How To Choose Your Class Quiz

Artificer. Create turrets or potions to kill monsters for you and craft your own magic item. Squishy, high damage, complicated to play.

Barbarian. Get angry to hit things very hard and get hit very hard. Tanky, high damage, simple to play.

Bard. Perform to help your friends and hinder your enemies, good at talking to people. Squishy, utility and support, complicated to play.

Blood Hunter. Hurt yourself in order to hurt others more and hope they die first. Somewhat squishy with self-harm, high damage and utility, moderately complicated to play.

Cleric. Perform miracles with high versatility, can do a little bit of everything. Tanky, moderate damage + support + utility, moderately complicated to play.

Druid. Transform into animals and control the elements of nature. Tanky (with animal forms), high utility and support, complicated to play.

Fighter. The key to victory is attacking a lot with big weapons and wearing big armor. Tanky, high damage, simple to play.

Monk. Use fantasy martial arts to land a flurry of blows and stun your opponents. Somewhat squishy, high damage and mobility, relatively easy to play.

Paladin. Crusade against the corrupt as an unstoppable warrior for your god, high resistance and good at talking to people. Tanky, limited burst damage, relatively easy to play.

Ranger. Be Legolas, an expert marksman and tracker that befriends animals. Moderate survivability, moderate damage and utility, moderately complicated to play.

Rogue. Sneak around unseen, disarming traps and picking locks, and stealing everything in sight. Moderate survivability, high damage and high utility, relatively easy to play.

Sorcerer. Some people are just born magic and can bend it to their will, good at talking to people. Squishy, high damage and utility, complicated to play.

Warlock. Make a pact with Cthulhu for great power while he slowly drives you insane, can be good at talking to people if sane. Squishy, high damage, simple to play.

Wizard. Study the mysteries of magic and then unleash them. Squishy, high damage and utility, complicated to play.


The orc stronghold is heavily fortified, how do you proceed?

Your contact at the tavern won't give up the info you need for free, what do you do?

In combat do you prefer to be in the front or in the back?

How would you deal with a corrupt noble?

The corridor is trapped, how do you deal with it?

What do you think of magic?

What's your favorite reward?

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