D&D 4e Crib Sheet

A combat cheat sheet detailing modifiers, actions, benefits, conditions, and certain rules. I really wanted something that would catalogue the vast amount of actions and effects available in a turn.
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The sheet is available in a number of formats:

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Turn Anatomy [hide]

Start: Ongoing damage, Regeneration, Other Effects, End Effects

Actions: 1 Standard, 1 Move, 1 Minor
Standard Action
Administer a potion, Aid Another, Basic Attack, Bluff, Bull Rush, Charge, Coup de Grace, Detect Magic, Equip or stow a shield, Grab, Heal, Improvised Attack, Intimidate, Move a grabed target, Ready an action, Second Wind, Stunt, Thievery, Total Defense
Move Action
Balance*, Climb*, Crawl, Escape, Hop Down, Jump*, Run, Shift, Squeeze, Stand Up, Stealth*, Stunt, Swim*, Walk
* Can be used as part of another move action.
Minor Action
Draw or sheathe a weapon, Drink a potion, Drop prone, Insight, Load a Crossbow, Open or close a door, Perception, Pick up an item, Retrieve or stow an item
Immediate Action (Once / Round)
Readied action
Opportunity Action (Once / Turn)
Opportunity attack
Free Action (Unlimited, any time)
Delay, Drop held items, End a grab, Knowledge check, Spend an action point, Talk

End: Saving Throws, Sustain Actions, End Effects

Conditions [hide]

Blind: Grant combat advantage, cannot see targets, -5 attack penalty, -10 to Perception, cannot flank.
Dazed: Grant combat advantage, can only take one action on turn, no immediate/opportunity actions, cannot flank.
Deaf: Can't hear, -10 to Perception.
Dominated: Dazed, dominating creature chooses your actions. The only powers it can use are at-wills.
Dying: Unconscious, make death saving throw every round.
Helpless: Grant combat advantage, can be targeted by coup de gras.
Immobilized: Cannot move, but can teleport or be moved by pull, push, or slide.
Marked: -2 penalty to attack rolls against all but marking target.
Petrified: Cannot take actions, gain resist 20 all, unaware, do not age.
Prone: Grant combat advantage to melee, +2 bonus to defenses vs ranged, -2 penalty to attack rolls.
Restrained: Grant combat advantage, cannot move or be moved, -2 attack
Slowed: Your maximum speed is 2.
Stunned: Grant combat advantage, cannot take actions, cannot flank.
Surprised: Grant combat advantage, cannot take actions (except free), cannot flank.
Unconscious: Helpless, -5 penalty to all defenses, cannot take actions, fall prone if possible, cannot flank.
Weakened: Your attacks (besides ongoing) deal half damage.

Benefits [hide]

Combat Advantage: +2 bonus to attack rolls, must be able to see target.
Concealment: -2 penalty to attacks against you if lightly obscured or if heavily obscured but next to target.
Cover: -2 penalty to attacks against you if around corner or protected by terrain. -5 penalty to attacks against you if protected by significant terrain.
Insubstantial: Take half damage
Invisible: Cannot be seen, gain combat advantage against targets that cannot see you, don't provoke opportunity attacks.

Skills [hide]

Aid: DC10+½ lvl to give ally +2 to check (max +8). Give ally -1 on fail.
Bluff: Once/encounter vs Insight. Combat advantage til end next turn or Stealth check until attack/turn end.
Heal: Stabilize: DC15, Use Second Wind: DC10, Grant Save+2: DC15.
Monster Knowledge: Name, type, keywords: DC15. Powers: DC20. Resists/vulns: DC25. Paragon +5, Epic +10. Arcana: Elemental, Fey, Shadow. Dungeoneering: Aberrant. Nature: Natural. Religion: Immortal, Undead.

Special Rules [hide]

Dying: Make saving throw on turn. 3 failures and you die, roll 20+ and spend a healing surge. If HP becomes bloodied value as a negative, you die.
Escape Grab: Acrobatics vs REF or Athletics vs FORT; Shift on success.
Falling: 1d10 damage per 10 feet fallen. Fall prone if you take damage. Trained Acrobatics check reduces damage by half the result. If forced onto a hazard, make a saving throw to be prone (if not teleporting) at ledge.
Grab: STR vs REF. Immobilize target while adjacent. Sustain Minor.
Granted Saves: No penalty for fail.

Modifiers [hide]

All Attack Types Modifiers
Combat Advantage against foe +2
Attacker is prone -2
Target has normal cover -2
Target has superior cover -5
Melee Attacks
Charge Attack +1
Target has concealment -2
No line of sight -5
Ranged Attacks
Long Range -2
Target is prone -2
Target has concealment -2
No line of sight -5

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