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during an undead encounter, the players hear singing and end up tracking down a Death Knight whos eternal curse is that he must sorrowfully sing every evil act he ever committed, and only when at least one single person has heard every single act, his curse will be lifted. Perhaps during his chorus, he goes into an aggressive mode and attacks the players, but then returns to a calm sorrowful state for each verse until finally after finishing his song, he falls apart into a pile of bones


A known NPC is assassinated, the party receives word of this.


After travelling across international borders the PCs finally arrive in a new town. The locals call one of the PCs “Your Highness” and treat him like royalty. It turns out that this PC looks remarkably like the prince whose profile graces the newly minted currency of the land. The prince is reclusive and secretive so no one’s seen him personally. No matter what the PCs do or say they can’t change anyone’s mind. They believe he’s the prince. Word spreads quickly that the prince is out without suitable royal bodyguards which invites local villains and opportunists to act against him.--Dungeon's Master

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