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Some of these should be compatible with most versions of D&D, but any case rules are involved, assume 4th edition unless otherwise stated.

Tools [hide]

D&D Encounter Builder Encounter Builder - Create a level-appropriate combat encounter by adding creatures from the compendium (or your own).
D&D Combat Tracker Combat Tracker - Quickly track combatants and manage their attributes, conditions, and initiative on the fly. Save loadouts to quickly manage groups of PCs or NPCs.
Dice Roller Dice Roller - Roll any sort of dice, including specialty rolls like brutal weapons or 4d6 drop the lowest. You can also make a group and share dice rolls with others (useful for online games)!
Loot Calculator Character Wealth Calculator - A wealth calculator for determining loot rewards or character gold and items during creation based on party size and level. Has options to display magic items earned or converted into their gp values.

Generators [hide]

NPC Generator - Generate NPCs for use in your campaigns. Includes attributes, gear, personality, and back-stories.
Town Generator - Generate towns with demographics, detailed shops, and NPC patrons.
Random Plot Hooks Generator - Quest and plot ideas for any adventure.
Random Wandering Monsters - Random monsters found wandering by environment. Useful when you need an encounter while traveling.
Random Dungeon Generator - Randomly generate parts of a dungeon on the fly, pieces are modular and fit together so you can even generate an entire dungeon this way.
Magic Items Generator - Generate random magical weapons, armor, and trinkets with different rarities.

Articles [hide]

D&D Cheap Miniatures The Ultimate Guide to Cheap Minis - A guide on creating your own effective minis from scratch; create 100 minis for around $15.
Adding Maps and Powers to Skill Challenges - Add tactical options for your players in skill challenges by adding a map and incorporating powers.
Reusable Status Markers Reusable Status Effect Markers - A guide on creating your own status markers for your miniatures. Track conditions, bonuses, height, zones, and more easily for about $10.
How does Stealth work? - How and when to use stealth and the rules for resolving it.
Don't Wake Sentries Don't Wake Sentries - A custom skill challenge with board game elements. Spice up your skill encounters.
DM Lessons DM Lessons - Become a better DM with various tricks to make the job easier and the game more engaging for players.

Downloads [hide]

Cheat Sheet Crib Sheet - A quick reference sheet detailing modifiers, actions, benefits, conditions, and certain rules.
Combat Spreadsheet - an Initiative, defenses, hp, and status effect tracker for combat. Based on the initiative results entered, it will tell you who can act. If you use the offline version, you can also enter stealth values to see who is visible. Works in both Excel and OpenOffice.
Download (XLS) | Google Docs
Lightning Rail Tiles – A set of tiles for a lightning rail in Eberron. Print them and glue them on matte board and they'll be right at home with your other tiles. Note the engine is transparent, so either add in a ground tile or cut out the white spaces when using as a tile.
Download (ZIP)
(3rd Edition) Character Builder - An Excel sheet for generating a character.
Download (XLS) | Google Docs

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