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Randomly generate parts of a dungeon on the fly, pieces are modular and fit together so you can even generate an entire dungeon this way. If you're generating from scratch, begin with a starting area and then add random doors and passages. Passages can connect to other passages, and should continue to be generated until they're all linked to doors, rooms, or dead-ends. Refresh to generate new things. You can also drag and drop pieces onto the grid map to build as you go.

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Dungeon Start

Dungeon Type: Mine (Click to make permanent). or choose:

Starting Area: Square, 20 x 20ft.; door on two walls, passage in third wall

Noises: Thud
Air: Clear and damp
Odors: Dank or moldy

Purpose: Lode where metal ore is mined (75 percent chance of being depleted)
Current state: Pristine and in original state
Contents: Empty room with treasure

Possible feature: Rags; Bottle, broken; Dust
Possible furnishings: Pegs; Chair, plain; Couch
(Religious) Possible furnishings: Pews; Side chairs, Shrine
(Mage) Possible furnishings: Shrine; Tripod; Votive light
Possible personal items: Flask or jar; Scroll; Mirror


Passage Width: 10 ft. / Leads to: Continue straight 20ft., then the passage turns left and continues 10 ft.

Extra passages (if necessary):

2nd Passage Width: 10 ft. / Leads to: Chamber

3rd Passage Width: 40ft., with row of pillars down the middle / Leads to: Continue straight 20ft., comes to a dead end; 10 percent chance of a secret door

4th Passage Width: 10 ft. / Leads to: Continue straight 20ft., then the passage turns right and continues 10ft.


Door: Wooden / Leads to: Passage 20 ft. straight ahead

Extra doors (if necessary):
Door 2: Wooden / Leads to: Chamber
Door 3: Wooden / Leads to: Chamber
Door 4: Wooden / Leads to: Passage 20 ft. straight ahead
Door 5: Secret door, barred or locked / Leads to: Passage extending 10ft., then T intersection extending 10ft. to the right and left
Door 6: Iron, barred or locked / Leads to: Chamber

Chamber (Rooms)

Whenever a passage, door, or anything else results in a chamber, use one of these.

Dimensions: Rectangle, 50 x 80 ft.
Number of exits: 6
Exit locations: Wall opposite entrance / Wall left of entrance / Wall left of entrance / Wall right of entrance / Wall opposite entrance / Wall right of entrance /
Exit types: Door / Door / Door / Corridor, 10ft. long / Door / Corridor, 10ft. long /

Purpose: Barracks for miners
Current state: Furniture wrecked but still present
Contents: Random Obstacle

Possible feature: Slime (harmless); Straw; Dust
Possible furnishings: Table, long; Shrine; Armchair
(Religious) Possible furnishings: Tripod; Cloth, altar, Brazier
(Mage) Possible furnishings: Holy or unholy symbol; Candles; Gong
Possible personal items: Decanter; Thread; Soap


Stairs connect multiple floors of a dungeon. If your dungeon doesn't have multiple floors, then reroll the passage or door that spawned them.

Stair Type: Down one level to a passage 20ft. long


Whenever a container or book is generated, use this to determine its contents

Container Contents: Spheres (metal, stone, or wood)
Book, Scroll, or Tome: Book of myths


Each monster should have a motivation in the dungeon. Sometimes this might make them peaceful (even if temporarily).

Motivation: Conquer the dungeon

Random Hazards

Hazard: Yellow mold (On touch, eject sports DC 15 Con, 2d10 poison and poisoned for 1 minute. Take 1d10 each turn while poisoned, repeat saving throw each turn to end. Destroyed by sunlight or fire)

Random Obstacles

Obstacles block or hamper progress and can affect more than one room.

Obstacle: Poisonous gas (deals 1d6 poison damage per minute of exposure)

Random Traps

Trigger: Touched (doorknob, statue)
Severity: Setback
Effect: Door or other object is coated with contact poison

Random Tricks

Tricks are quirky and less deadly than a trap. Some tricks are permanent, others can be dispelled with Dispel Magic.

Object: Furniture
Effect: Prevents movement

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