's Guide to Monsters p. 172
Allip5MediumUndeadNeutral EvilMordenkainen's Tome of Foes p. 116
Alquam, Demon Lord of Night21HugeFiend (Demon)Chaotic EvilTome of Beasts p. 84
Alseid Grovekeeper3MediumMonstrosityChaotic NeutralTome of Beasts p. 15
Amnizu18MediumFiend (devil)Lawful EvilMordenkainen's Tome of Foes p. 164
Ancient Black Dragon21GargantuanDragonChaotic EvilMonster Manual p. 87
Ancient Brass Dragon20GargantuanDragonChaotic GoodMonster Manual p. 104
Ancient Copper Dragon21GargantuanDragonChaotic GoodMonster Manual p. 110
Ancient Gold Dragon24GargantuanDragonLawful GoodMonster Manual p. 113
Ancient Mithral Dragon18GargantuanDragonNeutralTome of Beasts p. 132
Ancient Sea Dragon22GargantuanDragonNeutral EvilTome of Beasts p. 135
Ancient Titan12GargantuanCelestial (Titan)Neutral GoodTome of Beasts p. 380
Ancient White Dragon20GargantuanDragonChaotic EvilMonster Manual p. 100
Andrenjinyi15GargantuanCelestialNeutralTome of Beasts p. 17
Angatra6MediumUndeadNeutral EvilTome of Beasts p. 19
Angry Sorrowsworn13MediumMonstrosityNeutral EvilMordenkainen's Tome of Foes p. 231
Animated Table2LargeConstructUnalignedTales from the Yawning Portal p. 230
Animators Wand1/2TinyConstructUnalignedMonster Module p. 9
Ankylosaurus3HugeBeastUnalignedMonster Manual p. 79
Ant Lion4LargeBeastUnalignedFifth Edition Foes p. 11
Apau Perape6LargeFiend (Demon)Chaotic EvilTome of Beasts p. 75
Apprentice Wizard1/4MediumHumanoid (Any Race)AnyVolo's Guide to Monsters p. 209
Arboreal Grappler3MediumAberrationNeutral EvilTome of Beasts p. 25
Arcane Guardian8MediumUndeadNeutral EvilTome of Beasts p. 358
Archdruid12MediumHumanoid (Any Race)AnyVolo's Guide to Monsters p. 210
Archmage12MediumHumanoid (any)AnyMonster Manual p. 342
Aridni5SmallFeyNeutral EvilTome of Beasts p. 26
Artificer of Yothri5MediumAberrationChaotic EvilFifth Edition Foes p. 15
Ascomoid3LargePlant (Fungoid)UnalignedFifth Edition Foes p. 16
Assassin8MediumHumanoid (any)Non-goodMonster Manual p. 343
Astral Dreadnought21GargantuanMonstrosity (titan)UnalignedMordenkainen's Tome of Foes p. 117
Astral Shark5LargeFiendNeutralFifth Edition Foes p. 19
Aurumvorax (Golden Gorger)5SmallMonstrosityUnalignedFifth Edition Foes p. 20
Autumn Eladrin10MediumFey (elf)Chaotic NeutralMordenkainen's Tome of Foes p. 195
Awakened Tree2HugePlantUnalignedMonster Manual p. 317
Azbara Jos4MediumHumanoid (Human)Lawful EvilHoard of the Dragon Queen p. 88
Azer Artisan3MediumElementalLawful NeutralMonster Module p. 13
Azza Gremlin1/4SmallFeyNeutralTome of Beasts p. 28
Baba Lysaga's Creeping Hut11GargantuanConstructUnalignedCurse of Strahd p. 226
Babau4MediumFiend (Demon)Chaotic EvilVolo's Guide to Monsters p. 136
Badger0TinyBeastUnalignedMonster Manual p. 318
Balhannoth11LargeAberrationChaotic EvilMordenkainen's Tome of Foes p. 118
Banderhobb5LargeMonstrosityNeutral EvilVolo's Guide to Monsters p. 122
Bandit Captain2MediumHumanoid (any)Non-lawfulMonster Manual p. 344
Banshee4MediumUndeadChaotic EvilMonster Manual p. 23
Barbed Devil5MediumFiend (Devil)Lawful EvilMonster Manual p. 70
Barghest4LargeFiend (Shapechanger)Neutral EvilVolo's Guide to Monsters p. 123
Barovian Witch1/2MediumHumanoid (Human)Chaotic EvilCurse of Strahd p. 229
Bastet Temple Cat1SmallBeastChaotic NeutralTome of Beasts p. 32
Bat0TinyBeastUnalignedMonster Manual p. 318
Bearded Devil3MediumFiend (Devil)Lawful EvilMonster Manual p. 70
Beastman Cursemaker2MediumHumanoid (Human)Chaotic EvilPrimeval Thule Campaign Setting p. 225
Beastman Warchief3MediumHumanoid (Human)Chaotic EvilPrimeval Thule Campaign Setting p. 225
Beggar Ghoul1/2MediumUndeadChaotic EvilTome of Beasts p. 213
Beholder13LargeAberrationLawful EvilMonster Manual p. 28
Beholder Zombie5LargeUndeadNeutral EvilMonster Manual p. 316
Beli2SmallFeyNeutral EvilTome of Beasts p. 35
Bereginyas4TinyFeyNeutral EvilTome of Beasts p. 36
Berstuc11LargeFiend (Demon)Chaotic EvilTome of Beasts p. 76
Bheur Hag7MediumFeyChaotic EvilVolo's Guide to Monsters p. 160
Black Abishai7MediumFiend (devil)Lawful EvilMordenkainen's Tome of Foes p. 160
Black Circle Agent8MediumHumanoid (Human)Chaotic NeutralPrimeval Thule Campaign Setting p. 226
Black Dragon Wyrmling2MediumDragonChaotic EvilMonster Manual p. 88
Black Earth Priest3MediumHumanoid (Human)Neutral EvilPrinces of the Apocalypse p. 195
Black Pudding4LargeOozeUnalignedMonster Manual p. 241
Blagothkus9HugeGiant (Cloud giant)Neutral EvilHoard of the Dragon Queen p. 89
Blink Dog1/4MediumFeyLawful GoodMonster Manual p. 318
Blood Hawk1/4SmallMonstrosityUnalignedFifth Edition Foes p. 27
Blood Orchid5LargeAberrationChaotic EvilFifth Edition Foes p. 28
Blood Orchid Savant7LargeAberrationLawful EvilFifth Edition Foes p. 28
Bloodsuckle3LargePlantUnalignedFifth Edition Foes p. 30
Blue Abishai17MediumFiend (devil)Lawful EvilMordenkainen's Tome of Foes p. 161
Blue Slaad7LargeAberrationChaotic NeutralMonster Manual p. 276
Boar1/4MediumBeastUnalignedMonster Manual p. 319
Boggle1/8SmallFeyChaotic NeutralVolo's Guide to Monsters p. 128
Bone Cobbler2MediumAberrationChaotic EvilFifth Edition Foes p. 33
Bone Crab1/2SmallBeastNeutralTome of Beasts p. 40
Bone Naga4LargeUndeadLawful EvilMonster Manual p. 233
Boneclaw12LargeUndeadChaotic EvilMordenkainen's Tome of Foes p. 121
Bonesucker4LargeAberrationNeutral EvilFifth Edition Foes p. 35
Borsin (Ape Centaur)3LargeMonstrosityChaotic EvilFifth Edition Foes p. 36
Bramble Blight1MediumPlantNeutral EvilMonster Module p. 18
Brass Dragon Wyrmling1MediumDragonChaotic GoodMonster Manual p. 106
Bridesmaid of Zuggtmoy1/8MediumPlantChaotic EvilOut of the Abyss p. 230
Brontosaurus5GargantuanBeastUnalignedVolo's Guide to Monsters p. 139
Bronze Dragon Wyrmling2MediumDragonLawful GoodMonster Manual p. 109
Bronze Scout1MediumConstructUnalignedMordenkainen's Tome of Foes p. 125
Broom of Animated Attack1/4SmallConstructUnalignedCurse of Strahd p. 226
Brume6LargeAberrationNeutral EvilFifth Edition Foes p. 38
Bugbear1MediumHumanoid (Goblinoid)Chaotic EvilMonster Manual p. 33
Bugbear Champion of Hruggek4MediumHumanoid (Goblinoid)Chaotic EvilMonster Module p. 20
Bukavac9LargeMonstrosityNeutral EvilTome of Beasts p. 47
Bulezau3MediumFiend (demon)Chaotic EvilMordenkainen's Tome of Foes p. 131
Bullywug Chief3MediumHumanoid (Bullywug)Neutral EvilMonster Module p. 22
Bullywug Shaman3MediumHumanoid (Bullywug)Neutral EvilMonster Module p. 21
Burning Dervish3MediumFiendLawful EvilFifth Edition Foes p. 39
Burrowling1/2SmallHumanoid (Burrowling)Lawful NeutralTome of Beasts p. 49
Cadaver1/2MediumUndeadChaotic EvilFifth Edition Foes p. 40
Cadaver Lord3MediumUndeadChaotic EvilFifth Edition Foes p. 41
Cambion5MediumFiendAny EvilMonster Manual p. 36
