Warhammer 40k Cheat Sheet

Turn Order:
1) Command
2) Move
3) Shoot
4) Charge
5) Fight
1) Command:
+1 CP
Battleshock Test for units below ½ strength; 2d6 vs Ld, fail: OC = 0, no strategems, fall back always Desperate.
Engagement Range: 1", or base contact with friendly (5" vertical). Can't shoot/be shot.
2) Move:
Move: M", over max height 2".
Advance: M"+d6, can't shoot or charge.
Fall Back: M" when Engaged, can't shoot or charge.
Desperate Escape: When falling back through units, 1-2 on d6 = lose model.
Can't move within 1" of enemy. All Monsters/Vehicles block each other.
Flying measure diagonal line, move through enemies.
3) Shoot:
1) Hit: D6 vs BS+ (max mod +/- 1). Always: 6 hit, 1 miss.
Monsters / Vehicles: can shoot or be shot when engaged (both -1 hit)
Can split different weapons to each unit (not each shot).
2) Wound: D6 vs 4+ (S>T 3+; S twice T 2+; S<T 5+; S half T 6+)
3) Save: D6 vs Sv+ modded by -AP (or use Invulnerable, no mod), +1 if model in Cover (unless Sv 3 and AP 0)
4) Damage: deal normal before mortal wounds.
Mortal Wounds: No wound or save roll. Excess damage spills to other models.
Feel No Pain: d6 vs FNP+ for 0 damage
4) Charge:
2d6" toward target base-to-base (can be unseen), must end in engagement of target only. Gains Fights First.
5) Fight:
Alternate units, start with Fights First. Opponent goes first if able.
1) Pile In: 0-3" for base-to-base with closest foe.
2) Attack: 1 weapon vs BS+ 3) Consolidate: 0-3" to closest enemy/objective
Unit Coherency:
Stay 2" (5" vertical)
Remove models on turn end until coherent
Reserves count as moving on deployment
Wounds are allocated to wounded models first. Damage doesn't spill over.
Deadly Demise X: on death, if d6=6, units in 6" takes X mortal wounds.
Anti-Keyword X: If wound roll X+, auto-wounds (ignores SvT)
Assault: Advance and Shoot
Blast: +1 attack per 5 models in target unit
Devastating Wounds: 6s on wound d6 = Mortal Wounds instead
Extra Attacks: Also attack with this, can't mod number of attacks
Hazardous: After, 1 on d6= destroyed or 3 Mortal Wounds (char/mon/veh)
Heavy: +1 to hit d6 if didn't move
Lance: +1 to wound d6 if it charges
Lethal Hits: 6s to hit auto-wound
Melta X: +X to damage if ½ range
Pistol: Shoot when Engaged (& ignore -1)
Rapid Fire X: 1/2 range = +X attacks
Sustained Hits X: 6s to hit = X extra hits
Torrent: Auto hit
Twin-Linked: Re-roll wound d6
Deep Strike: Deploy on turn 2+ Movement, 9" from enemies
Fights First: Goes 1st during Fight
Infiltrators: Deploy 9" from enemies/zone
Leader: Use Bodyguard Toughness. Can only be targeted by Precision
Lone Operative: Only targetable within 12"
Scout X: Move X" at start, but stay 9" from enemies Stealth: -1 hit to ranged attackers
Command Re-Roll: 1CP re-roll hit, wound, dmg, Sv, advance, charge, desperate escape, hazardous, # attacks
Counter Offensive: 2CP after enemy, your unit can Fight next
Epic Challenge: 1CP Character gains Precision during Fight
Go To Ground: 1CP Shoot target gains 6+ Invuln and Cover
Grenade: 1CP Shooting unit instead targets 1-8" away: 4+ on 6d6 = 1 Mortal Wound
Heroic Intervention: 2CP unit 1-6" from just charged enemy can charge them (no bonus)
Insane Bravery: 1CP auto-pass Battleshock
Overwatch: 1CP (once/turn) unit 0-24" from charging/moving enemy can shoot, hits on 6+
Rapid Ingress: 1CP after enemy moves, deploy a Resrve
Smokescreen: 1CP unit gains Stealth and Cover this phase
Tank Shock: 1CP when Vehicle charges, roll d6 per S of melee weapon (+2 if S>T): 5+ = Mortal Wound (max 6)
Transports: All of moved unit in 3" of Transport: can embark. Start Movement embarked: can disembark in 3" if not Engaged, Advanced, Fallen Back. No moving/charge if Transport moved. Destroyed disembark: Battle-shocked, no moving/charge. Each 1 on d6=1 mortal wound, or 1-3 for 6", or destroyed.

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