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Most of these should be compatible with any version of D&D or other rpgs, but if it's for a specific version it'll say so.

What is D&D? A Simple Guide for Actual Play - Interested in DnD but don't know what it is or how to start? This simple guide will get you up and running.


Solo Dungeon Generator
Solo Dungeon Generator - A solo dungeon crawl with no DM required! Grab your character sheets and delve the depths.
Jump Calculator - A jump distance calculator for Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition that determines the maximum distance a character can jump based on their attributes and all applicable modifiers or special abilities.

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Generators [hide]

Backstory Generator - Creates detailed families and life histories for characters or NPCs.
Magic Items Generator - Generate random magical weapons, armor, and trinkets with different rarities.
Town Generator - Generate towns with demographics, detailed shops, and NPC patrons.
NPC Generator - Generate NPCs for use in your campaigns. Includes attributes, gear, personality, and back-stories.
Vicious Mockery Insult Generator - Generate insults.
Treasure Generator - Generate loot rewards by CR with descriptions for gems and art pieces.
House Map Generator - Generate accurate map layouts for different types of houses complete with furnishings.
Dungeon Map Generator - Generates a dungeon map with detailed encounters, features, and room descriptions.
Name Generator - Name generator with different fantasy races and ethnicities to choose from. Some quick links:


Male English | Female English | Male Arabic | Female Arabic | Male Celtic | Female Celtic | Male Chinese | Female Chinese | Male Congo | Female Congo | Male Egyptian | Female Egyptian | Male French | Female French | Male German | Female German | Male Greek | Female Greek | Male Indian | Female Indian | Male Japanese | Female Japanese | Male Mesoamerican | Female Mesoamerican | Male Norse | Female Norse | Male Polynesian | Female Polynesian | Male Roman | Female Roman | Male Slavic | Female Slavic | Male Spanish | Female Spanish | Male Dragonborn | Female Dragonborn | Male Dwarf | Female Dwarf | Male Elf | Female Elf | Male Gnome | Female Gnome | Male Goliath | Female Goliath | Male Halfling | Female Halfling | Male Half-Orc | Female Half-Orc | Male Tiefling | Female Tiefling | Male Tabaxi | Female Tabaxi | Male Genasi | Female Genasi | Male Warforged | Female Warforged |


Male Beholder | Female Beholder | Male Aarakocra | Female Aarakocra | Male Celestial | Female Celestial | Male Changeling | Female Changeling | Male Drow | Female Drow | Male Fiend | Female Fiend | Male Gith | Female Gith | Male Goblin | Female Goblin | Male Hadozee | Female Hadozee | Male Harengon | Female Harengon | Male Kenku | Female Kenku | Male Kobold | Female Kobold | Male Leonin | Female Leonin | Male Lizardfolk | Female Lizardfolk | Male Loxodon | Female Loxodon | Male Modron | Female Modron | Male Ooze | Female Ooze | Male Orc | Female Orc | Male Plasmoid | Female Plasmoid | Male Satyr | Female Satyr | Male Thrikreen | Female Thrikreen | Male Tortle | Female Tortle | Male Triton | Female Triton | Male Vedalken | Female Vedalken | Male Verdan | Female Verdan |


Alchemist Shop | Apothecary Shop | Barber Shop | Baker Shop | Blacksmith Shop | Butcher Shop | Carpenter Shop | Cobbler Shop | Florist Shop | Furrier Shop | General Shop | Jeweller Shop | Lawyer Shop | Mason Shop | Massage Shop | Tailor Shop | Tavern Shop |


Kingdom | Geography |
Trap Generator - Generate a variety of traps with different danger levels based on your party's level.
Random Plot Hooks Generator - Quest and plot ideas for any adventure.
Puzzle Generator - Generates puzzles and riddles to stump your players while you take a break.
Dungeon Module Generator - Generates a dungeon module with everything you need in a single easy-to-read page. Including detailed room descriptions, traps, puzzles, and encounters.
Campaign Generator - Generates everything you need to start a new campaign from scratch. Including surrounding geography, local culture and experts, a structure and motivation for adventure, religion and gods, and additional lore to fill your world.
Quest Generator - Generate quest ideas for any adventure, for when you need a quick quest.
Improved NPC Generator - Generate NPCs for use in your campaigns with all the exotic races. Includes attributes, gear, personality, and back-stories.
Exploration Map Exploration Map - Create an open world sandbox game by generating a detailed map with full write-ups of settlements, dungeons, encounters, and events.
Medieval Town Map Medieval Town Map Generator - Generates a detailed map for any sort of town with explorable buildings.
Random Misadventures - Ideas for random dungeon events, small roleplay encounters that are appropriately dangerous and can fit into any dungeon. Tempt your players with risky mishaps, leading to treasure or trouble.
City Street Generator - Generates descriptions for town streets and buildings. Slot these into any city, on the fly wherever they're needed.
Magical Junk - Generates random trinkets with a bit of magical flair that you can use anywhere.
Interior Room Generator - Generates descriptions for interior rooms with customizable room types and make-up. Slot these into any location, on the fly wherever they're needed.
Roleplay Cheat Sheet - A quick and easy reference for when your players do the unexpected and you need to quickly improvise something.
Interior Room Generator - Generates descriptions for interior rooms with customizable room types and make-up. Slot these into any location, on the fly wherever they're needed.
Medieval Village Map Medieval Village Map Generator - Generates a map for any sort of village, with clickable house maps.
Session Start Generator - Need some help on how to start your first campaign game and get everyone together? Try these prompts to get the players established and engaged with each other and your world.
Hamlet Map Hamlet Map Generator - Generate maps for any sort of hamlet.
Random Characters - Need a new character idea? Generate a random race, class, and background using every published option.
Dungeon Room Description Generator - Generates descriptions for dungeon rooms with customizable exits. Slot these into any dungeon, on the fly wherever they're needed.
Encounter Ideas Generator - Need something a little more interesting than 'defeat all the baddies' to win? Try out these ideas for alternative objectives that can add a bit of spice to your combat encounters.
Wild Magic Surge Generator - Generate random wild magic surges for a wild magic sorcerer or any time your players take a walk through a wild magic zone.
Villain (BBEG) Generator - Generates villains, BBEG (big bad evil guy), and all around not-great people that your players will love to hate.
Boss Fight Ideas Generator - Encourage creative solutions from your players with these epic encounter ideas for your next big boss fight.
Non-Combat Encounter Generator - Spice up your game with some non-combat challenges where you don't have to kill everyone!
Plot Twist Generator - Story stuck? Twist it up! Try injecting some of these plot twists into your story to shock your players and get things moving again.
World Map Generator World Map - Generates a world map with towns, dungeons, and countries. Run the ultimate open-world game in just a single click.
Random Wandering Monsters - Random monsters found wandering by environment. Useful when you need an encounter while traveling.
Random Dungeon Generator - Randomly generate parts of a dungeon on the fly, pieces are modular and fit together so you can even generate an entire dungeon this way.
Wilderness Travel - Calculate encounters, navigation, foraging, temperature, and weather while traveling in different biomes.
List of Generated Content - A list of content made on this site's generators that other people like.
Interesting Locations Generator - Generates interesting locales for your world, and ideas for places your players can visit.
Fantasy Calendar Generator - Create a custom calendar and track time in your own world, or use calendars made by others.