Camel1/8LargeBeastUnalignedMonster Manual p. 320
Captain Othelstan5MediumHumanoid (Human)Lawful EvilHoard of the Dragon Queen p. 89
Carrion Beetle4LargeBeastNeutralTome of Beasts p. 52
Caryatid Column1MediumConstructUnalignedFifth Edition Foes p. 43
Caterprism4LargeMonstrosityUnalignedFifth Edition Foes p. 45
Catoblepas5LargeMonstrosityUnalignedVolo's Guide to Monsters p. 129
Cave Dragon Wyrmling2MediumDragonNeutral EvilTome of Beasts p. 127
Cave Fisher2LargeMonstrosityUnalignedFifth Edition Foes p. 50
Cave Leech6LargeBeastChaotic EvilFifth Edition Foes p. 51
Centaur2LargeMonstrosityNeutral GoodMonster Manual p. 38
Centipede Nest1/2MediumBeast (Swarm)UnalignedFifth Edition Foes p. 52
Chain Devil8MediumFiend (Devil)Lawful EvilMonster Manual p. 72
Chained Angel8MediumCelestialNeutral EvilTome of Beasts p. 20
Champion9MediumHumanoid (Any Race)AnyVolo's Guide to Monsters p. 212
Chasme6LargeFiend (Demon)Chaotic EvilMonster Manual p. 57
Chernomoi1TinyFeyNeutralTome of Beasts p. 55
Chimera6LargeMonstrosityChaotic EvilMonster Manual p. 39
Choker1SmallAberrationChaotic EvilTales from the Yawning Portal p. 232
Choldrith3MediumMonstrosityChaotic EvilVolo's Guide to Monsters p. 132
Chronalmental8LargeElementalUnalignedTome of Beasts p. 57
Church Grim1MediumMonstrosity (Incorporeal)Lawful GoodFifth Edition Foes p. 57
Chuul4LargeAberrationChaotic EvilMonster Manual p. 40
Cikavak1/8TinyBeastNeutralTome of Beasts p. 58
Cimota Guardian4MediumUndeadLawful EvilFifth Edition Foes p. 59
Clamor2MediumAberration (Extraplanar, Incorporeal)UnalignedFifth Edition Foes p. 62
Cloaker8LargeAberrationChaotic NeutralMonster Manual p. 41
Clockwork Beetle1/2TinyConstructUnalignedTome of Beasts p. 60
Clockwork Hound2MediumConstructUnalignedTome of Beasts p. 62
Clockwork Myrmidon6LargeConstructUnalignedTome of Beasts p. 64
Clockwork Weaving Spider1TinyConstructUnalignedTome of Beasts p. 66
Cloud Giant Smiling One11HugeGiant (Cloud Giant)Chaotic NeutralVolo's Guide to Monsters p. 146
Cobbleswarm2MediumMonstrosity (Swarm)UnalignedTome of Beasts p. 68
Cockatrice1/2SmallMonstrosityUnalignedMonster Manual p. 42
Cohort Devil12MediumFiend (Devil)Lawful EvilTome of Beasts p. 104
Conjurer6MediumHumanoid (Any Race)AnyVolo's Guide to Monsters p. 212
Cooshee1MediumMonstrosityNeutral GoodFifth Edition Foes p. 65
Coral Drake7MediumDragonNeutral EvilTome of Beasts p. 150
Corpse Mound11HugeUndeadNeutral EvilTome of Beasts p. 69
Corpsespinner5HugeMonstrosity (Extraplanar)UnalignedFifth Edition Foes p. 67
Corrupted Ogre Chieftain6LargeGiantChaotic EvilTome of Beasts p. 423
Couatl4MediumCelestialLawful GoodMonster Manual p. 43
Cow (Ox)1/4LargeBeastUnalignedVolo's Guide to Monsters p. 208
Crabman1LargeMonstrosityNeutralFifth Edition Foes p. 69
Cranium Rat0TinyBeastLawful EvilVolo's Guide to Monsters p. 133
Crested Eagle1MediumBeastUnalignedPrimeval Thule Campaign Setting p. 220
Crimson Drake1TinyDragonChaotic EvilTome of Beasts p. 151
Crocodile1/2LargeBeastUnalignedMonster Manual p. 320
Crushing Wave Reaver1/2MediumHumanoid (Human)Neutral EvilPrinces of the Apocalypse p. 205
Crystalline Devil6MediumFiend (Devil)Lawful EvilTome of Beasts p. 105
Cult Priest7MediumHumanoid (Human)Chaotic NeutralPrimeval Thule Campaign Setting p. 239
Cyclops6HugeGiantChaotic NeutralMonster Manual p. 45
Dao11LargeElementalNeutral EvilMonster Manual p. 143
Dark Creeper1/4SmallHumanoidChaotic NeutralFifth Edition Foes p. 74
Dark Stalker2MediumHumanoidChaotic NeutralFifth Edition Foes p. 74
Dark Triton1LargeMonstrosity (Aquatic)Chaotic EvilFifth Edition Foes p. 233
Darkling Elder2MediumFeyChaotic NeutralVolo's Guide to Monsters p. 134
Darno2MediumUndeadLawful EvilFifth Edition Foes p. 76
Death Butterfly Swarm4LargeBeast (Swarm)Chaotic EvilTome of Beasts p. 71
Death Dog1MediumMonstrosityNeutral EvilMonster Manual p. 321
Death Knight17MediumUndeadChaotic EvilMonster Manual p. 47
Death Tyrant14LargeUndeadLawful EvilMonster Manual p. 29
Death Worm3LargeMonstrosityUnalignedFifth Edition Foes p. 78
Deathlock4MediumUndeadNeutral EvilMordenkainen's Tome of Foes p. 128
Deathlock Wight3MediumUndeadNeutral EvilTales from the Yawning Portal p. 233
Deathwisp7MediumUndeadNeutral EvilTome of Beasts p. 72
Deep Drake9LargeDragonChaotic EvilTome of Beasts p. 152
Deep Hunter Sea Serpent14GargantuanDragon (Aquatic)Lawful NeutralFifth Edition Foes p. 200
Deep One Archimandrite8LargeHumanoid (Deep One)Chaotic EvilTome of Beasts p. 74
Deep One Hybrid Priest4MediumHumanoid (Deep One)Chaotic EvilTome of Beasts p. 73
Deer0MediumBeastUnalignedMonster Manual p. 321
Deinonychus1MediumBeastUnalignedVolo's Guide to Monsters p. 139
Demilich (Acererak in lair)23TinyUndeadNeutral EvilMonster Manual p. 49
Demilich (in lair)20TinyUndeadNeutral EvilMonster Manual p. 48
Demonic Knight5MediumFiendChaotic EvilFifth Edition Foes p. 82
Derro1/4SmallHumanoid (Derro)Chaotic EvilOut of the Abyss p. 224
Derro Fetal Savant4TinyHumanoid (Derro)Chaotic EvilTome of Beasts p. 92
Derro Shadow Antipaladin5SmallHumanoid (Derro)Chaotic EvilTome of Beasts p. 93
Deva10MediumCelestialLawful GoodMonster Manual p. 16
Devourer13LargeFiendChaotic EvilVolo's Guide to Monsters p. 138
Dhuoth, Giver of Eyes24GargantuanPlant (Extraterrene)Chaotic EvilPrimeval Thule Campaign Setting p. 248
Dipsa1/4TinyOozeUnalignedTome of Beasts p. 118
Dire Troll13HugeGiantChaotic EvilMordenkainen's Tome of Foes p. 243
Displacer Beast3LargeMonstrosityLawful EvilMonster Manual p. 81
Diviner8MediumHumanoid (Any Race)AnyVolo's Guide to Monsters p. 213
Dogmole1MediumBeastNeutralTome of Beasts p. 120
Dolphin1/8MediumBeastUnalignedVolo's Guide to Monsters p. 208
Doombat3LargeMonstrosityUnalignedFifth Edition Foes p. 23
Doppelrat2TinyMonstrosityUnalignedTome of Beasts p. 123
Dracolisk7LargeDragonUnalignedFifth Edition Foes p. 85
Draft Horse1/4LargeBeastUnalignedMonster Manual p. 321
Dragon Turtle17GargantuanDragonNeutralMonster Manual p. 119
Dragonfang5MediumHumanoid (Human)Neutral EvilRise of Tiamat p. 89
Dragonsoul7MediumHumanoid (Human)Neutral EvilRise of Tiamat p. 89
Dragonwing2MediumHumanoid (Human)Neutral EvilRise of Tiamat p. 90
Dralmorrer Borngray3MediumHumanoid (High-elf)Neutral EvilHoard of the Dragon Queen p. 90
Dread Warrior1MediumUndeadNeutral EvilTales from the Yawning Portal p. 233
Dream-Seeker of Yga-Ygo3SmallHumanoid (Human)Neutral EvilPrimeval Thule Gamemaster's Companion p. 23
Drider6LargeMonstrosityChaotic EvilMonster Manual p. 120
Drow1/4MediumHumanoid (Elf)Neutral EvilMonster Manual p. 128
Drow Elite Warrior5MediumHumanoid (Elf)Neutral EvilMonster Manual p. 128
Drow House Captain9MediumHumanoid (elf)Neutral EvilMordenkainen's Tome of Foes p. 184
