NordVPN Sucks

Unlike every other site and video online, this is not sponsored by NordVPN because it's a garbage service. If you've ever asked yourself, is NordVPN worth it? It's not. Once again the worst contender has forced themselves into popularity through aggressive marketing, or the "Raid Shadow Legends Effect" (that game is also terrible, avoid it).

Terrible app

For some unfathomable reason exclusive only to NordVPN, their app takes a really long time to start. It's long enough that I need to leave and let my computer sit for several minutes before being able to use it. Then once it starts up it's a bit of a blind whack-a-mole as the interface only shows you dots on a map, no ping or any other info, and you have to click and wait and hope it connects. If it doesn't, try another one, keep sitting on the interface trying servers until it connects and then go run a ping and speed test on your own since it never tells you in the app. Using the auto-connect just tries the nearest geographic server, and if it fails it tries to reconnect to the same server infinitely.

Login issues

To make the app even worse, you can't even log in through it. It sends you unencrypted and unprotected to their website where you have to log in and then it generates a token for the app. So much for privacy. Not only is this a terrible decision for security, their web gateway goes down meaning you can't log in to use the service to begin with.

The app logs you out every time it updates, or whenever it feels like it. The updates are frequent, which somehow make it even slower to load, and creates new problems each time since they don't adequately test their releases. This means you'll be manually logging in each time, and becoming intimately familiar with this frustrating process. They also try to get you to link your google and other accounts, further obliterating their claims to privacy.

Bad service

Their service is terrible, they'll deny any such problems exist despite the fact that other VPN services work fine. If you have any connection problems or prolonged outages? "Sorry, you should have read the terms of service carefully." They'll make every effort to take and keep your money and offer no guarantees or refunds outside that initial 30 day return period, even for unused (or unusable) time if you try to cancel. TOTALLY BY COINCIDENCE, my speeds, start-up, login times, and issues got much worse past that 30 day window.

What to use

There's a lot of other VPNs out there and I recommend doing your own research. After the hassle and frustration of NordVPN I went to Private Internet Access. This is also not sponsored by Private Internet Access, but I'm recommending them because they didn't ask and I've had much fewer issues. The main issue is many websites don't like connections from their servers, but you also have that problem with NordVPN and I imagine every other VPN. It's an inherent problem with private shared proxies, so get used to more captchas. PIA starts fast, has no login problems, and is similarly priced.

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