Wilderness Travel

Wilderness Travel


Forest (Spring)

NavigationDC 15ForagingDC 10
Temperature11°C (51°F) at day. 6°C (43°F) at night.
WeatherClear and sunny.
No wind.

Afternoon   No Encounter
EveningNo Encounter
NightNo Encounter

Possible sights: A large gray solid stone table with ancient carvings on the sides. Upon its surface are newly lit candles and a banquet of food that seems to be warm, fresh, and untouched by its surroundings. If one where to eat or take anything from the table, the next day it would be completely restocked and replenished.

Description, or something interesting.

Successful foraging: 6+Wis pounds food, 4+Wis gallons water

  • A salad of maple blossoms, cauliflower mushrooms, and watercress
  • juniper berries
  • chicory

Successful hunting: Based on size, Tiny 1 lb, Small 4 lb, Medium 16 lb, Large 32 lb. Meat spoils after a day, requiring Con save to avoid poison, or Wis save to avoid Madness (or both); DC based on potency. Fishing is at disadvantage without tool, and requires proficiency for proficiency bonus; DC same as foraging.

Navigation: -5 DC at slow pace, +5 DC at fast pace. Have advantage with map. On fail become lost, wasting 1 hour(s) before attempting another check.

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