Drow Mage7MediumHumanoid (Elf)Neutral EvilMonster Manual p. 129
Drow Priestess of Lolth8MediumHumanoid (Elf)Neutral EvilMonster Manual p. 129
Drow Spore Servant1/8MediumPlantUnalignedOut of the Abyss p. 229
Druid2MediumHumanoid (any)AnyMonster Manual p. 346
Duelist6MediumHumanoid (Elf)Lawful EvilTome of Beasts p. 171
Duergar Despot12MediumHumanoid (dwarf)Lawful EvilMordenkainen's Tome of Foes p. 188
Duergar Kavalrachni2MediumHumanoid (dwarf)Lawful EvilMordenkainen's Tome of Foes p. 189
Duergar Screamer3MediumConstructLawful EvilMordenkainen's Tome of Foes p. 190
Duergar Soulblade1MediumHumanoid (dwarf)Lawful EvilMordenkainen's Tome of Foes p. 190
Duergar Spy2MediumHumanoid (Dwarf)Lawful EvilTales from the Yawning Portal p. 234
Duergar Stone Guard2MediumHumanoid (dwarf)Lawful EvilMordenkainen's Tome of Foes p. 191
Duergar Xarrorn2MediumHumanoid (Dwarf)Lawful EvilOut of the Abyss p. 228
Dullahan11LargeFeyLawful EvilTome of Beasts p. 161
Duodrone1/4MediumConstructLawful NeutralMonster Manual p. 225
Dust Digger3LargeAberrationUnalignedFifth Edition Foes p. 88
Dust Mephit1/2SmallElementalNeutral EvilMonster Manual p. 215
Dybbuk4MediumFiend (demon)Chaotic EvilMordenkainen's Tome of Foes p. 132
Eala2SmallMonstrosityUnalignedTome of Beasts p. 163
Earth Elemental Myrmidon7MediumElementalNeutralPrinces of the Apocalypse p. 212
Eater of Dust (Yakat-Shi)9MediumAberrationNeutral EvilTome of Beasts p. 164
Ectoplasm2LargeOoze (Incorporeal)UnalignedFifth Edition Foes p. 90
Eel Hound2MediumFeyNeutralTome of Beasts p. 166
Eidolon12MediumUndeadAnyMordenkainen's Tome of Foes p. 194
Elder Brain14LargeAberrationLawful EvilVolo's Guide to Monsters p. 173
Elder Shadow Drake7LargeDragonChaotic EvilTome of Beasts p. 153
Eleinomae5MediumFeyChaotic EvilTome of Beasts p. 168
Elephant4HugeBeastUnalignedMonster Manual p. 322
Elk1/4LargeBeastUnalignedMonster Manual p. 322
Elvish Veteran Archer3MediumHumanoid (Elf)Chaotic Good Or ChaoTome of Beasts p. 422
Emerald Order Cult Leader8MediumHumanoid (any)Lawful Neutral Or LaTome of Beasts p. 421
Empty Cloak1/2MediumConstructUnalignedTome of Beasts p. 176
Encephalon Gorger (Psilian)4MediumAberrationChaotic EvilFifth Edition Foes p. 94
Enchantress7MediumHumanoid (Elf)Lawful EvilTome of Beasts p. 172
Erina Defender1SmallHumanoid (Erina)NeutralTome of Beasts p. 178
Erinyes12MediumFiend (Devil)Lawful EvilMonster Manual p. 73
Eternal Flame Priest3MediumHumanoid (Human)Neutral EvilPrinces of the Apocalypse p. 200
Ettin4LargeGiantChaotic EvilMonster Manual p. 132
Eye Golem11LargeConstructUnalignedTome of Beasts p. 233
Ezmerelda d'Avenir8MediumHumanoid (Human)Chaotic GoodCurse of Strahd p. 231
Faerie Dragon (green)2TinyDragonChaotic GoodMonster Manual p. 133
Faerie Dragon (orange)1TinyDragonChaotic GoodMonster Manual p. 133
Faerie Dragon (violet)2TinyDragonChaotic GoodMonster Manual p. 133
Fang Guard5MediumMonstrosity (Serpentman)Neutral EvilPrimeval Thule Campaign Setting p. 236
Far Darrig3SmallFeyNeutralTome of Beasts p. 179
Fathomer2MediumHumanoid (Human)Neutral EvilPrinces of the Apocalypse p. 207
Fear Smith (FiarsĂ­dhe)10MediumFeyChaotic NeutralTome of Beasts p. 181
Fellforged5MediumConstructLawful EvilTome of Beasts p. 182
Female Steeder1LargeMonstrosityUnalignedMordenkainen's Tome of Foes p. 238
Feral Undead Cat1/8SmallUndeadChaotic EvilFifth Edition Foes p. 44
Fext6MediumUndeadAnyTome of Beasts p. 183
Fidele5MediumCelestial (Shapechanger)Lawful GoodTome of Beasts p. 21
Fire Drake1SmallDragonChaotic EvilFifth Edition Foes p. 86
Fire Elemental Myrmidon7MediumElementalNeutralPrinces of the Apocalypse p. 213
Fire Giant9HugeGiantLawful EvilMonster Manual p. 154
Fire Snake1MediumElementalNeutral EvilMonster Manual p. 265
Firegeist2SmallElementalNeutral EvilTome of Beasts p. 202
Firenewt Warrior1/2MediumHumanoid (Firenewt)Neutral EvilVolo's Guide to Monsters p. 142
Flagstone Golem7LargeConstructUnalignedFifth Edition Foes p. 126
Flail Snail3LargeElementalUnalignedVolo's Guide to Monsters p. 144
Flameskull4TinyUndeadNeutral EvilMonster Manual p. 134
Flesh Golem5MediumConstructUnalignedMonster Manual p. 169
Flowershroud1LargePlantUnalignedFifth Edition Foes p. 104
Flutterflesh12LargeUndeadChaotic EvilTome of Beasts p. 203
Flying Caltrop1/8TinyConstructUnalignedMonster Module p. 10
Flying Snake1/8TinyBeastUnalignedMonster Manual p. 322
Folk of Leng2MediumHumanoidNeutral EvilTome of Beasts p. 204
Foo Dog3MediumMonstrosityChaotic GoodFifth Edition Foes p. 105
Forest Marauder4LargeGiantChaotic EvilTome of Beasts p. 205
Four-Armed Gargoyle4MediumMonstrosityChaotic EvilFifth Edition Foes p. 113
Fraughashar1/2SmallFeyNeutral EvilTome of Beasts p. 206
Frog0TinyBeastUnalignedMonster Manual p. 322
Froghemoth10HugeMonstrosityUnalignedVolo's Guide to Monsters p. 145
Frost Giant8HugeGiantNeutral EvilMonster Manual p. 155
Frost Salamander9HugeElementalUnalignedMordenkainen's Tome of Foes p. 223
Frulam Mondath2MediumHumanoid (Human)Lawful EvilHoard of the Dragon Queen p. 90
Fungus Bat1/4MediumPlant (Fungoid)UnalignedFifth Edition Foes p. 109
Furnace Golem9LargeConstructUnalignedFifth Edition Foes p. 127
Galeb Duhr6MediumElementalNeutralMonster Manual p. 139
Gallows Tree Zombie2MediumPlantUnalignedFifth Edition Foes p. 112
Gar Shatterkeel (in lair)13MediumHumanoid (Human)Chaotic EvilPrinces of the Apocalypse p. 208
Garroter Crab1/4TinyBeastUnalignedTome of Beasts p. 208
Gauth6MediumAberrationLawful EvilVolo's Guide to Monsters p. 125
Gbahali6HugeBeastUnalignedTome of Beasts p. 209
Gelatinous Cube2LargeOozeUnalignedMonster Manual p. 242
Ghald7MediumElemental (Sahuagin)Lawful EvilPrinces of the Apocalypse p. 210
Ghost4MediumUndeadAnyMonster Manual p. 147
Ghost-Ammonite2MediumUndeadUnalignedFifth Edition Foes p. 118
Ghoul1MediumUndeadChaotic EvilMonster Manual p. 148
Giant Ant Exoskeleton1/2LargeConstructLawful EvilFifth Edition Foes p. 95
Giant Ape7HugeBeastUnalignedMonster Manual p. 323
Giant Bat1/4LargeBeastUnalignedMonster Manual p. 323
Giant Boar2LargeBeastUnalignedMonster Manual p. 323
Giant Clam1/4LargeBeastUnalignedFifth Edition Foes p. 61
Giant Crab1/8MediumBeastUnalignedMonster Manual p. 324
Giant Crayfish2LargeBeastUnalignedTales from the Yawning Portal p. 235
Giant Eagle1LargeBeastNeutral GoodMonster Manual p. 324
Giant Elk2HugeBeastUnalignedMonster Manual p. 325
Giant Frog1/4MediumBeastUnalignedMonster Manual p. 325
Giant Horsefly1/2LargeBeastUnalignedFifth Edition Foes p. 146
Giant Ice Toad3LargeMonstrosityNeutralTales from the Yawning Portal p. 235
Giant Lizard1/4LargeBeastUnalignedMonster Manual p. 326
Giant Octopus1LargeBeastUnalignedMonster Manual p. 326
Giant Poisonous Snake1/4MediumBeastUnalignedMonster Manual p. 327
