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The room is a dark stone cylindrical room that is 30’ tall. In the middle is a very large iron cauldron that is filled with dirty water. The cauldron has a door on it that a gnome or halfling would fit within. Along the wall every 5’ and in random positions around the room are 24” openings that are barred shut, and about 12” deep. They all have random trinkets mysteriously placed or left in them, and anyone but a human, dwarf or half-orc can reach through and grab the trinkets.

  • Glass globe of murky water with a swimming worm inside.
  • Stone-carved and painted figurine of a tarrasque.
  • 50’ of rope that glows faintly, but cannot hold a knot.
  • Key ring with several gold and silver locks, but no keys.
  • Wooden puzzle piece that is solid blue.
When the party enters the room, the floor begins to raise to the ceiling slowly. The cauldron stops the floor from hitting the ceiling and crushing the party. If the party moistens the ceiling or lights a fire underneath the cauldron to create steam, the cauldron will weaken the hardened dirt ceiling and reveal an opening into the next room.
--Mysterious Monuments


The PCs see before them an altar surrounded by nine pedestals. Each pedestal has a different stone statuette, and the altar looks to have indentations for three of these statuettes to fit into. The statuettes are: man with abacus, a smith w/ hammer and forge, warrior with spear, warrior with bow, a prostitute, a bear, an apple, a rooster, and a quill. Interacting with the altar or pedestals in any way causes a voice to relay the following: “You who wish to be rewarded; choose the three that keep things sorted (/sordid/sworded.)” The important part is that I only read the clue one time, because the word 'sorted' is a Heterography Homophone: sorted, sordid, sworded. The correct answer is: man with abacus, smith, and prostitute.


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