Tools [hide]

Travel Options - A list of all the various forms of travel, their speed, limits, and costs in 5th Edition D&D.
DnD Random Foe Factory - Generates custom monsters with their own types, traits, and actions with balanced statistics for any CR or role of your choice. Can also create legendary creatures!
Magic Item Prices - Prices you can use for magic items if you want them to be buyable or sellable in your game.
Premade Characters - A list of premade characters for 5th edition D&D, in a variety of different classes, races, and levels.
Character Sheet - Create and save a character sheet for 5e D&D to use in your campaigns. You can assign it to a campaign if you create or join one, for your DM and other players to see.
D&D Encounter Builder Encounter Builder - Create a level-appropriate combat encounter by adding creatures based on party size, or generate automatically.
Generate Character Backgrounds - A list of personalities, ideals, bonds, and flaws that you can customize and randomize to easily create a good background for your next character.
Daily Difficulty Calculator - Calculate how many more encounters, and of what difficulty, you should run before the next long rest.
List of Players - A listing of players seeking games, with profiles and methods of contact.
DM Screen - A digital DM screen to keep track of everything you need for your session on a single page. Click and drag the bottom right of each box to resize it. Click on the edit button in the bottom left of each box to set the URL.
Map Maker - Generate and customize maps for different kinds of locations with automatic furnishings.
Looking For Group - Looking for a game? Find a group of people to play with.
Battle Maps - A list of good battle maps to use for D&D or any RPG. Filter by tags with a simple UI.
Run a Chase - A tool for chases in 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons. A chase can occur whenever someone decides to flee from combat or as part of the narrative.
Spellbook - Create, save, and generate your own spellbooks and scrolls for DnD 5th edition.
Session Builder - Stuck on what to do with your session? Just use this simple tool to better plan it out, with step-by-step instructions to help you better understand what you're missing, and a variety of tools to fill in any blanks or writer's block you may have. Available now for all premium users!
Downtime Events - A list of all downtime activities, with automatically calculated requirements, results, and complications. Building structures, lifestyle, buying / selling / crafting magic items, crime, gambling, carousing, research, training, businesses, and everything else a player could want to do.
Campaign Notes - Keep notes for everything in your campaign. Individual npcs, players, plot lines, all easily categorized.
Dice Roller Dice Roller - Roll any sort of dice, including specialty rolls like brutal weapons or 4d6 drop the lowest. You can also make a group and share dice rolls with others (useful for online games)!
Grid Map Grid Map - A fully featured combat grid map with custom tokens, backgrounds, stats, and spells with a simple drag and drop interface.
Currency Converter - Convert between copper, silver, gold, electrum, and platinum all in a customizable lump sum.
Saved Generators - Save all your generated content in an easy to browse list with titles and descriptions.
Make Monsters - Create custom stat blocks for monsters and save them for use in your campaigns.
Monster List - Look up D&D monsters by name and CR.
D&D Combat Tracker Combat Tracker - Quickly track combatants and manage their attributes, conditions, and initiative on the fly. Save loadouts to quickly manage groups of PCs or NPCs.
Skill Definitions - Breakdowns of all the different skills and how to use them.
Combat Tracker - Keep track of important PC and NPC stats that you can quickly reference in combat.
Character Builds - A list of character builds for 5th edition D&D, sorted by class and race in a simple and easy to read format. You can make your own, too!
Proficiency - Unique to 5th edition, instead of putting points into individual skills you have a general purpose 'proficiency bonus' that's based on your level and is applied to attack rolls, saving throws, and skill checks if you're proficient in them.
Spell List - Quickly accessible list of spells for every class and level. Sort, filter, and read the full descriptions for every spell in 5th Edition D&D.
Magic Item List - Quickly accessible list of magic items. Sort, filter, and read the full descriptions for every magic item in 5th Edition D&D.
Class Creator - Create custom classes for 5e D&D and save them for use in your campaigns.
Class List - Look up D&D classes that others have made, or official ones.
Loot Calculator Character Wealth Calculator - A wealth calculator for determining loot rewards or character gold and items during creation based on party size and level. Has options to display magic items earned or converted into their gp values.