Giant Rhinoceros Beetle4LargeBeastUnalignedFifth Edition Foes p. 24
Giant Sea Horse1/2LargeBeastUnalignedMonster Manual p. 328
Giant Shark5HugeBeastUnalignedMonster Manual p. 328
Giant Slicer Beetle3LargeBeastUnalignedFifth Edition Foes p. 24
Giant Spider1LargeBeastUnalignedMonster Manual p. 328
Giant Subterranean Lizard4HugeBeastUnalignedTales from the Yawning Portal p. 236
Giant Viper6HugeBeastUnalignedPrimeval Thule Campaign Setting p. 221
Giant Wasp1/2MediumBeastUnalignedMonster Manual p. 329
Giant Weasel1/8MediumBeastUnalignedMonster Manual p. 329
Gibbering Mouther2MediumAberrationNeutralMonster Manual p. 157
Gilded Devil7MediumFiend (Devil)Lawful EvilTome of Beasts p. 106
Girallon4LargeMonstrosityUnalignedVolo's Guide to Monsters p. 152
Githyanki Kith'rak12MediumHumanoid (gith)Lawful EvilMordenkainen's Tome of Foes p. 205
Githyanki Supreme Commander14MediumHumanoid (gith)Lawful EvilMordenkainen's Tome of Foes p. 206
Githzerai Anarch16MediumHumanoid (gith)Lawful NeutralMordenkainen's Tome of Foes p. 207
Githzerai Monk2MediumHumanoid (Gith)Lawful NeutralMonster Manual p. 161
Glabrezu9LargeFiend (Demon)Chaotic EvilMonster Manual p. 58
Gladiator5MediumHumanoid (any)AnyMonster Manual p. 346
Gloom Crawler10HugeMonstrosityNeutralFifth Edition Foes p. 122
Gnarljak6SmallConstructUnalignedTome of Beasts p. 229
Gnoll1/2MediumHumanoid (Gnoll)Chaotic EvilMonster Manual p. 163
Gnoll Flesh Gnawer1MediumHumanoid (Gnoll)Chaotic EvilVolo's Guide to Monsters p. 154
Gnoll Hunter1/2MediumHumanoid (Gnoll)Chaotic EvilVolo's Guide to Monsters p. 154
Gnoll Witherling1/4MediumUndeadChaotic EvilVolo's Guide to Monsters p. 155
Goat0MediumBeastUnalignedMonster Manual p. 330
Goblin1/4SmallHumanoid (Goblinoid)Neutral EvilMonster Manual p. 166
Gohl8LargeAberrationChaotic EvilFifth Edition Foes p. 124
Golden Cat0TinyBeastUnalignedFifth Edition Foes p. 125
Gorgimera7LargeMonstrosityUnalignedFifth Edition Foes p. 131
Gorilla Bear1MediumMonstrosityUnalignedFifth Edition Foes p. 132
Gray Nisp6LargeFeyChaotic NeutralFifth Edition Foes p. 133
Gray Render12LargeMonstrosityChaotic NeutralMordenkainen's Tome of Foes p. 209
Gray Thirster2MediumUndeadNeutral EvilTome of Beasts p. 238
Greater Basilisk5LargeMonstrosityNeutral EvilFifth Edition Foes p. 22
Greater Boneneedle1MediumBeastUnalignedFifth Edition Foes p. 34
Greater Fire Crab2LargeMonstrosityUnalignedFifth Edition Foes p. 101
Green Abishai15MediumFiend (devil)Lawful EvilMordenkainen's Tome of Foes p. 162
Green Dragon Wyrmling2MediumDragonLawful EvilMonster Manual p. 95
Green Hag3MediumFeyNeutral EvilMonster Manual p. 177
Green Slaad8LargeAberrationChaotic NeutralMonster Manual p. 277
Grick2MediumMonstrosityNeutralMonster Manual p. 173
Griffon2LargeMonstrosityUnalignedMonster Manual p. 174
Grimlock1/4MediumHumanoid (Grimlock)Neutral EvilMonster Manual p. 175
Grippli1/4SmallHumanoidNeutralFifth Edition Foes p. 136
Grue (Type 1)4LargeOozeUnalignedFifth Edition Foes p. 137
Grung1/4SmallHumanoid (Grung)Lawful EvilVolo's Guide to Monsters p. 156
Grung Wildling1SmallHumanoid (Grung)Lawful EvilVolo's Guide to Monsters p. 157
Guard Drake2MediumDragonUnalignedVolo's Guide to Monsters p. 158
Guardian Naga10LargeMonstrosityLawful GoodMonster Manual p. 234
Gug12HugeGiantNeutral EvilTome of Beasts p. 241
Gynosphinx11LargeMonstrosityLawful NeutralMonster Manual p. 282
Hadrosaurus1/4LargeBeastUnalignedVolo's Guide to Monsters p. 140
Half-Red Dragon Veteran5MediumHumanoid (Human)AnyMonster Manual p. 180
Hangman Tree7HugePlantNeutral EvilFifth Edition Foes p. 140
Harpy1MediumMonstrosityChaotic EvilMonster Manual p. 181
Hawanar7LargeFiendLawful NeutralFifth Edition Foes p. 117
Hawktoad1/4SmallMonstrosityUnalignedFifth Edition Foes p. 141
Helix Moth Larva2LargeBeastUnalignedFifth Edition Foes p. 142
Hellenrae5MediumHumanoid (Human)Neutral EvilPrinces of the Apocalypse p. 198
Helmed Horror4MediumConstructNeutralMonster Manual p. 183
Herald of Darkness7LargeFiendNeutral EvilTome of Beasts p. 249
Hieroglyphicroc3LargeUndeadLawful EvilFifth Edition Foes p. 143
Hill Giant5HugeGiantChaotic EvilMonster Manual p. 155
Hippogriff1LargeMonstrosityUnalignedMonster Manual p. 184
Hoard Golem12HugeConstructUnalignedTome of Beasts p. 234
Hobgoblin Captain3MediumHumanoid (Goblinoid)Lawful EvilMonster Manual p. 186
Hobgoblin Iron Shadow2MediumHumanoid (Goblinoid)Lawful EvilVolo's Guide to Monsters p. 162
Homunculus0TinyConstructNeutralMonster Manual p. 188
Hook Horror Servant3MediumPlantUnalignedOut of the Abyss p. 229
Horned Devil11LargeFiend (Devil)Lawful EvilMonster Manual p. 74
Howler8LargeFiendChaotic EvilMordenkainen's Tome of Foes p. 210
Howling Hatred Priest2MediumHumanoid (Human)Neutral EvilPrinces of the Apocalypse p. 190
Huggermugger1/4SmallHumanoidChaotic EvilFifth Edition Foes p. 147
Hulking Whelp5SmallFey (Shapechanger)Chaotic NeutralTome of Beasts p. 252
Hungry Sorrowsworn11MediumMonstrosityNeutral EvilMordenkainen's Tome of Foes p. 232
Hurricane2MediumHumanoid (Human)Lawful EvilPrinces of the Apocalypse p. 191
Hydra8HugeMonstrosityUnalignedMonster Manual p. 190
Hyena0MediumBeastUnalignedMonster Manual p. 331
Ice Devil14LargeFiend (Devil)Lawful EvilMonster Manual p. 75
Ice Maiden6MediumFeyLawful EvilTome of Beasts p. 254
Ice Toad1MediumMonstrosityNeutralRise of Tiamat p. 90
Igniguana1MediumElementalUnalignedFifth Edition Foes p. 148
Imix19HugeElementalNeutral EvilPrinces of the Apocalypse p. 514
Imperial Ghoul4MediumUndeadLawful EvilTome of Beasts p. 220
Ink Devil2SmallFiend (Devil)Lawful EvilTome of Beasts p. 107
Invisible Stalker6MediumElementalNeutralMonster Manual p. 192
Iron Ghoul5MediumUndeadLawful EvilTome of Beasts p. 221
Isonade14GargantuanMonstrosityChaotic NeutralTome of Beasts p. 257
Iymrith the Dragon23GargantuanDragonLawful EvilStorm King's Thunder p. 241
J'ba Fofi Spider3LargeBeastUnalignedTome of Beasts p. 362
Jackal0SmallBeastUnalignedMonster Manual p. 331
Jackalwere1/2MediumHumanoid (Shapechanger)Chaotic EvilMonster Manual p. 193
Jaculus3SmallDragonNeutral EvilTome of Beasts p. 258
Jotun Giant22GargantuanGiantChaotic NeutralTome of Beasts p. 226
Juiblex23HugeFiend (Demon)Chaotic EvilOut of the Abyss p. 243
Jupiter Bloodsucker1MediumPlantUnalignedFifth Edition Foes p. 152
Kalke1/4SmallFiendNeutral EvilTome of Beasts p. 259
Kampfult2MediumPlantUnalignedFifth Edition Foes p. 154
Kelauklyth1MediumHumanoid (Human)Chaotic EvilPrimeval Thule Campaign Setting p. 252
Kelpie4MediumPlantNeutral EvilTales from the Yawning Portal p. 238
Khargra2SmallFiendUnalignedFifth Edition Foes p. 157
Kikimora5MediumFeyChaotic NeutralTome of Beasts p. 260
