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Campaigns allow multiple people to share and use a single dice roller. All rolls are logged to the group so you can see who rolled what and what the result was. Useful for play-by-post or email!

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1d20Rolls a 20-sided die. The first number is the amount of dice and the second is the number of faces on each die.
2d20+5Rolls two 20-sided dice and adds 5 to them.
d10-d4Rolls a 10-sided die and a 4-sided die and subtracts the two.
5*d100Rolls a 100-sided die and multiplies the result by 5.
d6+d6+d6+d6-lowRolls four 6-sided dice and subtracts the lowest result.
d20+d20-highRolls two 20-sided dice and subtracts the highest result. 5e Disadvantage, to use Advantage you can do d20+d20-low.
d6r2Rolls a 6-sided die and will reroll on a result of 2 or lower.
d20+5;d8+3Use a semicolon to make multiple rolls at once.

Input any sort of dice string you wish to roll followed by any valid arithmetic. Syntax is: [number of dice]d[number of sides on die][arithmetic]. Some examples separated by commas: d6, 1d20+5, 1d4+(5-2)/2, 3d8-6+2, d10+5+1d8, 5*1d100

You can also use "low" or "high" to use the lowest/highest dice roll in your result. For example, for 4d6 drop the lowest: d6+d6+d6+d6-low

You can reroll dice below a certain amount (like for rolling brutal weapons in D&D 4e) syntax is #d#r# where the third # is the number to reroll on. Some examples: d8r2+5, 2d6r1

If you register on the left, you can create a campaign, which allows a group of people to share a single dice roller. After creating a campaign, you can add usernames to your group, and they'll be able to access and use an instance of that dice roller. Whenever anyone in your group makes a roll it will be broadcasted to the entire group, and show who rolled and what they rolled. If you run a pbp, pbe, or any sort of online game where the DM primarily needs to resolve the rolls for everyone, you can use a campaign to allow the players to roll instead since they won't be able to fake their results in the dice generator or hide rerolls.

When rolling in a campaign you can optionally specify a description of your roll to broadcast to other players, and/or select a target to roll against. The targets are set by the group owner, and their number value cannot be seen by the players. When you roll against a target, a roll above the taget amount will be a 'hit,' while a roll below will be a 'fail.' Using these allows your players to know if they've succeeded or not right away, without necessarily telling them the number they need to roll. It's up to you to decide how to determine the target numbers and what a hit or fail means.

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