Modules [hide]

Solo Dungeon
Solo Dungeon - A solo dungeon crawl with no DM required! Grab your character sheets and delve the depths.
No DM Adventure: Cursed Deck of Many Things No DM Adventure: Cursed Deck of Many Things - Amidst disorienting melodies and reality-bending paths, you must face the spectral madness conjured by a fate-obsessed hag and her magical deck to restore order.
Heart of the Cursed Castle
Heart of the Cursed Castle - In a haunted underground fortress, the PCs must outwit deadly traps and ancient spirits to end a necromancer king's soul-harvesting spree.
Oasis of Temporal Shadows
Oasis of Temporal Shadows - Within a treacherous oasis, the adventurers uncover a wrecked airship and must confront the spatial anomalies within to thwart a reality-bending beholder kin's experiments.
No DM Adventure: Whispers of the Mistbound Grove
No DM Adventure: Whispers of the Mistbound Grove - Delve into the treacherous fae court, where a fallen valkyrie seeks redemption by rescuing a celestial soul imprisoned by demonic fae.
No Prep Module: The Forsaken Wizard
No Prep Module: The Forsaken Wizard - Amidst the craggy isles of Kravia, a sorcerer's dark allegiance leads to a covert operation through the treacherous corridors of a hidden fortress, in pursuit of a forsaken weapon of untold power.
No Prep Module: Veins of the Forsaken
No Prep Module: Veins of the Forsaken - Amidst the overgrown ruins of a magic-cursed city, a band of adventurers must thwart a demonic plot and unravel secrets of a lost civilization, guarding a potent artifact capable of fulfilling the deadliest of desires.
No Prep Module: Veil of the Planetar
No Prep Module: Veil of the Planetar - Amid magical blackouts and shifting landscapes, a daring quest unfolds as the PCs face down celestial beings to restore cosmic balance.
No DM Adventure: The Enchanted RebellionNo DM Adventure: The Enchanted Rebellion - Navigate the warping barriers between worlds to thwart a fey lord's insurrection against the natural order.
No Prep Module: A Dance of Fire and Fury
No Prep Module: A Dance of Fire and Fury - As the ground quakes and skies roar, a band of heroes embarks on a journey to thwart an elemental uprising, orchestrated by a princely ambition gone awry.
No Prep Module: Depths of the Memory Thief
No Prep Module: Depths of the Memory Thief - Navigate the drowned depths, guarded by enigmatic denizens displaced from the elemental plane of water, to unravel the insidious psychic conspiracy of an ancient, shape-shifting horror.
No Prep Module: Frost-Ravaged Realm
No Prep Module: Frost-Ravaged Realm - When the frozen wastelands become a battleground for a malevolent forces subjugating the realm with, only the courage of the chosen few can shatter the icy grip of oppression.
No Prep Module: The Blackstone Heist
No Prep Module: The Blackstone Heist - In the bowels of a dwarven metropolis, a daring heist unfolds, where the PCs must outwit magical defenses and a petrified menagerie to topple a consortium wielding power beyond mere wealth.
No DM Adventure: AbishaiNo DM Adventure: Abishai's Curse - Unravel a dark secret within a soul-devouring dungeon that bleeds magic from the land, where a greedy abishai hoards life force behind deadly illusions.
No Prep Module: The Shell That Walks
No Prep Module: The Shell That Walks - A hidden paradise atop a lumbering giant conceals a battle between a reclusive witch, a chaotic fiend, and a greedy duke, all vying for the oasis's mystical bounty.
No Prep Module: Ice WyrmNo Prep Module: Ice Wyrm's Pact - Amidst the relentless storm's icy embrace, an ancient dragon's fate intertwines with a daring quest to thwart a duergar's sinister ambitions.
No Prep Module: The Forgotten City
No Prep Module: The Forgotten City - Amidst shifting sands and shimmering ruins lies the Warrens, where a grand Convergence of druids seek to restore the balance of the ley lines.
No DM Adventure: Whispers of the Syndicate
No DM Adventure: Whispers of the Syndicate - In a city veiled by shadows, a syndicate's quest for ancient magic threatens to reshape everything.
No Prep Module: The Rainbow DragonNo Prep Module: The Rainbow Dragon - Amidst the suspended corridors of a floating arcane academy, the PCs unravel the sleeping curse of Veridian Rest, confronting a Rainbow Dragon of dreams.
No Prep Module: The Salty Dead
No Prep Module: The Salty Dead - The PCs must descend into the heart of a magic-starved sea fortress, shrouded in ancient treachery.
No Prep Module: The Wandering City
No Prep Module: The Wandering City - Unveil the enigma of a walking city, where a mischievous god's creation entwines adventurers with lycanthropes, both ally and foe.
No Prep Module: The Sporesworn Citadel
No Prep Module: The Sporesworn Citadel - Traversing the fungal bridges of Sporecrest Haven, heroes embark on a quest to redeem a scholar's legacy against the shadow of a time-bending conspiracy.
No DM Adventure: The Dead DescendNo DM Adventure: The Dead Descend - An unnatural sea of roving dead engulfs a once peaceful city, sending desperate survivors fleeing through chaotic streets in search of refuge.
No Prep Module: Through FeyNo Prep Module: Through Fey's Broken Mirror - In a realm of fractured reflections, a stolen melody blooms treacherous blossoms, as the PCs brave a mirrored fey realm.
No Prep Module: The LichNo Prep Module: The Lich's Gambit - Within an ancient underground wizard tower, the PCs must brave treacherous puzzles and haunted corridors to thwart a vengeful lich's rise.
No Prep Module: The Spellbound Spire
No Prep Module: The Spellbound Spire - Beneath the spires of a fabled wizarding school, a sentient bracelet weaves a dark web of control and deception.
No Prep Module: Secret Winter GetawayNo Prep Module: Secret Winter Getaway - Amidst the eerie silence of a winter-bound ghost town, adventurers unearth a yuletide mystery steeped in fey magic and forgotten toys.
No DM Adventure: The Corpse FlowerNo DM Adventure: The Corpse Flower's Bloom - In a land ravaged by a lich's dark magic, venture into an undead wasteland, where soul-stealing corpse flowers and spectral undead await.
No Prep Module: DjinniNo Prep Module: Djinni's Dark Designs - Amidst the chaos of the Beastlands, a market teeming with supernatural wares and otherworldly beings holds the key to a dire conspiracy by a powerful Djinni.
No Prep Module: Cult of the Banished One
No Prep Module: Cult of the Banished One - A hidden monastery carved into a sleeping giant hides a cult performing dark rituals to open a portal and summon an ancient evil.
