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The room is massive at nearly 200’ long and 100’ wide. One half of the room looks like it is in a cave with cavernous floor, ceiling and walls. There are massive eroded holes that look like a family of foxes or bats live in there. On the other side of the room it is cobbled with gray paver stones. The floor meets the wall and goes right up to a ceiling that is built with hard and thick alderwood. There are torches along the wall, but only two are lit.

Along the way the party notices remains of several direwolves, resting along the stone wall on the left side. They have been dead for weeks now. The exiting door in the entrance room has a face of a gnoll or wolf-like creature with his mouth wide open. The players will need to put something in its mouth to use as a knocker in order to open the door. (Chain link, horseshoe, etc.)

--Mysterious Monuments


In the center of this room is a pedestal where 3 potions lay atop, a crossed the door way is a mirror, if the rack of potions are disturbed the door immediately disappears, and the words “Enter twice, leave once” appear over the mirror. The door will reappear if the potions are returned or the mirror is covered. The solution is that the players need to enter then some how disrupt the mirror so as it does not reflect the door way and the door will reappear.


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