Rogue Legend 2

Rogue Legend 2

A new feature-packed Rogue Legend with fast-paced combat and abilities, full 3D, a massive world, multiplayer, and more of everything! Farm, build, craft, run a shop, fight, explore, survive.

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Rogue Legend was originally made in about 2 months as a mash-up of Harvest Moon, Minecraft, Recettear, and Zelda. Harvest Moon because you can build a farm, grow/sell crops, raise animals, and get to know the villagers. Minecraft because you can build anywhere with destructible terrain and there are caves to explore and mine ore from, which is used for crafting. Recettear because you can build a shop, buy low/sell high, haggle with customers, and improve/decorate your shop. Zelda because the weapon system is similar, there are secrets to find in the world, and dungeons to explore.

Having just 2 months (and other obligations) made for a game that while it met most of my core ideals, wasn't able to get everything in. The reception and feedback for the game has been great, and I'd love to keep working on it. A lot of the things that players (and me) would like to see aren't really possible to just add in to the base game, but a sequel? Absolutely!

That's where you come in. I'd like to be able to spend the necessary time to create a really polished game with all the features I never had time to get to and requests from the players without having to worry about the more physical matters of how I'm going to pay rent for the next 5 months, or where I'm going to find the ramen necessary to sustain myself during the late nights. If possible, adding more members to the team for things like sound and art would also really help create a more impressive and polished experience.

The new overworld

New Features


Play together either online or locally. Work together to build up a farm, party together to tackle dungeons, or fight for survival and limited resources in the open world.

Stretch Goal Reached - Matchmaking

Categorized server lists for different game modes and styles of play. Matchmaking for parties for dungeons or farming. Find pvp opponents and survival servers quickly and easily.

3D Terrain

Your requests for multiple building levels are answered! Build multiple floors for your home, a massive tower into the sky, or build downward into access tunnels and uncover the deep dark dungeons that lie below.


Fully-featured combat! Melee, ranged, and spells. Dodge, block, and parry attacks, equip special armor and weapons on your character, and retaliate with a host of spells and effects. Find procedurally generated loot and prepare yourself for an all-new combat system!


"Are you a boy? Or a girl?" Customize your character and appearance, and craft dyes and clothing. Display your armor proudly, or tinker with its appearance to make a totally unique outfit. Plus tons more furniture and building materials!

A Huge World

Rather than a simple wilderness that stretches on forever, the entire overworld will be uniquely generated for every game. Complete with biomes, towns, dungeons, and secrets. Build your home anywhere in the world, and explore a true Zelda-style overworld, complete with map!


Every world has its dangers, and dungeons are where the real heart of challenge and reward lies. While a lot of games will just give you a box of monsters, the procedural dungeons will be full levels each with their own unique themes, enemies, challenges, items, and a boss at the end.

Art and Lighting Overhaul

Brand new, high quality art. The old art had to be done myself or gotten from creative commons, with heavily restricted time. With a bit more time and help, the assets can be much more polished. Plus, a real-time lighting and shadows engine as the sun moves across the sky, or other sources. Craft yourself a torch and delve deeper into the flickering darkness.


For all you collect-a-holics, there will be a bunch more things to collect and showcase! Build your own museum and decorate it with the trophies you create and find. Tons more fish, animal breeds, artifacts, insects, crop types, everything! Attract tourists and players from around the world and have your collections rated.

More Animals

Get a horse for faster travel, a loyal dog (or cat) to help you hunt. Pigs, cows, goats, chickens, sheep, bunnies, and more! Plus animals of both genders with differing effects; get a rooster to wake you up in the morning. Plus an all new breeding system that lets you uncover new types and produce.

NPCs and Quests

Tons more NPCs, each with their own unique personalities, jobs, and schedules. Find and help the lone swordsman in the wild recover his family sword, or stop by the Blacksmith's in town and help his daughter uncover the secret of a mysterious letter. Everyone will have a role to play, and things to do. Maybe you'll even find a spouse. You'll also be able to uncover the truth of your homeland.

I want companions to be more than just an npc you dump items on until they marry you and become a fixture on your farm. I also want it so you don't have to marry a companion to have them be useful. So my current plan is companions you can team up with that have different specialties and their own storyline. Based on choices and interactions you can go down different paths.


Build all sorts of machinery and gadgetry to breathe life into your creations. Water mills and coal furnaces supply power to the gears that run your farming machinery! Set up a waterator to keep your plants going while you're delving the depths, or build and power the lamps necessary to keep your home lit up at night. Plus for the truly advanced tinkers, little robot helpers to dance, fight, and do chores.

The World

Fast travel via airship

The original idea for Rogue Legend was to take place in a Cute Steampunk world, with all sorts of gadgetry. With a proper amount of time and help to spend on the art, this can be made a reality! Build your own airship to travel quickly to other parts of the world (or other worlds entirely!); craft machinery and create automated systems using steam power and gears; and explore factories and use all sorts of weird weapons and inventions.

Prefer a monthly payment? You can now use Patreon and get automatic rewards!


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