No Prep Module: Dragonfire Over the Marshlands - Glowing shards of an ancient magic unleashed from a swamp dragon's destructive greed threaten to drown a village of lizardfolk.
No Prep Module: Spies in the Sands - Ancient runes etched on towering stone obelisks across a vast desert lead a party of adventurers to a lush hidden oasis where they stumble upon a dark conspiracy.
No DM Adventure: The Lich Arises - Follow the trail of undead, where a skeletal swamp soaked in death magic provides the perfect place for a lich's foul rituals.
No Prep Module: The Fall of Lavendros - The PCs rush into the shifting chaos of the amethyst dragon's citadel, racing through a crumbling reality to find and stop the mad wyrm before he destroys the multiverse.
No DM Adventure: A Midsummer Nightmare's Carnival - Uncover the sinister truth behind a lakeside carnival, where you must navigate a maze of devilish deceits before confronting the dangerous sorceress who deals in mortal vices.
No Prep Module: Seeking the Amethyst Dragon - With reality unraveling around them, the heroes race against the clock to find the dragon's lair adrift in the Astral Plane and stop his apocalyptic ritual from shattering the delicate strands of the multiverse.
No DM Adventure: The Shifting Tides of Arcanum - A sealed letter compels you to the enigmatic island of Arcanum, where a vale of ever-shifting biomes guards the ancient crystals needed to reinforce the cosmic Weave and prevent catastrophe.
A Necromancer's Dark Redemption - In a fey-touched oasis where the veil between worlds is thin, a grief-mad hobgoblin necromancer obsessed with resurrecting his dead wife perfects a profane ritual to bind lost souls and unleash dangerous magic from beyond the grave.
No Prep Module: The Town That Lives - An insidious shapeshifting colony lurks beneath the quaint facade of a fishing village, whose erratic buildings and people hide a supernatural danger.
No Prep Module: Flayers of the Nautiloid - An Elder Brain seeks to unleash dangerous entities from the Far Realm, causing bizarre mutations and insanity that the PCs must stop before all of reality is consumed.
No Prep Module: The Icy Labyrinth - Exploring an icy cliffside town, the PCs unravel a mystical construct experiment and must stop its creator from taking over.
No DM Adventure: The Summoning - When children begin to disappear near an isolated fortress, you must brave untold supernatural dangers to confront the noble-turned-warlock and break his demonic pact.
No Prep Module: The Wraith's Curse - Blighted events in a coastal town point to a dark supernatural force. The PCs must confront restless spirits, disturb ancient rituals, and unravel a vengeful wraith's sinister plot.
No Prep Module: The Call of the Basilisk - Drawn by rumors of basilisk attacks, the PCs find themselves embroiled in supernatural mystery within an ancient, collapsing city of wooden people and dangerous creatures.
No Prep Module: Lost in the Elemental Abyss - The PCs venture into a perilous realm where danger lurks in every elemental form, unraveling the mysteries of mystical places to rescue the nobles lost amidst the supernatural chaos.
No DM Adventure: A Goblin's Supernatural Power - A plea for help against a powerful hobgoblin leads you among the branches of a colossal, otherworldly tree in the desert.
No Prep Module: Den of Thieves - The PCs must pose as aspiring thieves to infiltrate the Thieves Guild and rescue a hostage trapped within a pocket dimension.
No Prep Module: The Dreamweaver's Web - An illusionist consumed by madness traps victims in an endless nightmare, and the PCs must delve into a dreamscape of man-eating plants and molten danger.
No Prep Module: Clash in Sigil - Spelljamming through the Astral Veil, the PCs find themselves caught in a web of deceit as a cunning marid seeks to exploit their power.
No DM Adventure: Curse of the Dancing Fey - Experience a frost-laden adventure through the icy fairy court, and uncover the chilling secrets of the Frozen Emerald.
No Prep Module: Haunted Forest - After a dragon's surprise attack at a high society party, the PCs are sucked into the Shadowfell where they must face vengeful spirits as they uncover the truth behind the dragon's philosophical quest to end the illusion of existence.
No Prep Module: The Painted World - The PCs venture into an ancient forest to slay a dangerous beast, but an unexpected magical explosion transports them into a surreal world of living paintings.
No Prep Module: Dragons and Diplomacy - The PCs are invited to a high society party at a celestial conclave, navigating treacherously timeless mountain ranges and facing off against apocalyptic intentions.
No DM Adventure: Nagpa's Floating Necropolis - A theme park, situated in the middle of an elemental nexus, comes under attack from a flying necropolis. Journey within to face a cunning nagpa and his elemental dragons.
No Prep Module: Secrets of the Shadow Crypt - Navigate a treacherous labyrinth, uncover a sinister plot, and thwart a powerful brigand's plan to raise an undead army.
No DM Adventure: The Eternal War - Navigate the treacherous plane of Carceri and battle through the eternal war between demons, giants, and devils.
No Prep Module: Library of Deception - Navigate an ever-changing city, solve the mystery of the Grand Library, and close the chaotic portals opened by a mischievous faerie dragon.
No DM Adventure: The Whispering Catacombs - Journey through the catacombs of the Plane of Earth to confront a malevolent evil and its army of undead, and unraveling a mystery of fragmented memories. A new No DM Adventure where nobody has to DM and you can just play!
No DM Adventure: Guardians of the Wild - Journey through the plane of Arcadia, navigating through treacherous terrain to confront a powerful dragon in order to restore balance to the natural world. A new No DM Adventure where nobody has to DM and you can just play!
No Prep Module: Feywild Convergence - The PCs journey to a vibrant Feywild island, navigating its magical challenges and confronting a treacherous hag coven to uncover the truth behind a world now overflowing with arcane energy.
No Prep Module: Quickling's Gambit - Explore an infested city plagued by insects, as you try to stop a mischievous quickling from causing chaos and destruction.
No DM Adventure: Blizzard of Betrayal - Navigate a treacherous lair within a shifting glacier on the Plane of Air, safeguard a notorious thief, and uncover a powerful artifact.
No Prep Module: Airship Adventures - The players must find a mysterious floating island to retrieve a powerful artifact while also defending their kingdom from a demonic invasion.
