Wandering Monster Generator

Generate random monsters found while wandering the wilderness. Levels and difficulties will be random, but will median towards CR 2. Feel free to reroll (refresh) if the CR doesn't match the party, but wilderness hazards work best when it's a mix of creatures that are weaker/stronger than the PCs. Instead, try tuning the amount of monsters encountered so that the sum CR more closely matches the party (minimum 1). This also doesn't mean the monster will be hostile or notice the PCs.

MorningNo Encounter
AfternoonNo Encounter
EveningNo Encounter
NightNo Encounter


Faerie dragon (yellow or younger) (CR 1, 200 XP)


Ogre (CR 2, 450 XP)


Mule (CR 1/8, 25 XP)


Gnoll (CR 1/2, 100 XP)


Blood hawk (CR 1/8, 25 XP)


Young bronze dragon (CR 8, 3900 XP)


Drider (CR 6, 2300 XP)


Hobgoblin captain (CR 3, 700 XP)


Orc (CR 1/2, 100 XP)


Griffon (CR 2, 450 XP)


Reef shark (CR 1/2, 100 XP)


1 hostile feyr

Astral Sea

1 friendly archmage using the astral projection spell

Spelljammer Encounter

Wasp ship Adventure, abandoned and adrift (its spelljamming helm is still aboard)

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