Kishi8MediumFiend (Demon)Chaotic EvilTome of Beasts p. 77
Kobold1/8SmallHumanoid (Kobold)Lawful EvilMonster Manual p. 195
Kobold Chieftain4SmallHumanoid (Kobold)Lawful EvilTome of Beasts p. 263
Kobold Inventor1/4SmallHumanoid (Kobold)Lawful EvilVolo's Guide to Monsters p. 166
Kobold Trapsmith1SmallHumanoid (Kobold)Lawful NeutralTome of Beasts p. 264
Koralk (Harvester Devil)11LargeFiend (Devil)Lawful EvilTome of Beasts p. 108
Korred7SmallFeyChaotic NeutralVolo's Guide to Monsters p. 168
Kot Bayun2MediumMonstrosityNeutralTome of Beasts p. 268
Kraken23GargantuanMonstrosity (Titan)Chaotic EvilMonster Manual p. 197
Kruthik Hive Lord5LargeMonstrosityUnalignedMordenkainen's Tome of Foes p. 212
Kuo-toa Archpriest6MediumHumanoid (Kuo-toa)Neutral EvilMonster Manual p. 200
Kurok-spirit1LargeFiendChaotic NeutralFifth Edition Foes p. 159
Lamia4LargeMonstrosityChaotic EvilMonster Manual p. 201
Langdedrosa Cynwrath4MediumHumanoid (Half-Dragon)Lawful EvilHoard of the Dragon Queen p. 91
Lava Child1MediumElementalNeutralFifth Edition Foes p. 161
Lemure0MediumFiend (Devil)Lawful EvilMonster Manual p. 76
Lemurfolk Greyfur4SmallHumanoid (Lemurfolk)NeutralTome of Beasts p. 271
Leshy1MediumMonstrosityChaotic NeutralTome of Beasts p. 272
Lesser Fire Crab1/8SmallMonstrosityUnalignedFifth Edition Foes p. 101
Leucrotta3LargeMonstrosityChaotic EvilTales from the Yawning Portal p. 239
Leviathan20GargantuanElementalNeutralMordenkainen's Tome of Foes p. 198
Lich21MediumUndeadAny EvilMonster Manual p. 202
Lich Hound4MediumUndeadNeutral EvilTome of Beasts p. 274
Lightning Treant6HugePlantNeutral EvilFifth Edition Foes p. 231
Lindwurm5LargeDragonNeutral EvilTome of Beasts p. 276
Lioness of Nergal6MediumHumanoid (Human)NeutralPrimeval Thule Gamemaster's Companion p. 19
Liosalfar8LargeElementalNeutralTome of Beasts p. 277
Living Temple20GargantuanConstructLawful NeutralNerzugal's Extended Bestiary p. 59
Lizard0TinyBeastUnalignedMonster Manual p. 332
Lizardfolk1/2MediumHumanoid (Lizardfolk)NeutralMonster Manual p. 204
Lonely Sorrowsworn9MediumMonstrosityNeutral EvilMordenkainen's Tome of Foes p. 232
Lord of the Hunt18MediumFeyLawful NeutralTome of Beasts p. 188
Lorthnu'un of the Golden Chalice22HugeAberration (Extraterrene)Chaotic EvilPrimeval Thule Campaign Setting p. 250
Loxoda6HugeMonstrosityNeutral EvilTome of Beasts p. 280
Madam Eva10MediumHumanoid (Human)Chaotic NeutralCurse of Strahd p. 233
Maegera the Dawn Titan23GargantuanElementalChaotic NeutralStorm King's Thunder p. 241
Magma Mephit1/2SmallElementalNeutral EvilMonster Manual p. 216
Magma Ooze5LargeOozeUnalignedFifth Edition Foes p. 179
Magmoid4LargeElementalUnalignedFifth Edition Foes p. 166
Maiden of Ice9HugeGiantNeutral GoodNerzugal's Extended Bestiary p. 62
Male Steeder1/4MediumBeastUnalignedOut of the Abyss p. 231
Malformed Kraken10HugeMonstrosityChaotic EvilTales from the Yawning Portal p. 239
Malphas6MediumFeyNeutral EvilTome of Beasts p. 283
Mammoth6HugeBeastUnalignedMonster Manual p. 332
Mamura6SmallAberration (Fey)Neutral EvilTome of Beasts p. 284
Mandragora1/8SmallPlant (Fungoid)Neutral EvilFifth Edition Foes p. 167
Manes1/8SmallFiend (Demon)Chaotic EvilMonster Manual p. 60
Manticore3LargeMonstrosityLawful EvilMonster Manual p. 213
Margoyle5MediumMonstrosityChaotic EvilFifth Edition Foes p. 116
Marilith16LargeFiend (Demon)Chaotic EvilMonster Manual p. 61
Marlos Urnrayle8MediumMonstrosityNeutral EvilPrinces of the Apocalypse p. 199
Martial Arts Adept3MediumHumanoid (Any Race)AnyVolo's Guide to Monsters p. 216
Mask Wight13MediumUndeadNeutral EvilTome of Beasts p. 285
Mastiff1/8MediumBeastUnalignedMonster Manual p. 332
Maurezhi7MediumFiend (demon)Chaotic EvilMordenkainen's Tome of Foes p. 133
Maw Demon1MediumFiend (Demon)Chaotic EvilVolo's Guide to Monsters p. 137
Meazel1MediumHumanoid (meazel)Neutral EvilMordenkainen's Tome of Foes p. 214
Medusa6MediumMonstrosityLawful EvilMonster Manual p. 214
Merfolk1/8MediumHumanoid (Merfolk)NeutralMonster Manual p. 218
Merregon4MediumFiend (devil)Lawful EvilMordenkainen's Tome of Foes p. 166
Merrow2LargeMonstrosityChaotic EvilMonster Manual p. 219
Mi-Go5MediumPlantNeutral EvilTome of Beasts p. 287
Midnight Peddler1/2MediumFeyNeutralFifth Edition Foes p. 170
Mimic2MediumMonstrosity (Shapechanger)NeutralMonster Manual p. 220
Mind Flayer Arcanist8MediumAberrationLawful EvilMonster Manual p. 222
Mindrot Thrall3MediumPlantNeutralTome of Beasts p. 290
Minotaur3LargeMonstrosityChaotic EvilMonster Manual p. 223
Mirager3MediumFey (Shapechanger)Neutral EvilTome of Beasts p. 291
Miremal1/2SmallFeyChaotic EvilTome of Beasts p. 292
Mite1/8SmallFeyLawful EvilFifth Edition Foes p. 171
Molten Spider2MediumBeastUnalignedNerzugal's Extended Bestiary p. 69
Mongrelfolk1/4MediumHumanoid (Mongrelfolk)AnyCurse of Strahd p. 234
Monodrone1/8MediumConstructLawful NeutralMonster Manual p. 224
Monolith Footman3LargeConstructUnalignedTome of Beasts p. 295
Moon-Beast8LargeAberration (Extraterrene)Chaotic EvilPrimeval Thule Campaign Setting p. 245
Mordant Snare15GargantuanAberrationChaotic EvilTome of Beasts p. 296
Morphoi1/2MediumPlantChaotic EvilTome of Beasts p. 297
Moss Lurker1SmallHumanoidChaotic NeutralTome of Beasts p. 298
Mud Mephit1/4SmallElementalNeutral EvilMonster Manual p. 216
Mummy3MediumUndeadLawful EvilMonster Manual p. 228
Mummy of the Deep2MediumUndead (Aquatic)Neutral EvilFifth Edition Foes p. 173
Mustard Jelly5LargeOozeUnalignedFifth Edition Foes p. 151
Myconid Sovereign2LargePlantLawful NeutralMonster Manual p. 232
Myling2SmallUndeadChaotic EvilTome of Beasts p. 301
Mystic Spellblade5MediumHumanoid (Any Race)Lawful Good (50%) OrNerzugal's Extended Bestiary p. 73
Naergoth Bladelord11MediumUndeadNeutral EvilRise of Tiamat p. 90
Naina11LargeDragon (Shapechanger)Lawful EvilTome of Beasts p. 302
Narrak2SmallHumanoid (Derro)Chaotic EvilOut of the Abyss p. 232
Necromancer3MediumHumanoid (Any Race)Lawful EvilNerzugal's Extended Bestiary p. 75
Needle Blight1/4MediumPlantNeutral EvilMonster Manual p. 32
Neogi Hatchling1/8TinyAberrationLawful EvilVolo's Guide to Monsters p. 179
Neothelid13GargantuanAberrationChaotic EvilVolo's Guide to Monsters p. 181
Nereid2MediumFeyAny ChaoticTales from the Yawning Portal p. 240
Nessk Champion7LargeMonstrosity (Serpentman)Neutral EvilPrimeval Thule Campaign Setting p. 236
Ngobou5LargeBeastUnalignedTome of Beasts p. 115
Nicnevin, Queen of Witches17MediumFeyNeutralTome of Beasts p. 194
Night Hag (coven)7MediumFiendNeutral EvilMonster Manual p. 178
Nightgarm6LargeMonstrosityChaotic EvilTome of Beasts p. 305
Nightmare3LargeFiendNeutral EvilMonster Manual p. 235
Nihileth12LargeUndeadChaotic EvilTome of Beasts p. 8