No Prep Module: Beyond the Veil - The PCs must stop a demonic cult, while navigating through the chaos of portals opening across the city to different planes of existence.
No Prep Module: Tides of Terror - A merfolk seaside resort comes under attack when portals to the elemental plane of water begin to open.
No DM Adventure: City Of Brass - Explore the sizzling and enigmatic City of Brass within the Elemental Plane of Fire. Uncover a plot that threatens to tip the power in not just the city, but all the planes of existence. A new No DM Adventure where nobody has to DM and you can just play!
No Prep Adventure Path 6: Ghosts Of The Past - The PCs race against time to stop the undead mastermind before a portal to the Abyss is opened.
No DM Adventure: The Soul Stealer - A vile creature destroys armies whole and takes their souls for an even greater evil that lurks beyond the planes. A new No DM Adventure where nobody has to DM and you can just play!
No Prep Adventure Path 5: An Explosive Death - The PCs explore an underground undead city and try to stop an explosive stockpile.
No Prep Adventure Path 4: The Undercrypt - The capital is an extravagant city of magic built in a desolate magical dead zone. The PCs try to warn the king of the traitors on his council and uncover an ever-deepening plot, before it's too late.
No Prep Adventure Path 3: Pirate's Crystal Cove - A ruthless and cunning pirate is disguising her ships as merchant vessels to lure in victims, striking at them from her stronghold in the Crystal Cove. While chartering a boat, the PCs end up on one of these ships full of pirates.
No Prep Adventure Path 2: Infiltrating Scrap City - A new orc chieftain has been stockpiling smuggled magic stones to create impervious war machines from the scrap city Grimgor.
No Prep Adventure Path: Winter Magic Smugglers - The PCs are at a Winter Festival, when things start going awry with wild magic. Soon they find themselves in the middle of a magic stone smuggling ring operated by the thieves guild, and explore an abandoned prison with magical ghosts of the past.
No DM Adventure: The Fey Dimension - You find yourself deep within a twisted forest of wild beauty and chaotic magic. A new No DM Adventure where nobody has to DM and you can just play!
No Prep Module: A Flayer's Feast - An alhoon is a mind flayer that has discovered the arcane arts and become exiled from their colony. One such alhoon has made its lair in the sewers and has developed a taste for young brains.
No Prep Module: The Chaos Of Elements - An elemental lord has broken through a rift in the planes, transporting the elemental chaos into the middle of a city.
No DM Adventure: The Purple Worm - You enter a forest of gigantic proportions, where everything is larger than life. Deep within is a terrible beast that swallows cities whole. A new No DM Adventure where nobody has to DM and you can just play!
No Prep Module: A Lamia's Lament - A Lamia has taken dominion over the desert, capturing caravans to grow her wealth and slaves.
No Prep Module: Thralls Of The Dracolich - A blue dragon becomes a dracolich and turns his conquered city into undead thralls.
No Prep Module: The Jester's Devil - A devil from the Nine Hells is trying to open a portal to the material plane and beguiles the court's jester.
No Prep Module: The Hive Lord - An insect hive lord and his swarm have been kidnapping people from the nearby village, turning them into mindless slaves through a horrifying mutation.
No DM Adventure: The Shadow Dragon - A malevolent shadow pulls you into the Shadowfell and will not let you leave until you plunge into the gloom and defeat this strange realm's dark master. A new No DM Adventure where nobody has to DM and you can just play!
No Prep Module: A Lich In Time - An ancient and powerful lich has begun researching time travel in order to master total control over the very fabric of reality.
No Prep Module: Tiamat's Castle of Mirrors - The court wizard's experiments and demonic rituals have attracted the attention of Tiamat.
No Prep Module: The Archfey's Wish - An archfey has discovered the power of wishes, and distorts them into the stuff of nightmares.
No DM Adventure: Giant Fiendish Construct - A building in the capital city explodes and collapses. Word is that spies from an enemy land destroyed it, but after investigating you find a construct in the rubble and discover its fiendish origin.
No Prep Module: The War for Wildspace - A Reigar production troupe warfleet has declared war on everyone in Wildspace, broadcasting their flashy acts of violence over a divination network to put on the largest stage production of carnage at a universal scale.
No Prep Module: The Bandit Brokers - The Cult of the Glittering Thieves secretly hires the PCs to guard a caravan transporting stolen goods.
No Prep Module: The Ice Hag - A winter Annis Hag collects souls of the innocent, corrupting their physical forms into frozen werecreatures, feeding on their sorrow until their physical body completely withers away.
No DM: The Storm Serpent - Giant sightings become an omen for storm clouds that leave scorched and half-eaten remains. A new No DM Adventure where nobody has to DM and you can just play!
No Prep Module: The Widow Murder - The PCs are hired to solve a murder mystery that has the city watch stumped.
No Prep Module: Through The Fire And Wave - An interplanar trade route transports goods from the Prime Material to the City of Brass in the Plane of Fire and parts beyond.
No Prep Module: The Fight Of the Fey - Deep under the feywild in the underbog, a war between fey and lizardfolk erupts over a golden egg.
No DM: Secret of the Ooze - Mutated animals are wandering out of the mountains and terrorizing the locals. You must journey to uncover the dark experiments deep within. A new No DM Adventure where nobody has to DM and you can just play!
No Prep Module: The City of Doors - The PCs crash land in Sigil and need to survive within the dangerous city of doors, but quickly find themselves in the middle of many different schemes.
No Prep Module: Ruled By Driders - A floating monastery above a volcano has become the base of operations for a group of outcast driders, and they're holding an entire city in their thrall.
No DM Adventure: The Great Outdoors - A new No DM Adventure where nobody has to DM and you can just play! For this adventure you should use the Gritty Realism rules and treat each room as a day of travel.
No Prep Module: The Mummy Lord - A Mummy Lord has risen from a thousand year slumber deep within the tundra, awakening with it hordes of undead servants and the mummy's curse.
