Magic Item Generator

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Magic Weapon

Deep Longsword (Common)
The bearer can hold their breath for 5 minutes before the onset of asphyxiation.

Magic Armor

Scale Mail of the Masquarade (Uncommon)
The bearer has advantage on skill checks involving disguise kits.

Magic Trinket

Shieldhook Glass Bottle (Artifact)
When a shield is attached to your armor, any actions taken requiring two hands or the use of the hand nearest to the attached shield are done with disadvantage.
Cursed. The item is cursed, and attuning to it extends this curse to you. You cannot remove the item unless you are targeted by the remove curse spell or similar magic. While attuned to the item, you are blind. You cannot benefit from darkvision, blindsight or truesight, you cannot see through the eyes of other creatures, nor can you see using spells like arcane eye or scrying.

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