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When Dragons get really old, where do they go to die? A recent explorer claims to have found the answer far into the range of unknown mountains, though his last party died and he barely escaped. The potential riches in such an area are incalculable, and should be enough to whet the appetites of any greedy party. But there’s a catch… though these Dragons have died, their Ghosts may be stirred if their graves are disturbed. You could also have younger Dragons (zealots/priests of whatever Dragon gods may exist in your world) patrolling the borders of this sacred site, stopping adventurers and others with greedy motives from disturbing the remains of these honored elders.--Dungeon's Master


The characters are imprisoned and must escape.


Bridges over a river next to a new town have been repeatedly smashed, and a late night stake-out of a bridge will show the party that it is Ogres who are smashing the bridges. The bridges will need to stay up so that the town can engage in vital trade. Upon investigating, though, the party learns that the Ogres believe there is a powerful god or spirit in the river, and these Ogres believe it is sacrilege to the River God to build bridges over her. The simple-minded Ogres may not realize that their “god” is actually a playful sprite throwing her voice, but the party will nonetheless have to figure out how to deal with them.--Dungeon's Master

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