Wilderness Travel

Wilderness Travel


MorningNo Encounter
Afternoon   No Encounter
EveningNo Encounter
NightNo Encounter

Successful foraging: 3+Wis pounds food, 1+Wis gallons water

  • A salad of bearshead tooth, oxalis, and bog myrtle
  • persimmons
  • maple seeds

Navigation: -5 DC at slow pace, +5 DC at fast pace. Have advantage with map. On fail become lost, wasting 6 hour(s) before attempting another check.

Possible sights: A 15ft tall stone hand stretches from the ground, reaching for the sky.

Forest (Spring)

NavigationDC 15ForagingDC 10
Temperature11°C (51°F) at day. 6°C (43.5°F) at night.
WeatherHeavy rainfall. Everything is considered lightly obscured. Disadvantage on sight/hearing checks. Extinguishes open flames.
No wind.
Encounter 1Gnoll pack lord (CR 2, 450 XP)

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