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The party enters into a large 60’ circular room with a high ceiling. The walls are constructed with stone bricks and there are torches in between various weapons that are on the wall. They are all lit. In the middle is a statue of a knight wearing plate armor, a helmet and holding his arms out with his palms facing upward. There is an engraving on a plaque at his feet that says “Bring to me the greatest weapon, that kings covet, puts warriors to ruin, and ends all battles.”

  • Deathbringer - Warhammer, Bright yellow with leather handle, 1d6 bludgeoning, 7gp
  • Oath Shatterer - Great Sword, Blood red with Elvish inscriptions, 1d8 slashing, 30gp
  • Mercy Climber - Glaive, Bright blue blade with black leather braided handle, 1d8 slashing, 11gp
  • Giant Toe - Maul, Giant’s skull with mouth open and maul protruding, 1d8 bludgeoning, 5gp
  • Peacemaker - Longsword, Rusted with olive branch wrapped around it, 1d6, 9gp
  • Kingslayer - Morningstar, Black handle with milk white head sculpted with face, 1d6 piercing, 9gp
Putting any weapon in the hand of the statue causes it to become an animated weapon that attacks. Among the weapons is a sword called “Peacemaker” with an olive branch wrapped around the rusted blade. Placing the olive branch in the hand of the statue solves the puzzle.
--Mysterious Monuments


The party take a long rest in a room with a mysterious painting. The landscape artwork gives off a strong neutral magic aura, but is mundane to the senses. When the players sleep in the room with the painting, they find themselves trapped in the landscape the painting showed. Also in this environment are creatures, all of which possess small bottles of strange, clear, strong-smelling liquid.

The players are trapped inside a magical painting. The liquid in the bottles is turpentine. Splashing the liquid on any player or creature/NPC in the painted world causes them to take a high amount of acid damage. If a player is reduced to 0 HP by this acid damage, they are freed from the trap and awake normally in the room where they fell asleep.


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