No DM Adventure: Werewolf Cave - A new No DM Adventure where nobody has to DM and you can just play! Investigate the Howling Cave as you try to put a stop to the strange attacks in the countryside.
No DM: Dungeon Crawl - Take a break from DMing and let me DM for you, with this No DM Adventure. All the prep and adventure details are handled automatically, all you need are characters to play!
No Prep One-Shot: Royal Rivalry - The younger brother of a brutal dictator hatches a plot to overthrow her, and their conflict threatens to tear their family and the entire city apart.
No Prep Module: Attack Of The Gods - The deathpact angel Naome is reviled and abused by her peers, both for her disfigured appearance and greed. Posing as a beneficent god, she has lured in mortals with riches to make offerings to her in return for blessings, and her church has taken over as the new state religion.
No Prep Module: The Oathbreaker - A Blackguard has summoned a demonic army to conquer the lands and install himself as the new king, striking from his fortress in an unstable planar oasis.
No Prep Module: Crossing The Styx - The PCs are transported to a layer of the Abyss. This adventure can be used after an unfortunate TPK, when a ritual or spell goes awry, from a portal or portable hole mishap, or part of a larger campaign arc where the PCs need to travel to the Abyss to complete some task.
No Prep Module: The Opera House - The lead performer in the local opera has a dangerous stalker that makes the scenes come to life. A DnD homage to two great operas!
No Prep Module: The Stones of Power - Tired of the oppression that tieflings suffer in the world, Jayme seeks stones of power known to enhance and disrupt magic power, to punish those that would prejudice or seek harm against tieflings and create a better world. A level 6 adventure that can be customized for any level or party size!
No Prep Module: The Valkyrie of War - The border town of Edrath has found itself the center of political tension. In desperation, a priest beseeched the gods for help and was sent a glorious valkyrie for protection. Now, the valkyrie believes the PC's kingdom is corrupt and has made motions to war.
No Prep Module: The Demonic Ritual - The Demon Prince Thalasskoptis has slumbered in the ocean depths for hundreds of years, awoken by the ocean trade of the surface dwellers with a voracious appetite for suffering.
No Prep Module: The Hand of Vecna - An evil vizier has usurped the throne and plans to summon a great evil.
No Prep Module: Corrupted Hero - A former hero is possessed by a demonic sword that's draining his life, and seeks others to drain as well.
No Prep Module: The Dragon Siege - A blue dragon realizes the growth of a nearby city threatens his position of rule, and recruits an army to stop his supply troubles once and for all.
No Prep Module: The Pumpkin Beholder - Jaxuthantern was formed when a previous beholder dreamt of a great and terrible pumpkin, only to awaken and realize his nightmare fully formed.
No Prep Module: Adventures in Time - An eldritch machine malfunctions and sends the PCs hurtling back and forth in time. The PCs have the ability to change the course of history before they jump to the next time-frame.
No Prep Module: Ooze Rancher - A group of halfling ooze farmers sell glass jars filled with oozes. They offer to teach the PCs the tricks of their trade to catch and cultivate oozes of their own.
No Prep Module: Fire Giant Volcano - A group of fire giants that has taken up residence in an inactive volcano. Their activity threatens to awaken the volcano and cause widespread devastation.
No Prep Module: Urban Exploration - Grave robbers working for a necromancer are running out of graves and start looking for easy prey in a large city's different districts.
A Big List Of Wilderness Encounters - A big list of wilderness encounters to use during travel sequences or just dropped in anywhere.
No Prep Module: Mining Expedition - There's a scout corp that explores the underground to find new ore veins. The work is dangerous and the pay is good, but they typically only accept the help of dwarves.
No Prep Module: Crossing The Desert - The PCs need to protect a fragile VIP while crossing a hostile desert before their supplies run out.
No Prep Module: Ogre Problem - A family of Giants have moved into the nearby mountains, forcing the Ogres to move down and attack the villages at the foot of the mountain.
No Prep Module: Aquatic Revolution - The PCs ship is attacked by an army of angry merfolk that are protecting a sacred coral reef.
Campaign Starter: Vampiric Intrigue - A vampire has opened a lucrative business in the royal city, her customers including several high-ranking members of the court. Using her charm and skills of persuasion, the vampire goes on to sell information to the rivals of the nobility (including each other), while feasting on the less prominent customers.
No Prep Module: Flushed Fey - Fey have been stealing wine from a local inn as part of a dark pact.
No Prep Module: Perfect Chimera - Strange, unnatural creatures are appearing in the forest. Some of them are chimeric, some tauric, some simply abominations, but it must be stopped before the entire ecosystem is destroyed.
No Prep Module: Metal Meteor - The party is hired to investigate a fallen meteor that's become an object of planar worship by lizardfolk.
Dungeon Crawl: Thief Guild Ransom - 100 children have been kidnapped, almost all of the children in the village, by a criminal gang and taken into the forest where they're being held for ransom by the thieves guild.
Campaign Starter: Catching the Killer - A series of murders are being committed with the MO of a killer that was already executed.
Free Campaign Starter: Corrupted Nobility - Over the course of the last three weeks, several of the young women of the city have gone missing. The party is hired to look into the mysterious disappearances.
Goblin Adventure - Flex your open world and improv muscles by running a goblin adventure!
No Prep Module: Terror From The Deep - Every 10 years, during the longest night, an island supporting a seaweed covered ruin rises from the water. Terrible monsters emerge every night to terrorize the countryside before the island sinks back beneath the waves a week later.
No Prep Module: Elemental Power - A local crime boss is selling information about a great and powerful gem to the highest bidder. Many adventuring parties want to claim this power for themselves, and whoever comes out on top will discover a power far greater than they could have imagined.
