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Hamp Point, City

Population: 10,182, Size: 167 acres
Wealth: 20,364,000 gp. Max value for sale: 3,360 gp. Max pawn value: 17,819 gp
Demographics: Half-Orc (86%), Half-Elf (7%), Elf (2%), Halfling (2%), Gnome (1%), Human (1%), Dwarf (1%)

Hamp Point is mostly a tangle of alleyways and row houses, and is known for having high fashion. The City is ruled by a priest of the local religion. The races live together mostly in harmony.


Tavern: The Cracked Arrow
Owner: Achimago Kane, Male Half-Orc [Details]

Location: In a small alley. The street outside ominously quiet and empty.
Description: The tavern is a log cabin, with a brown shingled roof and dead hedges. It contains an inviting hearth and very few tables and chairs.
  • Chocolate Ramen with Garden Greens and a Coffee (5 sp)
  • Beef Soup with Cake and a Tankard of Beer (5 sp)
  • Chicken Ramen with Peas and a Glass of Wine (5 sp)

Blacksmith: The Tempered Scabbard
Owner: Basiik Fahrend, Male Half-Orc [Details]

Location: In a civic quarter. The street outside ominously quiet and empty and is adjacent to a large home.
Description: The blacksmith is a brick single storey building, with large windows and a small vegetable garden. It contains a deck with chairs and a large hot forge in the middle of the shop.
  • Sword of Vengeance (dmg 206) (1,451 gp)
  • Javelin of Lightning (dmg 178) (1,462 gp)
  • Ring Mail (phb 145) (28 gp)

    Other Patrons:
  • Racheal Harris, Female Half-Orc [Details]
  • Malcolm Nagel, Male Half-Orc [Details]
  • Jaqueline Zheng, Female Half-Orc [Details]

Alchemist: Prismatic Elixers
Owner: Selena LaHood, Female Elf [Details]

Location: In a market quarter. The street outside is shaded by colorful trees.
Description: The alchemist is a timber framed two-storey building, with a white shingled roof and softly blowing chimes by the door. It contains a suit of armor on the back wall and a feather and quill next to an unfinished recipe.
  • Potion of Fire Giant Strength (dmg 187) (775 gp)
  • Potion of Healing (dmg 187) (49 gp)
  • Potion of Superior Healing (dmg 187) (432 gp)

Jeweler: The Emerald Bling Cart
Owner: Drake McLeod, Male Half-Orc [Details]

Location: In the main street near the town gate. The street outside is lined with a low stone wall.
Description: The jeweler is a wooden cabin, with a reinforced wooden door and a small enclosed deck. It is well-lit by a few magical torches. It contains a large brass countertop and a large well-used grindstone.
  • Exquisite Earrings (4 gp)
  • Ring of Feather Falling (dmg 191) (1,905 gp)
  • Ring of Warmth (dmg 193) (957 gp)

Enchanter: The Hag's Sentinel
Owner: Attilio O'Leary, Male Half-Orc [Details]

Location: In a small alley. The street outside is next to a grand hall.
Description: The enchanter is a plaster two-storey building, with a gray tile roof and shiny hardwood floors. It contains some planter boxes on the walls and piles of books scattered about.
  • Figurine of Wondrous Power, Golden Lions (dmg 169) (593 gp)
  • Dust of Dryness (dmg 166) (116 gp)
  • Cap of Water Breathing (dmg 157) (957 gp)

    Other Patrons:
  • Jeremiah Morris, Male Half-Orc [Details]
  • Maria Kane, Female Half-Orc [Details]

General Store: The Bearded Stream
Owner: Farrokh Alfonso Andreantti, Male Half-Orc [Details]

Location: In a small alley. The street outside contains a heroic monument and has a pickpocket looking for marks.
Description: The general store is a brick sprawling single storey building, with a reinforced wooden door and finely-crafted furniture. It contains a large bookshelf filled with books and sacks full of fruit cover the floor.
  • Hammer (phb 150) (1 gp)
  • Barrel (phb 153) (2 gp)
  • Mason's Tools (phb 154) (10 gp)

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