Nilbog1SmallHumanoid (Goblinoid)Chaotic EvilVolo's Guide to Monsters p. 182
Nkosi1/2MediumHumanoid (Nkosi, Shapechanger)Lawful NeutralTome of Beasts p. 306
Noble1/8MediumHumanoid (any)AnyMonster Manual p. 348
Nothic2MediumAberrationNeutral EvilMonster Manual p. 236
Nupperibo1/2MediumFiend (devil)Lawful EvilMordenkainen's Tome of Foes p. 168
Oaken Bolter5MediumConstructUnalignedMordenkainen's Tome of Foes p. 126
Obsidian Drake13HugeDragonChaotic EvilNerzugal's Extended Bestiary p. 37
Ochre Jelly2LargeOozeUnalignedMonster Manual p. 243
Oculo Swarm4LargeMonstrosity (Swarm)Neutral EvilTome of Beasts p. 309
Ogre2LargeGiantChaotic EvilMonster Manual p. 237
Ogre Bolt Launcher2LargeGiantChaotic EvilMordenkainen's Tome of Foes p. 220
Ogre Howdah2LargeGiantChaotic EvilMordenkainen's Tome of Foes p. 221
Ogre Warchief4LargeGiantChaotic EvilNerzugal's Extended Bestiary p. 79
Oinoloth12MediumFiend (yugoloth)Neutral EvilMordenkainen's Tome of Foes p. 251
Olive Slime0LargePlant (Fungoid)UnalignedFifth Edition Foes p. 176
One-Eyed Shiver3MediumHumanoid (Human)Chaotic EvilPrinces of the Apocalypse p. 207
Oozasis9GargantuanOozeUnalignedTome of Beasts p. 310
Orc1/2MediumHumanoid (Orc)Chaotic EvilMonster Manual p. 246
Orc Claw of Luthic2MediumHumanoid (Orc)Chaotic EvilVolo's Guide to Monsters p. 183
Orc Hand of Yurtrus2MediumHumanoid (Orc)Chaotic EvilVolo's Guide to Monsters p. 184
Orc Red Fang of Shargaas3MediumHumanoid (Orc)Chaotic EvilVolo's Guide to Monsters p. 185
Orcus26HugeFiend (Demon)Chaotic EvilOut of the Abyss p. 245
Origami Warrior1/8MediumConstructUnalignedFifth Edition Foes p. 180
Orog2MediumHumanoid (Orc)Chaotic EvilMonster Manual p. 247
Ostinato4MediumAberrationChaotic NeutralTome of Beasts p. 312
Overgrowth Ghoul1/4MediumUndeadChaotic EvilNerzugal's Extended Bestiary p. 83
Owl Harpy5MediumMonstrosityNeutral EvilTome of Beasts p. 246
Owlwere1/2SmallMonstrosity (Shapechanger)Chaotic EvilFifth Edition Foes p. 229
Panther1/4MediumBeastUnalignedMonster Manual p. 333
Pech1/4SmallFeyNeutral GoodFifth Edition Foes p. 181
Pentadrone2LargeConstructLawful NeutralMonster Manual p. 226
Pestie1/4SmallFeyLawful EvilFifth Edition Foes p. 172
Pharblex Spattergoo3MediumHumanoid (Bullywug)Chaotic EvilHoard of the Dragon Queen p. 91
Phoenix16GargantuanElementalNeutralMordenkainen's Tome of Foes p. 199
Phoori Dark Shaman6MediumHumanoid (Human)Chaotic EvilPrimeval Thule Campaign Setting p. 233
Phycomid1/2SmallPlant (Fungoid)Neutral EvilFifth Edition Foes p. 182
Piercer1/2MediumMonstrosityUnalignedMonster Manual p. 252
Pixie1/4TinyFeyNeutral GoodMonster Manual p. 253
Planetar16LargeCelestialLawful GoodMonster Manual p. 17
Poisonous Fire Snake1/2SmallFiendUnalignedFifth Edition Foes p. 102
Polar Bear2LargeBeastUnalignedMonster Manual p. 334
Poltergeist2MediumUndeadChaotic EvilMonster Manual p. 279
Pony1/8MediumBeastUnalignedMonster Manual p. 335
Priest2MediumHumanoid (any)AnyMonster Manual p. 348
Prismatic Beetle Swarm3MediumBeast (Swarm)UnalignedTome of Beasts p. 375
Psoglav7LargeFiend (Demon)Chaotic EvilTome of Beasts p. 79
Purple Worm15GargantuanMonstrosityUnalignedMonster Manual p. 255
Putrid Haunt2MediumUndeadNeutral EvilTome of Beasts p. 315
Pyrolisk1/2SmallMonstrosityNeutral EvilFifth Edition Foes p. 188
Quadricorn4LargeMonstrosityNeutral EvilFifth Edition Foes p. 189
Quaggoth2MediumHumanoid (Quaggoth)Chaotic NeutralMonster Manual p. 256
Quaggoth Thonot3MediumHumanoid (Quaggoth)Chaotic NeutralMonster Manual p. 256
Quetzalcoatlus2HugeBeastUnalignedVolo's Guide to Monsters p. 140
Quickwood8HugePlantNeutralFifth Edition Foes p. 190
Qwyllion8MediumAberration (Fey)Neutral EvilTome of Beasts p. 316
Rahadin10MediumHumanoid (Elf)Lawful EvilCurse of Strahd p. 237
Rakshasa Honor Guard8MediumFiendNeutral EvilPrimeval Thule Campaign Setting p. 234
Rakshasa Raja12MediumFiendNeutral EvilPrimeval Thule Campaign Setting p. 235
Ramag1/4MediumHumanoid (Ramag)NeutralTome of Beasts p. 317
Rat King5MediumMonstrosityChaotic EvilTome of Beasts p. 318
Ratfolk1/4SmallHumanoid (Ratfolk)NeutralTome of Beasts p. 320
Rath Modar6MediumHumanoid (Human)Lawful EvilHoard of the Dragon Queen p. 92
Ravenala5LargePlantUnalignedTome of Beasts p. 321
Ravenfolk Scout1/2MediumHumanoid (Kenku)NeutralTome of Beasts p. 322
Razerblast5MediumHumanoid (Human)Chaotic EvilPrinces of the Apocalypse p. 201
Red Chimera7MediumHumanoid (Human)NeutralPrimeval Thule Gamemaster's Companion p. 19
Red Hag7MediumFeyNeutral EvilTome of Beasts p. 244
Red Slaad5LargeAberrationChaotic NeutralMonster Manual p. 276
Redcap6MediumFeyNeutral EvilTome of Beasts p. 325
Reef Shark1/2MediumBeastUnalignedMonster Manual p. 336
Retriever14LargeConstructLawful EvilMordenkainen's Tome of Foes p. 222
Rezmir7MediumHumanoid (Half-black dragon)Neutral EvilHoard of the Dragon Queen p. 93
Rictavio5MediumHumanoid (Human)Lawful GoodCurse of Strahd p. 238
Rift Swine5LargeAberrationChaotic NeutralTome of Beasts p. 326
Risen Reaver7LargeUndeadChaotic EvilTome of Beasts p. 328
Roachling Lord2SmallHumanoid (Roachling)Chaotic NeutralTome of Beasts p. 329
Roc11GargantuanMonstrosityUnalignedMonster Manual p. 260
Roper5LargeMonstrosityNeutral EvilMonster Manual p. 261
Rothe1/4MediumBeastUnalignedVolo's Guide to Monsters p. 208
Rubezahl10MediumFiend (Demon)Chaotic EvilTome of Beasts p. 80
Rum Gremlin1/2TinyFeyChaotic EvilTome of Beasts p. 239
Russet Mold1/2MediumPlant (Fungoid)UnalignedFifth Edition Foes p. 194
Rust Monster1/2MediumMonstrosityUnalignedMonster Manual p. 262
Ruuk Nath7MediumHumanoid (Human)Chaotic NeutralPrimeval Thule Campaign Setting p. 255
Saber-Tooth Cat4LargeBeastUnalignedPrimeval Thule Campaign Setting p. 222
Sack of Smothering1/2SmallConstructUnalignedMonster Module p. 11
Sahuagin1/2MediumHumanoid (Sahuagin)Lawful EvilMonster Manual p. 263
Sahuagin Priestess2MediumHumanoid (Sahuagin)Lawful EvilMonster Manual p. 264
Salt Devil6MediumFiend (Devil)Lawful EvilTome of Beasts p. 113
Sand Hag5MediumMonstrosityChaotic EvilTome of Beasts p. 245
Sand Spider7LargeBeastUnalignedTome of Beasts p. 364
Sandman5MediumCelestialChaotic NeutralTome of Beasts p. 333
Sap Demon4SmallOozeChaotic EvilTome of Beasts p. 335
Sarcophagus Slime5MediumUndeadNeutral EvilTome of Beasts p. 336
Satyr1/2MediumFeyChaotic NeutralMonster Manual p. 267
Scarecrow1MediumConstructChaotic EvilMonster Manual p. 268
Scorpion0TinyBeastUnalignedMonster Manual p. 337
Scorpion Helot3MediumHumanoid (Human)NeutralPrimeval Thule Gamemaster's Companion p. 18
Screaming Devilkin1/4SmallFiendLawful EvilFifth Edition Foes p. 197
Sea Dragon Wyrmling2MediumDragonNeutral EvilTome of Beasts p. 136
Sea Hag (coven)4MediumFeyChaotic EvilMonster Manual p. 179
