Random Plot Hook Generator

Quest and plot ideas for any adventure.

During a large battle against humanoid monsters the PC spot a Cleric on the enemy’s side. The healer wears the holy symbol of a neutral deity of healing and is clearly not participating in the combat, just tending to the wounded soldiers. Does the party treat the enemy medic any differently than they would the rest of the monsters in the battle? Do they take special actions to attack or neutralize the medic quickly?--Dungeon's Master


Bridges over a river next to a new town have been repeatedly smashed, and a late night stake-out of a bridge will show the party that it is Ogres who are smashing the bridges. The bridges will need to stay up so that the town can engage in vital trade. Upon investigating, though, the party learns that the Ogres believe there is a powerful god or spirit in the river, and these Ogres believe it is sacrilege to the River God to build bridges over her. The simple-minded Ogres may not realize that their “god” is actually a playful sprite throwing her voice, but the party will nonetheless have to figure out how to deal with them.--Dungeon's Master


A gnome settlement has been overrun by Drow displacing hundreds of citizens--Boccob

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