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Gear Valley, Town [Permalink]

Population: 1,374, Size: 22 acres
Wealth: 206,100 gp. Max value for sale: 453 gp. Max pawn value: 2,405 gp
Demographics: Human (84%), Halfling (11%), Half-Elf (1%), Half-Orc (1%), Dwarf (1%), Elf (1%), Gnome (1%)

Detailed Demographics

Gear Valley has a huge library containing important archives, and is known for its rude populace. The Town is ruled by a priest of the local religion. The races live together mostly in harmony.


Tavern: The Angry Meadery
Owner: Hugh Gladstone, Male Human [Details]

Location: In an adventurer's district of taverns and rogues. The street outside is adjacent to a small office.
Description: The tavern is a plaster and wood framed simple building, with a white shingled roof and tile flooring. It contains a taxidermied bear near the entrance and a small stage for performers.
Quests and Rumors
  • Triceratops Cake with Cake and a Tankard of Cider (5 sp)
  • Chocolate Sandwich with Garden Greens and a Tankard of Cider (5 sp)
  • Sausage Pie with Rice and a Tankard of Ale (5 sp)

Blacksmith: Peter's Arms
Owner: Peter Everly, Male Human [Details]

Location: In a side street near the town gate. The street outside is adjacent to a small office and is next to a large public square.
Description: The blacksmith is a adobe rowhouse, with large windows and a koi pond. It was once a barracks, and has a collection of arms and armor. It contains a beautiful oak countertop and a mess of tools and supplies scattered around the shop.
  • Breastplate (phb 145) (396 gp)
  • Ammuntion, +3 (dmg 150) (390 gp)
  • Ammunition, +1 (dmg 150) (24 gp)

Alchemist: The Hag's Aura
Owner: Elysande Everleigh, Female Human [Details]

Location: In a major crossroads. The street outside ominously quiet and empty.
Description: The alchemist is a plaster and wood framed big orb-like building, with a brown tile roof and shiny hardwood floors. It contains cobwebs in the corners and dozens of glowing bulbs hanging from the ceiling. A magical mirror in a locked room opens a portal.
  • Potion of Healing (dmg 187) (50 gp)
  • Potion of Climbing (dmg 187) (48 gp)
  • Potion of Water Breathing (dmg 188) (173 gp)

Jeweler: The Ruby Sun
Owner: Willow Tallfellow, Female Halfling [Details]

Location: In an adventurer's district of taverns and rogues. The street outside has a weird smell.
Description: The jeweler is a wooden tower, with a brown shingled roof and well-made wooden furniture. It contains a suit of armor on the back wall and various display counters with gemstones.
  • Exquisite Ring (3 gp)
  • Exquisite Ring (3 gp)
  • Exquisite Earrings (4 gp)

    Other Patrons:
  • Aline Tinley, Female Human [Details]
  • Jillian Goldfound, Female Halfling [Details]

Enchanter: The World's Monitor
Owner: Galiena Snowdon, Female Human [Details]

Location: In a market district. The street outside is unusually full of carriages.
Description: The enchanter is a plaster single storey building, with a white shingled roof and a pillared curved-roof entryway. A number of hunting trophies line the walls. It contains religious paraphernalia on the walls and a bookshelf full of books and candles.
  • Figurine of Wondrous Power, Ivory Goats (dmg 169) (397 gp)
  • Dust of Dryness (dmg 166) (115 gp)
  • Horn of Blasting (dmg 174) (430 gp)

General Store: Jugs and Gearworks
Owner: Solomon Copeland, Male Human [Details]

Location: In a civic quarter. The street outside contains a heroic monument.
Description: The general store is a plaster tower, with a yellow tile roof and vines covering the walls and roof. It contains a small wood oven and the walls are covered in shelves full of supplies.
  • Signet Ring (phb 150) (5 gp)
  • Chest (phb 153) (5 gp)
  • Abacus (phb 150) (2 gp)

    Other Patrons:
  • Williamina Ridley, Female Human [Details]
  • Egelina Reid, Female Human [Details]


Small Cottage
Owner: Vicky Barton, Female Human [Details]

The house is a timber framed sprawling single storey building, with a blue tile roof and a pillared curved-roof entryway. It contains a single bachelor-style room with a bed and chest, along with a dresser on the far wall. In the middle of the room is a simple cooking pot over an open flame. Cured meats are hung in bundles from the rafters.

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