Sea Lion5LargeMonstrosityUnalignedTales from the Yawning Portal p. 242
Selang4MediumFeyChaotic EvilTome of Beasts p. 341
Serpopard4LargeBeastUnalignedTome of Beasts p. 342
Seven Knives Enforcer1MediumHumanoid (Human)Neutral EvilPrimeval Thule Campaign Setting p. 240
Severin11MediumHumanoid (Human)Neutral EvilRise of Tiamat p. 92
Shadhavar2LargeMonstrosityNeutralTome of Beasts p. 344
Shadow Beast7MediumFeyChaotic EvilTome of Beasts p. 345
Shadow Demon4MediumFiend (Demon)Chaotic EvilMonster Manual p. 64
Shadow Mastiff1/2MediumFiendChaotic EvilFifth Edition Foes p. 207
Shadow Mastiff Alpha2MediumMonstrosityNeutral EvilVolo's Guide to Monsters p. 190
Shambling Mound5LargePlantUnalignedMonster Manual p. 270
Sharwyn Hucrele1/2MediumHumanoid (Human)Neutral EvilTales from the Yawning Portal p. 242
Shield Guardian7LargeConstructUnalignedMonster Manual p. 271
Shoalar Quanderil4MediumHumanoid (Water genasi)Chaotic EvilPrinces of the Apocalypse p. 208
Shoggoth19HugeAberrationChaotic NeutralTome of Beasts p. 347
Short-Faced Bear5LargeBeastUnalignedPrimeval Thule Campaign Setting p. 222
Shroom4SmallPlant (Fungoid)Chaotic EvilFifth Edition Foes p. 209
Sibriex18HugeFiend (demon)Chaotic EvilMordenkainen's Tome of Foes p. 137
Sir Braford1/2MediumHumanoid (Human)Neutral EvilTales from the Yawning Portal p. 243
Skein Witch12MediumCelestialNeutralTome of Beasts p. 349
Skeleton Warrior14MediumUndeadNeutral EvilFifth Edition Foes p. 210
Skin Bat1/2SmallUndeadNeutral EvilTome of Beasts p. 87
Skulk1/2MediumHumanoidChaotic NeutralFifth Edition Foes p. 214
Skull Lord15MediumUndeadLawful EvilMordenkainen's Tome of Foes p. 230
Slaad Tadpole1/8TinyAberrationChaotic NeutralMonster Manual p. 276
Slithering Tracker1SmallOozeUnalignedFifth Edition Foes p. 215
Slow Storm15HugeElementalChaotic NeutralTome of Beasts p. 353
Sluagh Swarm3MediumFey (Swarm)Chaotic EvilTome of Beasts p. 376
Small Earth Elemental1/2SmallElementalUnalignedNerzugal's Extended Bestiary p. 40
Small Ice Elemental1/2SmallElementalUnalignedNerzugal's Extended Bestiary p. 41
Smaragdine Golem14LargeConstructUnalignedTome of Beasts p. 236
Snow Leopard1/4MediumBeastUnalignedFifth Edition Foes p. 163
Solar21LargeCelestialLawful GoodMonster Manual p. 18
Soul Eater7MediumFiendNeutral EvilTome of Beasts p. 356
Soul Monger11MediumHumanoid (elf)NeutralMordenkainen's Tome of Foes p. 226
Spark7TinyElementalChaotic NeutralTome of Beasts p. 357
Spawn of Arbeyach5MediumAberrationLawful EvilTome of Beasts p. 97
Spectator3MediumAberrationLawful NeutralMonster Manual p. 30
Spectral Guardian6MediumUndeadNeutral EvilTome of Beasts p. 358
Spider0TinyBeastUnalignedMonster Manual p. 337
Spider Thief2SmallConstructUnalignedTome of Beasts p. 366
Spinosaurus13GargantuanBeastUnalignedTome of Beasts p. 116
Spirit Naga8LargeMonstrosityChaotic EvilMonster Manual p. 234
Spitting Sea Serpent5LargeDragon (Aquatic)Chaotic EvilFifth Edition Foes p. 204
Sprite1/4TinyFeyNeutral GoodMonster Manual p. 283
Star Drake15LargeDragonNeutralTome of Beasts p. 156
Star Spawn Hulk10LargeAberrationChaotic EvilMordenkainen's Tome of Foes p. 234
Star Spawn Mangler5MediumAberrationChaotic EvilMordenkainen's Tome of Foes p. 236
Star-Spawn of Cthulhu15LargeFiendChaotic EvilTome of Beasts p. 368
Steam Golem13LargeConstructUnalignedTome of Beasts p. 237
Steel Predator16LargeConstructLawful EvilMordenkainen's Tome of Foes p. 239
Stegosaurus4HugeBeastUnalignedVolo's Guide to Monsters p. 140
Stirge1/8TinyBeastUnalignedMonster Manual p. 284
Stone Defender4MediumConstructUnalignedMordenkainen's Tome of Foes p. 126
Stone Giant Dreamwalker10HugeGiant (Stone Giant)Chaotic NeutralVolo's Guide to Monsters p. 150
Stone Guardian Golem2MediumConstructUnalignedFifth Edition Foes p. 128
Storm Giant13HugeGiantChaotic GoodMonster Manual p. 156
Storm Raven2TinyBeastUnalignedNerzugal's Extended Bestiary p. 86
Strahd Zombie1MediumUndeadUnalignedCurse of Strahd p. 241
Strangle Weed2LargePlant (Aquatic)UnalignedFifth Edition Foes p. 218
Stuhac13MediumFiendNeutral EvilTome of Beasts p. 370
Stygian Skeleton7MediumUndeadChaotic EvilFifth Edition Foes p. 212
Succubus/Incubus4MediumFiend (Shapechanger)Neutral EvilMonster Manual p. 285
Suturefly1/4TinyBeastUnalignedTome of Beasts p. 372
Swarm of Ball Bearings1MediumConstructUnalignedMonster Module p. 11
Swarm of Cranium Rats5MediumBeast (Swarm)Lawful EvilVolo's Guide to Monsters p. 133
Swarm of Insects1/2MediumBeast (Swarm)UnalignedMonster Manual p. 338
Swarm of Quippers1MediumBeast (Swarm)UnalignedMonster Manual p. 338
Swarm of Ravens1/4MediumBeast (Swarm)UnalignedMonster Manual p. 339
Swashbuckler3MediumHumanoid (Any Race)Non-lawfulVolo's Guide to Monsters p. 217
Sword Wraith Commander8MediumUndeadLawful EvilMordenkainen's Tome of Foes p. 241
Tabaxi1/2MediumHumanoidChaotic NeutralFifth Edition Foes p. 219
Talis the White5MediumHumanoid (Half-elf)Lawful EvilHoard of the Dragon Queen p. 93
Tangtal1MediumMonstrosityNeutral EvilFifth Edition Foes p. 221
Tarul Var13MediumUndeadNeutral EvilTales from the Yawning Portal p. 244
Tcho-Tcho Cannibal1/2SmallHumanoid (Human)Chaotic EvilPrimeval Thule Gamemaster's Companion p. 20
Tcho-Tcho Watcher3SmallHumanoid (Human)Chaotic EvilPrimeval Thule Gamemaster's Companion p. 21
Temple Dog5MediumCelestialAny GoodTome of Beasts p. 378
Temple Scarab1/8TinyBeastChaotic EvilNerzugal's Extended Bestiary p. 87
Tendriculos4LargePlantUnalignedFifth Edition Foes p. 224
Tentacled Horror11HugeAberrationChaotic EvilFifth Edition Foes p. 225
Terror Beast10SmallAberrationChaotic EvilNerzugal's Extended Bestiary p. 88
Thayan Apprentice2MediumHumanoid (Human)Non-goodTales from the Yawning Portal p. 245
The Emerald Queen7MediumFeyLawful EvilNerzugal's Extended Bestiary p. 89
The Kelauble1SmallAberrationChaotic NeutralPrimeval Thule Campaign Setting p. 252
Theullai10HugeElementalChaotic NeutralTome of Beasts p. 379
Thorny1MediumPlantNeutralVolo's Guide to Monsters p. 197
Thug1/2MediumHumanoid (any)Non-goodMonster Manual p. 350
Thulean Cyclops10LargeGiantNeutral EvilPrimeval Thule Campaign Setting p. 228
Thulean Elk3LargeBeastUnalignedPrimeval Thule Campaign Setting p. 223
Thulean Musk Ox2LargeBeastUnalignedPrimeval Thule Campaign Setting p. 223
Thursir Giant3LargeGiantNeutral Evil Or LawfTome of Beasts p. 227
Tiger1LargeBeastUnalignedMonster Manual p. 339
Titanoboa12GargantuanBeastUnalignedTome of Beasts p. 382
Tophet8HugeConstructNeutral EvilTome of Beasts p. 383
Tortle Druid2MediumHumanoid (tortle)Lawful NeutralMordenkainen's Tome of Foes p. 242
Tosculi Drone1/2SmallMonstrosityLawful EvilTome of Beasts p. 386
Tosculi Hive-Queen12LargeMonstrosityLawful EvilTome of Beasts p. 385
