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Most of these should be compatible with any version of D&D or other rpgs, but if it's for a specific version it'll say so.

Tools [hide]

D&D Encounter Builder Encounter Builder - Create a level-appropriate combat encounter by adding creatures based on party size, or generate automatically.
Campaign Notes - Keep notes for everything in your campaign. Individual npcs, players, plot lines, all easily categorized.
Dice Roller Dice Roller - Roll any sort of dice, including specialty rolls like brutal weapons or 4d6 drop the lowest. You can also make a group and share dice rolls with others (useful for online games)!
Character Sheet - Create and save a character sheet for 5e D&D to use in your campaigns. You can assign it to a campaign if you create or join one, for your DM and other players to see.
Grid Map - A fully featured combat grid map with custom tokens, backgrounds, stats, and spells with a simple drag and drop interface.
Magic Item Prices - Prices you can use for magic items if you want them to be buyable or sellable in your game.
Skill Definitions - Breakdowns of all the different skills and how to use them.
Saved Generators - Save all your generated content in an easy to browse list with titles and descriptions.
Make Monsters - Create custom stat blocks for monsters and save them for use in your campaigns.
Monster List - Look up D&D monsters by name and CR.
D&D Combat Tracker Combat Tracker - Quickly track combatants and manage their attributes, conditions, and initiative on the fly. Save loadouts to quickly manage groups of PCs or NPCs.
Loot Calculator Character Wealth Calculator - A wealth calculator for determining loot rewards or character gold and items during creation based on party size and level. Has options to display magic items earned or converted into their gp values.
Combat Tracker - Keep track of important PC and NPC stats that you can quickly reference in combat.

Generators [hide]

World Map Generator World Map - Generates a world map with towns, dungeons, and countries. Run the ultimate open-world game in just a single click.
NPC Generator - Generate NPCs for use in your campaigns. Includes attributes, gear, personality, and back-stories.
Town Generator - Generate towns with demographics, detailed shops, and NPC patrons.
Random Plot Hooks Generator - Quest and plot ideas for any adventure.
Random Wandering Monsters - Random monsters found wandering by environment. Useful when you need an encounter while traveling.
Random Dungeon Generator - Randomly generate parts of a dungeon on the fly, pieces are modular and fit together so you can even generate an entire dungeon this way.
Wilderness Travel - Calculate encounters, navigation, foraging, temperature, and weather while traveling in different biomes.
Backstory Generator - Creates detailed families and life histories for characters or NPCs.
Magic Items Generator - Generate random magical weapons, armor, and trinkets with different rarities.
House Map Generator - Generate accurate map layouts for different types of houses complete with furnishings.
Trap Generator - Generate a variety of traps with different danger levels based on your party's level.
Dungeon Map Generator - Generates a dungeon map with detailed encounters, features, and room descriptions.
List of Generated Content - A list of content made on this site's generators that other people like.
Interesting Locations Generator - Generates interesting locales for your world, and ideas for places your players can visit.

Articles [hide]

DM Lessons DM Lessons - Become a better DM with various tricks to make the job easier and the game more engaging for players.
D&D Cheap Miniatures The Ultimate Guide to Cheap Minis - A guide on creating your own effective minis from scratch; create 100 minis for around $15.
Ask Your Players How They Feel - It's a common problem at the table to have players who aren't interested or aren't engaged. How to fix it?
You're Using Traps Wrong - There's a pervasive trend in games with bad traps. Articles and generators presenting poorly made traps, and DMs implementing traps the wrong way.
Free Module: Sky Pirates - The party becomes caravan guards for a fleet of airships carrying valuable, flammable cargo.
Free Module: Eternal Revenge - A dangerous monster has taken up residence inside nearby ruins to the northeast. It has been providing its protection to other monsters in the area, causing local monster populations to grow rapidly. Many travelers and merchants in the area have seen increased attacks, and the hamlet of Elklodge has requested assistance. Caution: cold.
Free Module: Library of Flying Books - Crowds are gathered around the gleaming new library, but there's something odd and animated about the new books. It needs be under control before the ribbon cutting ceremony. An adventure for 4th-level adventurers.
Free Module: Primordial Peninsula - The players wash up on a mysterious island full of dinosaurs and dire animals, then begin to transform into similar creatures.
Reusable Status Markers Reusable Status Effect Markers - A guide on creating your own status markers for your miniatures. Track conditions, bonuses, height, zones, and more easily for about $10.
How does Stealth work? - How and when to use stealth and the rules for resolving it.
Adding Maps and Powers to Skill Challenges - Add tactical options for your players in skill challenges by adding a map and incorporating powers.
Don't Wake Sentries Don't Wake Sentries - A custom skill challenge with board game elements. Spice up your skill encounters.
Embrace Randomness - Get your players engaged and invested in the storyline, make the plot and decisions much more meaningful.
Start with Tragedy - Let's write a memorable campaign intro together in 20 minutes.
In Game Solutions To OOC Problems - D&D is a social game which comes with its own set of social problems. Here are some house rules and mechanics you can adopt to alleviate or nullify some social tensions while at the table.
Types of Players - A quick reference guide to the types of players you'll get in your game and how to deal with them.
Mini Module: The Ancient Facility - The king's sorcerer has gone rogue and seeks to uncover a massive ancient construct with devastating power. The party is sent to stop him, but in the end the group must choose whether they should destroy the construction or hand it over to the king.
Tips To Motivate Your Players - Use these tricks to help motivate your players.
The myth of the adversarial DM - The story of adversarial DMs is a myth, mislabeled at best.
Two Player D&D Module - Are you interested in DMing but are afraid of doing your first attempt in front of a group? Maybe you have a friend that you think might be interested in D&D and are looking for a way to introduce them to the game.
4 Easy Ways to Speed Up Game Prep - DMing can seem like a daunting task because of all the work you have to do just to get ready before the game even starts. Here’s a few ideas to make it easier, faster, and just less work overall.
How To Overcome DM Anxiety - Does the thought of DMing and running a game make you feel anxious? It doesn't have to, just follow these steps.
2p Module: Wood Elf Rites - Deep within a great forest, homes are built in and around the trees using magic to shape the wood without harming the plant. A town full of wood elves lives here with a deep and ceremonious respect for the woods. After a long year of waiting it's finally time for your rites into adulthood.. A two player adventure for a 2nd-level adventurer.
Make a Roleplay Cheat Sheet - A roleplay cheat sheet contains a number of tables you can glance at to quickly put together NPCs, locations, towns, motivations, and plots. This can help during game time when you need to quickly create a character or place from scratch that you weren't able to prep beforehand.

Downloads [hide]

Cheat Sheet Crib Sheet - A quick reference sheet detailing modifiers, actions, benefits, conditions, and certain rules.
New Player Character Sheet - A character sheet specifically designed for people who have never played D&D or any tabletop RPG at all.
(4th Edition) Combat Spreadsheet - an Initiative, defenses, hp, and status effect tracker for combat. Based on the initiative results entered, it will tell you who can act. If you use the offline version, you can also enter stealth values to see who is visible. Works in both Excel and OpenOffice.
Download (XLS) | Google Docs
Lightning Rail Tiles – A set of tiles for a lightning rail in Eberron. Print them and glue them on matte board and they'll be right at home with your other tiles. Note the engine is transparent, so either add in a ground tile or cut out the white spaces when using as a tile.
Download (ZIP)
(3rd Edition) Character Builder - An Excel sheet for generating a character.
Download (XLS) | Google Docs

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