No Prep Module: Demonic Well - A new well is dug in town, but the water smells of brimstone and the animals that drink from it transform into demonic beasts.
No Prep Module: Light and Shadow - The party encounters a goblin explorer. He has a city marked about a day's walk in the direction the party came from. There was no city there, but he insists he saw it when he passed through a few days before.
Free Dungeon: Temple of Shifting Sands - A drought is spreading out from the temple, turning everything into sand.
No-Prep Module: Shipwrecked - The players are shipwrecked on a deserted island, and need to build a raft in order to escape.
No-Prep Module: Undead Plague - The players learn that rat catchers are going missing under the city and a plague is spreading in their absence.
Premium Module: The Beast of the Frozen Wastes Premium Module: The Beast of the Frozen Wastes - Within Winterwatch is one of the world's most prestigious (and difficult to join) Adventurer's Guilds, due to its close proximity to The Ghostly Waste, a massive tundra full of deadly monsters. Westforte is the last stop before a two week journey through a towering fey forest, and the kingdom's frigid yet impressive capital city that lies beyond. This module uses Winterwatch and the surrounding area, focusing on the terrifying monsters of The Ghostly Wastes and the cut-throat politics in a guild of demi-gods.
No-Prep Module: The Bank Heist - The players are tasked with recovering an artifact, key to defeating a powerful lich. There's just one problem: it's stored in the largest bank in the city.
No-Prep Module: Underdark Assault - A city's nearby mines have breached the underdark, and they must now must face an all-out siege from the drow army.
No-Prep Module: Valley of Dinosaurs - This is an outdoor dungeon which means taking a slightly different approach. Instead of strict rooms in a grid, I suggest building large rooms out of battle maps.
No-Prep Module: Scattered Monks - A group of monks have gone into hiding after their monastery is destroyed. The party needs to reunite the monks and rebuild the monastery.
No-Prep Module: Clockwork War Machine - A clockwork war machine attacks the city and the players need to sneak in and blow it up.
No-Prep Module: The Hideous Mountain - A goblin treasure map leads to Hideousmanface Mountain, an actual hideous mountain that has become the object of kuo-toa worship.
No-Prep Module: The Ruined City - Refugees have been driven from their home, now the site of a magical catastrophe. The players must brave the wild magic zone and defeat the monster within.
Free Module: Chaos Erupts - The party must escape a crumbling city as a disaster strikes, but there isn't enough time to save everyone.
Free Module: Smuggling Into Prison - An illegal magic weapons smuggling ring has started operating out of a prison, but another party wants to use it for their own means.
Two Player Module: The Sword of Witchery - An ancient sword of witchery is the only thing that can defeat the legendary beast Baaloch, rumored to live in a tower of ice on the peak of a volcano.
Free Module: The Trial of Chiefs - The party comes across a tribe in the wilderness that will not allow them entry into their sacred woods without completing the trial of the chief.
Play Solo D&D With A Twist - A single player DnD module that you can play alone. Want to play Dungeons and Dragons but have no one to play with? I'll DM for you.
Two Player Adventure: Undead Snakes - A D&D 5e adventure for 1 player and 1 DM. A priest sends a note to the PC for help. His church has been getting attacked every night by undead snake monsters, but none of his holy power or undead wards have been working against them.
Free Module: The Plane of Water - A drought arises and the players must travel to the Plane of Water and battle sahuagin in order to direct a flow into the drying world.
The School of Magic - The PCs are sent to deal with a raiding ogre that turns out to be a gnome illusionist.
Sky Pirates - The party becomes caravan guards for a fleet of airships carrying valuable, flammable cargo.
Eternal Revenge - A dangerous monster has taken up residence inside nearby ruins to the northeast. It has been providing its protection to other monsters in the area, causing local monster populations to grow rapidly. Many travelers and merchants in the area have seen increased attacks, and the hamlet of Elklodge has requested assistance. Caution: cold.
Library of Flying Books - Crowds are gathered around the gleaming new library, but there's something odd and animated about the new books. It needs be under control before the ribbon cutting ceremony. An adventure for 4th-level adventurers.
Primordial Peninsula - The players wash up on a mysterious island full of dinosaurs and dire animals, then begin to transform into similar creatures.
The Ancient Facility - The king's sorcerer has gone rogue and seeks to uncover a massive ancient construct with devastating power. The party is sent to stop him, but in the end the group must choose whether they should destroy the construction or hand it over to the king.
Two Player D&D Module - Are you interested in DMing but are afraid of doing your first attempt in front of a group? Maybe you have a friend that you think might be interested in D&D and are looking for a way to introduce them to the game.
2 Player Module: Wood Elf Rites - Deep within a great forest, homes are built in and around the trees using magic to shape the wood without harming the plant. A town full of wood elves lives here with a deep and ceremonious respect for the woods. After a long year of waiting it's finally time for your rites into adulthood.. A two player adventure for a 2nd-level adventurer.
The Lost Tinkerer - The PCs are sent to find a wizard that has created a thriving business with golems. The mystery they uncover is a tangled web of automation, and a man that has been gone for 20 years.
Dueling Dragons - A young copper dragon believed it to be funny to steal an object from the hoard of a chromatic dragon and hide it in the another chromatic's hoard, laughing as the two chromatic drakes do battle over the landscape. Unfortunately, this causes heavy casualties amongst the poor people that are helplessly stuck between them.
The Underwater Cultists - There's rumor that a cult has some dragon eggs and is performing weird magical experiments on them in a secluded part of the swamp.
Dwarven Empire of the Deep - A dwarven stronghold goes quiet and stops all trade with the outside world. The party goes to find a greater threat coming from below.

