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April 18 Well Rested - Weekly Devlogs

Rogue Legend 2's newest update adds an all new set of rested buffs, craftable windmills, and even greater housery.

When you sleep at a bed at the end of a day you'll get a new set of rested buffs for the following day:

* Tree Bulldozer lets you knock over trees by bouncing off them. 
* Great Hugs makes your hugs super-powered to make your animals happy and give you speed boosts.
* Deadly Hunter gives you huge critical hits against enemies.
* Popular Shop GREATLY increases the amount of customers your shop gets.
* Weirdly Hyper makes you move around super fast.
* Gone Fishing improves all your fishing stats and makes it much easier to attract fish.
* Speed Grow lets you harvest or water your plants by running over them.
* Rock Breaker lets you dig and mine quickly with your bare hands.

If you were feeling jealous about the town's windmill you can now craft your own at a Tinker Table.

There's also new half blocks for the plaster house tileset for more gradually sloped roofs. What better way to showcase all these nice block changes than with MORE HOUSES!!

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March 27 Like a finer grit sandpaper - Weekly Devlogs

Bunch of fixes and gameplay tweaks this week based on playtest data

Ummm... that's it! Next I will be working on art and finally getting rid of the many placeholders. Once that and the new player models are done we'll be ready for beta.

Patch Notes
* Fixed flight/swim controls
* Kilns can now be made with sandstone or marble
* Fixed size of Haggle and Research screen
* Fixed a few error messages
* Entomology now requires a snail
* Caves should no longer engulf parts of town
* Added loading overlay when you manage to enter a part of the world that's not ready yet
* Fixed hole on bottom of juvenile trees
* Fixed a quest formatting issue
* Fixed not being able to see money
* Fixed sometimes not holding a torch or other item in your primary hand when it's selected
* Moved up alchemy screen a bit to make it easier to navigate when backpack open
* Increased tooltip size when in first person
* Fixed weird doorway entrances
* Made Lola's house a bit more historically accurate
* Fixed an error message
* Added tip for climbing
* Fixed villagers sometimes not moving
* Removed decimals from damage text

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March 20 Smoothing the Edges - Weekly Devlogs

This week was mainly spent on performance optimizations.

I've gotten to around 60 fps in town and 90 fps in the wilderness, so pretty good overall! There will be another performance bump when the new character models are in, which are progressing steadily. We're currently doing finishing touches on the base outfit, after which will be implementation and customization. Depending on how the timing goes there may be a period where there's only one gender.

I've also been going over playtest and feedback data and making changes. Trying to find spots where new players get stuck and generally smoothing out the experience as you find your feet. If there's anything you found particularly confusing or annoying during your first time, let me know!

Once these bits of polish and feedback are done, and the new character models are in, we'll be moving on to beta at which point content updates will resume. Look forward to it!

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