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May 24 Elemental Accumulation - Weekly Devlogs

New customization options and alchemical research.

I'm moving towards a slightly different system for research, where instead of dictating what you need to craft to research new recipes, you can choose and experiment with whatever you can find. So now whenever you break down an item on the Alchemy Table you gain a certain amount of elemental energy that's displayed on the screen. It can't be used yet (next week's update), but you can accumulate it now so you'll have a nice cache to work with for the next update.

The customization options are back in with the new character model. You can adjust all sorts of new things too with chest and belly sliders, cheeks, ears, nose, chin, and mouth which allows for a wide range of different body and face shapes

Patch Notes
* Breaking down new items at an Alchemy Table will now give you different elemental energy which is displayed on the Alchemy screen
* Added instructions to alchemy bench
* Added effect for drowning
* Added customize slider for eyebrow rotation, eyebrow size, mouth size
* Added customization sliders for chin size, height, and depth
* Added back in eye color and clothing color customization for new model

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May 9 New Player Model - Weekly Devlogs

The new player model is here!

You can now select the new female model when making your character, and if you were the default female avatar before you'll be the new one. It's still in progress, some things are not done, and I've had to disable certain character customization options while working on the new ones, but it's done enough to make it playable in the new build.

Since the male model isn't done yet the other characters will still be there, so there will be a bit of a weird disconnect until then. All the customization options, facial expressions, etc need to be completely redone for the new model, so I'll be working on getting those back online in the meantime. Still, big step! I think she looks a lot better.

You'll also notice a lot more trees. Not only is there more trees in the world in general, but you can see them from really far away now too.

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May 1 New Look Peek - Weekly Devlogs

Just a small update this week with a peek at the new character.

Just a small update this week. I was working on implementing the new character model but it had some face issues so that didn't make it in. So instead there are some bug fixes and FPS optimizations. I also improved the look of distant terrain some so it's less blurry. Here's a picture:

When I put the new character model in she looked a bit gormless, so I've needed to add a whole bunch of new facial bones that can be moved around to give actual expressions. Since I was using flat anime-style eyes and mouths before it requires pretty much a total redo of the facial expression system. There's also a lot of work involved in taking it from "creepy doll" to "that's a person" and it's something I've never done before so there's a lot of learning involved. I'll also likely need a whole new set of animations that fit with the more realistic bone structure. Anyway, this has all been going on in the background of the past several updates. I think her outfit is nice though, so here's a peek at that:

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