Articles [hide]

FAQ - Answers to common questions that come up during gameplay.
Preserved Monster Lore - Just had the content you paid for taken from you without warning or recourse? Here's some handy quick monster lore you can use to help when roleplaying these evil baddies.
Run a Skill Challenge in 5e That Actually Works - How to run a skill challenge / narrative encounter in 5th edition and have it not suck.
How to do Social Encounters - Confused about how to handle social encounters in 5th edition? There are actually rules about it, here's a quick and easy overview.
Reusable Status Rings - An extra, special article for a supporter. A set of plastic condition rings for those that want to spend a little more for nicer status markers than the DIY kind.
How To Choose Your Class Quiz - A simple breakdown of what the classes are and how they play, including a quiz to help determine yours.
You're using Darkvision wrong - If you've played previous editions it can be frustrating having a dark and spooky dungeon in 5th edition as your players frequently remind you that they have darkvision. You might feel like you can't have dark places be interesting anymore, but there's an important caveat that you're missing.
How handle skill checks in D&D - A guide on skill checks: when to call for them, what they mean, and how to handle failure in a way that's fun and interesting.
How to craft magic items in D&D 5e - 5th edition has moved away from the 'everyone must get magic items' of 4th edition and tried to make them difficult to acquire, while still being attainable if there's a specific one you really want.
How To Speed Up Combat - Combat can be one of the most time-consuming parts of your game. If you're feeling like your combats are getting bogged down and you're having players tune out, then try these tips to speed things up and get people engaged again.
How To Choose Your Alignment Quiz - A simple breakdown of what alignment means, and includes a quiz to help determine yours.
Exploring Backstories - Requiring a character's entire history to be set in stone before the game even starts seems unreasonable, and there's nothing that says a character's backstory needs to be some old bit of flavor that sets the character in motion to the real story.
Make Tactical, Memorable Combat - Are those little demigods some call PCs running all over your encounters without breaking a sweat? Maybe they've even had the audacity to call the encounters 'easy.'' 5th edition has really ramped up the power levels of the players, and as the DM you may find it difficult to meaningfully challenge them without making combat 'swingy.'
DM Lessons DM Lessons - Become a better DM with various tricks to make the job easier and the game more engaging for players.
D&D Cheap Miniatures The Ultimate Guide to Cheap Minis - A guide on creating your own effective minis from scratch; create 100 minis for around $15.
Ask Your Players How They Feel - It's a common problem at the table to have players who aren't interested or aren't engaged. How to fix it?
You're Using Traps Wrong - There's a pervasive trend in games with bad traps. Articles and generators presenting poorly made traps, and DMs implementing traps the wrong way.
Reusable Status Markers Reusable Status Effect Markers - A guide on creating your own status markers for your miniatures. Track conditions, bonuses, height, zones, and more easily for about $10.
How does Stealth work? - How and when to use stealth and the rules for resolving it.
Adding Maps and Powers to Skill Challenges - Add tactical options for your players in skill challenges by adding a map and incorporating powers.
Don't Wake Sentries Don't Wake Sentries - A custom skill challenge with board game elements. Spice up your skill encounters.
Embrace Randomness - Get your players engaged and invested in the storyline, make the plot and decisions much more meaningful.
Start with Tragedy - Let's write a memorable campaign intro together in 20 minutes.
In Game Solutions To OOC Problems - D&D is a social game which comes with its own set of social problems. Here are some house rules and mechanics you can adopt to alleviate or nullify some social tensions while at the table.
Types of Players - A quick reference guide to the types of players you'll get in your game and how to deal with them.
Tips To Motivate Your Players - Use these tricks to help motivate your players.
The myth of the adversarial DM - The story of adversarial DMs is a myth, mislabeled at best.
4 Easy Ways to Speed Up Game Prep - DMing can seem like a daunting task because of all the work you have to do just to get ready before the game even starts. Here’s a few ideas to make it easier, faster, and just less work overall.
How To Overcome DM Anxiety - Does the thought of DMing and running a game make you feel anxious? It doesn't have to, just follow these steps.
How To Make a Roleplay Cheat Sheet - A roleplay cheat sheet contains a number of tables you can glance at to quickly put together NPCs, locations, towns, motivations, and plots. This can help during game time when you need to quickly create a character or place from scratch that you weren't able to prep beforehand.
How To Roleplay - Maybe you've never roleplayed before, or you've played a couple games and realized you weren't really contributing to the RP. In either case you're wondering how to get better. It isn't anything particularly special, in fact it's probably less than you think.
What To Do When Players Cancel - It's the situation everyone fears, you've spent all week looking forward and getting ready for D&D and someone cancels. You don't want them to miss out on the cool plot points you've planned out, so do you cancel?
Taking Notes Makes You Like Your Game More - Players and DMs alike take note: taking notes is important for everyone at the table. That means every player and the DM should each be taking their own notes. Why so much redundancy? Isn't one person taking notes enough? The answer is simple: taking notes actually makes you have more fun. Seriously.
Make 3D Dungeon Tiles for $1 - Upgrade from that plain beige battlemat to some nice looking dungeon tiles that'll really make your dungeons pop up from the table. This is a great starter project for crafting your own terrain and the effort-to-value you'll get from it is unmatched.
Fix DM Burnout - Once you're comfortable with DMing, it's important to stay that way and avoid burnout. If you're anxious about DMing then you probably also over-prepare for your games in order to help soothe the anxiety you feel about not being ready or good enough.

Downloads [hide]

Cheat Sheet Crib Sheet - A quick reference sheet detailing modifiers, actions, benefits, conditions, and certain rules.
New Player Character Sheet - A character sheet specifically designed for people who have never played D&D or any tabletop RPG at all.
(4th Edition) Combat Spreadsheet - an Initiative, defenses, hp, and status effect tracker for combat. Based on the initiative results entered, it will tell you who can act. If you use the offline version, you can also enter stealth values to see who is visible. Works in both Excel and OpenOffice.
Download (XLS) | Google Docs
Lightning Rail Tiles – A set of tiles for a lightning rail in Eberron. Print them and glue them on matte board and they'll be right at home with your other tiles. Note the engine is transparent, so either add in a ground tile or cut out the white spaces when using as a tile.
Download (ZIP)
(3rd Edition) Character Builder - An Excel sheet for generating a character.
Download (XLS) | Google Docs

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