Totivillus, Scribe of Hell24MediumFiend (Devil)Lawful EvilTome of Beasts p. 101
Trapper3LargeMonstrosityUnalignedVolo's Guide to Monsters p. 194
Treant9HugePlantChaotic GoodMonster Manual p. 289
Tressym0TinyBeastChaotic NeutralStorm King's Thunder p. 242
Tribal Warrior1/8MediumHumanoid (any)AnyMonster Manual p. 350
Tridrone1/2MediumConstructLawful NeutralMonster Manual p. 225
Troglodyte Champion of Laogzed3MediumHumanoid (Troglodyte)Chaotic EvilOut of the Abyss p. 229
Trollkin Reaver4MediumHumanoid (Trollkin)NeutralTome of Beasts p. 390
Tunnel Worm8HugeMonstrosityUnalignedFifth Edition Foes p. 237
Twig Blight1/8SmallPlantNeutral EvilMonster Manual p. 32
Tyrannosaurus Rex8HugeBeastUnalignedMonster Manual p. 80
Ultraloth13MediumFiend (Yugoloth)Neutral EvilMonster Manual p. 314
Umbral Vampire7MediumFiendChaotic EvilTome of Beasts p. 397
Uraeus2TinyCelestialLawful NeutralTome of Beasts p. 392
Ushabti9LargeConstructUnalignedTome of Beasts p. 394
Vaettir4MediumUndeadLawful EvilTome of Beasts p. 395
Valkyrie11MediumCelestialNeutralTome of Beasts p. 396
Vampire Rose1/4SmallPlantUnalignedFifth Edition Foes p. 238
Vampire Spellcaster15MediumUndead (Shapechanger)Lawful EvilMonster Manual p. 298
Vampire Warrior15MediumUndead (Shapechanger)Lawful EvilMonster Manual p. 298
Vampiric Mist3MediumUndeadChaotic EvilTales from the Yawning Portal p. 247
Vanifer9MediumHumanoid (Tiefling)Chaotic EvilPrinces of the Apocalypse p. 203
Vapor Lynx5LargeMonstrosityChaotic NeutralTome of Beasts p. 398
Vegepygmy1/4SmallPlantNeutralVolo's Guide to Monsters p. 196
Vegepygmy Chief2SmallPlantNeutralVolo's Guide to Monsters p. 197
Vegepygmy Guard1/2SmallPlant (Fungoid)UnalignedFifth Edition Foes p. 239
Venom Troll7LargeGiantChaotic EvilMordenkainen's Tome of Foes p. 245
Vesiculosa11GargantuanPlantUnalignedTome of Beasts p. 399
Vila5MediumFeyLawful NeutralTome of Beasts p. 400
Vine Blight1/2MediumPlantNeutral EvilMonster Manual p. 32
Vine Troll Skeleton9LargePlantUnalignedTome of Beasts p. 351
Vladimir Horngaard7MediumUndeadLawful EvilCurse of Strahd p. 241
Voidling11LargeAberrationNeutral EvilTome of Beasts p. 404
Vorin9HugeMonstrosity (Aquatic)Chaotic EvilFifth Edition Foes p. 242
Vulchling1/8MediumMonstrosityChaotic EvilFifth Edition Foes p. 243
Wampus Cat1MediumMonstrosityChaotic NeutralTome of Beasts p. 405
War Priest9MediumHumanoid (Any Race)AnyVolo's Guide to Monsters p. 218
Warhorse Skeleton1/2LargeUndeadLawful EvilMonster Manual p. 273
Warlock of the Fiend7MediumHumanoid (Any Race)AnyVolo's Guide to Monsters p. 219
Warlord12MediumHumanoid (Any Race)AnyVolo's Guide to Monsters p. 220
Wastrilith13LargeFiend (demon)Chaotic EvilMordenkainen's Tome of Foes p. 139
Water Elemental Myrmidon7MediumElementalNeutralPrinces of the Apocalypse p. 213
Water Leaper4LargeMonstrosityUnalignedTome of Beasts p. 406
Weasel0TinyBeastUnalignedMonster Manual p. 340
Were-mist2LargeAberrationChaotic EvilFifth Edition Foes p. 245
Wereboar4MediumHumanoid (Human, Shapechanger)Neutral EvilMonster Manual p. 209
Wererat2MediumHumanoid (Human, Shapechanger)Lawful EvilMonster Manual p. 209
Weretiger4MediumHumanoid (Human, Shapechanger)NeutralMonster Manual p. 210
Wharfling1/8TinyBeastUnalignedTome of Beasts p. 407
White Abishai6MediumFiend (devil)Lawful EvilMordenkainen's Tome of Foes p. 163
White Dragon Wyrmling2MediumDragonChaotic EvilMonster Manual p. 102
Widow Creeper10LargePlantUnalignedFifth Edition Foes p. 247
Wight3MediumUndeadNeutral EvilMonster Manual p. 300
Wind Dragon Wyrmling1MediumDragonChaotic NeutralTome of Beasts p. 145
Windharrow3MediumHumanoid (Half-elf)Neutral EvilPrinces of the Apocalypse p. 192
Winged Kobold1/4SmallHumanoid (Kobold)Lawful EvilMonster Manual p. 195
Winter Wolf3LargeMonstrosityNeutral EvilMonster Manual p. 340
Witch Grass0SmallPlantUnalignedFifth Edition Foes p. 248
Witherstench0SmallMonstrosityUnalignedFifth Edition Foes p. 249
Wolf Reaver Dwarf3MediumHumanoid (Dwarf)Any ChaoticTome of Beasts p. 426
Wolfwere1MediumMonstrosity (Shapechanger)Chaotic EvilFifth Edition Foes p. 230
Wood Woad5MediumPlantLawful NeutralVolo's Guide to Monsters p. 198
Woodwraith4MediumUndead (Plant)Chaotic EvilNerzugal's Extended Bestiary p. 94
Worg1/2LargeMonstrosityNeutral EvilMonster Manual p. 341
Wormhearted Suffragan5MediumUndeadChaotic EvilTome of Beasts p. 410
Wretched Sorrowsworn1/4SmallMonstrosityNeutral EvilMordenkainen's Tome of Foes p. 233
Xanka1/4SmallConstructUnalignedTome of Beasts p. 411
Xorn5MediumElementalNeutralMonster Manual p. 304
Xvart Speaker1/8SmallHumanoid (Xvart)Chaotic EvilVolo's Guide to Monsters p. 200
Yagnoloth11LargeFiend (yugoloth)Neutral EvilMordenkainen's Tome of Foes p. 252
Yakfolk Warrior3LargeMonstrosityNeutral EvilStorm King's Thunder p. 244
Ychen Bannog11GargantuanBeastUnalignedTome of Beasts p. 413
Yellow Musk Creeper1LargePlantUnalignedFifth Edition Foes p. 250
Yestabrod4LargeMonstrosityChaotic EvilOut of the Abyss p. 233
Yeti3LargeMonstrosityChaotic EvilMonster Manual p. 305
Yochlol10MediumFiend (Demon, Shapechanger)Chaotic EvilMonster Manual p. 65
Young Black Dragon7LargeDragonChaotic EvilMonster Manual p. 88
Young Brass Dragon6LargeDragonChaotic GoodMonster Manual p. 105
Young Cave Dragon8LargeDragonNeutral EvilTome of Beasts p. 127
Young Flame Dragon9LargeDragonChaotic EvilTome of Beasts p. 130
Young Green Dragon8LargeDragonLawful EvilMonster Manual p. 94
Young Kruthik1/8SmallMonstrosityUnalignedMordenkainen's Tome of Foes p. 211
Young Mithral Dragon6MediumDragonNeutralTome of Beasts p. 134
Young Red Shadow Dragon13LargeDragonChaotic EvilMonster Manual p. 85
Young Sea Dragon9LargeDragonNeutral EvilTome of Beasts p. 136
Young Spinosaurus5HugeBeastUnalignedTome of Beasts p. 117
Young White Dragon6LargeDragonChaotic EvilMonster Manual p. 101
Yuan-ti Abomination7LargeMonstrosity (Shapechanger, Yuan-ti)Neutral EvilMonster Manual p. 308
Yuan-ti Broodguard2MediumHumanoid (Yuan-ti)Neutral EvilVolo's Guide to Monsters p. 203
Yuan-ti Mind Whisperer4MediumMonstrosity (Shapechanger, Yuan-ti)Neutral EvilVolo's Guide to Monsters p. 204
Yuan-ti Pit Master5MediumMonstrosity (Shapechanger, Yuan-ti)Neutral EvilVolo's Guide to Monsters p. 206
Yusdrayl1SmallHumanoid (Kobold)Lawful EvilTales from the Yawning Portal p. 248
Zaratan26GargantuanMonstrosityUnalignedTome of Beasts p. 414
Zimwi4MediumGiantChaotic EvilTome of Beasts p. 415
Zmey Headling5MediumDragonChaotic EvilTome of Beasts p. 417
Zoblin Boss1SmallUndead (Goblinoid)Neutral EvilNerzugal's Extended Bestiary p. 97
Zombie Raven0TinyUndeadChaotic EvilFifth Edition Foes p. 252
Zuggtmoy23LargeFiend (Demon)Chaotic EvilOut of the Abyss p. 249

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