Wildsea Cheat Sheet

Dice Pool: Edge (1d6) + Skill/Language (1d6-3d6) + Advantage (up to 2d6).
Cut: Drop highest roll when: unusually difficult, unusual approach, unfavorable environment, injured, called shot, wrong range, increasing impact (+1-2 cut), acting against your mire (cut # of mire marks).
Impact: Normal (1), High (2), Massive (ship-scale, 3 or full track) based on approach and effectiveness.
Result: 6 = Triumph. 4-5 = Partial Success. 1-3 = Disaster. Doubles = Twist.
Positive Outcomes: goes as planned, aid an ally, make future checks easier, avoid a negative outcome, gain info, reveal a secret, mark a track, gain a resource, healing, deal damage or effect.
Negative Outcomes: action fails, opposite outcome, hinder future checks, a new threat, problem becomes worse, avoid a positive outcome, gain false info, clear a track, lose resource, damage aspect, mark mire, gain injury, worsen situation.

Attacks: Close Range (CR) or Long Range (LR) based on Position. Resistance/Weakness -1/+1 mark. 6 = Damage + Effect. 4-5 = Damage, but damage/effect/lose item/position on you as well. 1-3 = You take damage/effect/lose item/position instead. Doubles = Twist or increased impact.
Defense: 6 = No damage. 4-5 = You take damage/effect/loss. 1-3 = You take Damage + Effect. Doubles = Twist or counter 1 damage.
Damage Types: Blunt (crush), Keen (slice), Spike (pierce), Hewing (chop), Serrated (sawing), Toxin (poison), Acid (corrosive), Blast (explosive), Volt (electric), Frost (cold), Salt (banish), Flame (fire, forbidden).
Limit: A track for the maximum duration of combat. All PC actions mark this, regardless of strategy.
Strategy: Each PC strategy has a track. The more effective the strategy, the shorter the track.

Montage Tasks:
  • Exploration to find info.
  • Acquisition to buy, scavenge, hunt, or gather.
  • Recover Healing (req specimen and tend/cook) to -mark bio. Repair (req salvage and rattle/scavenge) to -mark mech. Relax (req whisper and appropriate skill) to -mire. 6 = Clear 2. 4-5 = Clear 1. 1-3 = Mark 1. Twist = No resource cost.
  • Create Cooking (req 2 specimens and cook/tend) to fortify. Concoct (req 2 speciments or salvage and cook/break/tend/hack) to alter abilities. Craft (req 2 salvage and rattle/break/salvage) to make gear. 6 = 3-track aspect. 4-5 = 2-track aspect with downside or lesser effect. 1-3 = Useless. Twist = additional small benefit.
  • Project for freeform longer activities/advancement to be completed over multiple tasks.

  • Choose a destination, which will be a # of tracks away (usually 3). Using a chart will make the journey shorter/safer and reveal an encounter. Pick up cargo, passengers, and crew.
  • Each PC chooses a station: Helm (req), Watch (req), Engine, Cartographizing, Weather watching.
  • Helm: Cut a Path (mark 1 journey and can avoid encounters), Forge Ahead (mark 2 journey but can't avoid encounters), Drop Anchor (everyone takes a montage and no watch)
  • Watch: roll 1d6, 6 = Peace (random montage, meeting, whisper, tree-shanty, undercrew event, clear mire), 4-5 = Order (ship, outpost, survivor, ruin, cache, conspiracy), 1-3 = Nature (weather, feature, clear mire, mark mire, landfall, true wilds). Alternatively consume a chart and whisper to determine the result. Firefly secretly rolls 1d6 (2d6 with chart) for danger, 6 = no danger, 4-5 = hazardous, 1-3 = dangerous and small payoff.
  • Engine: Tend (hijack focus if any engine problems), Overload (use resource to increase impact or mark +1 journey), Muffle (use resource to increase impact or sneak away without a roll)
  • Cartographizing: create a track and mark each time you discover an important landmark. When filled gain chart.
  • Weather: roll 1d6, 6 = clear skies, 4-5 = stays same, 1-3 = change for the worse.
  • Encounters: typically choice, challenge, or scene. Avoiding may require ratings roll or resource.

Tracks: Basically HP, but more generic to "do something" when filled. 3 tracks for most things, marked/cleared by doing something that fulfills its requirement. Burned marks are especially difficult to clear.
Mires: cut rolls (as above). Mark for horror, stress, witnessing death. Clear for wonderous, rest, drugs, therapy, surgery.
Drives: when advancing drive, pick 1: related whisper, clear mire, minor milestone, major milestone if drive completed.
Milestones: Minor (1/adventure for personal goal or memorable encounter, mark 1), Major (1/arc, mark 3). Used for project: add box to aspect (3-track), develop aspect (3-track), gain skill/language rank (3-track), new aspect (6-track), combine 2 aspects (6-track).

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