D&D 5e Crib Sheet

A combat cheat sheet detailing modifiers, actions, benefits, conditions, and certain rules. Looking for 4th edition? It's here

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Turn Anatomy [hide]

Your turn: 1 each: Move, Interact, Action, Bonus Action, Reaction

Move: Up to speed, can split within any actions, even between attacks. Difficult terrain costs double. Climb, swim, crawl at half speed. Jump needs 10ft running start. Jump upto your STR score in feet horizontal or jump up to 3 + STR mod vertical.

Attack: d20, on 20 always hit and crit, on 1 always miss. Proficiency + STR/DEX mod. If >= AC, hit. Roll damage + STR/DEX mod. If crit, roll again and add.
Cast Spell: As Attack, but always proficient, add spellcasting ability mod instead, but not to damage.
Dash: Move your speed, effectively a double move.
Disengage: Your movement does not provoke opportunity attacks.
Dodge: Gain Advantage on DEX save. Attacks against you have disadvantage. Cannot have 0 speed or be incapacitated.
Grapple: Athletics vs their Athletics or Acrobatics (their choice). Costs 1 attack. Cannot be 2 sizes bigger than you, must be within reach.
Escape: Athletics or Acrobatics vs their Athletics to escape Grapple.
Help: Target gains advantage on next ability check before next turn.
Hide: Stealth to become hidden.
Improvise: Any other action. Break down door, intimidate, throw jar, etc.
Ready: Ready an Action with a trigger. When trigger occurs, use Reaction to perform.
Search: Make a Perception or Investigation check (DM choice).
Shove: As Grapple, but success knocks target prone or push 5 feet.
Stabilize: Use Healer's Kit or Medicine check DC10 to stabilize dying target.

Interactions: Draw/sheathe item, open/close door, get from pack, pick up, hand item to someone, throw lever/switch, turn key in lock.

Conditions [hide]

Disadvantage: Roll twice, use lower. -5 to passive skills.
Blind: Fail sight checks. Disadvantage on attacks. Attackers have Advantage.
Charmed: Cannot attack or target charmer with harmful effects. Has Advantage with social checks on you.
Deaf: Fail any check using hearing.
Frighten: Disadvantage on actions while can see source of fright. Cannot willingly move towards them/it.
Grappled: Speed is 0. Ends if grappler incapacitated, past reach, or fail check.
Incapacitated: Cannot take actions.
Invisible: Heavily obscured for stealth. Advantage on attacks, attackers have Disadvantage.
Paralyzed: Incapacitated. Fail STR and DEX saves. Attackers have Advantage and crit if within 5ft.
Petrified: Weight x10 and stop aging. Unconscious. Resistant to all damage. Immune to poison and disease.
Poisoned: Disadvantage on attacks and ability checks.
Prone: Can only crawl. Disadvantage on attacks. Attackers have Advantage within 5ft, else have Disadvantage. Spend half movement to stand.
Restrained: Speed is 0. Disadvantage on attacks and DEX saves. Attackers have Advantage.
Squeezing: Become 1 size smaller for movement. Movement costs double. Disadvantage on attack / DEX saves. Attackers have Advantage.
Stable: 0 HP and Unconscious, but no death saves. Any damage stops being Stable. Ends when HP above 0, or regain 1 HP after 1d4 hours.
Stunned: Incapacitated and cannot move. Speech impaired. Fail STR and DEX saves. Attackers have Advantage.
Unconscious: Incapaciated, cannot move/speak, unaware. Drop items and fall prone. Fail STR and DEX saves. Attackers have Advantage and crit if within 5 ft.
Vulnerable: Take double damage.

Benefits [hide]

Advantage: Roll twice, use better. +5 to passive skills.
Half: +2 AC / DEX saves.
3/4: +5 AC / DEX saves.
Total: Cannot be directly targeted.
Immune: Take no damage.
Incorporeal: Resistance against nonmagical damage. Can move through creatures and objects if movement ends in empty space.
Resistance: Take half damage.

Special Rules [hide]

Dying: At 0 HP, fall unconscious. Each turn, make death save, d20 on 10+ succeed, else fail. 3 success you stabilize, 3 fails you die. A 1 counts as 2 fails, a 20 you regain 1 HP and consciousness. Taking damage adds a failure, if it's a crit it's 2 failures. If negative HP equals total HP, you die.
Fall: Take 1d6 bludgeoning per 10 ft (max 20d6). Fall prone when taking damage.
Inspiration: DM gives for good roleplay. Spend to gain Advantage on attack, saving throw, or check.
Long Rest: Full night rest. Regain spells, HP, half your total hit dice, and class resources.
Move Through: You can move through an ally's space always, or move through an enemy's space if you're 2+ sizes smaller than them. Both are Difficult Terrain.
Opportunity Attack: When enemy within reach moves away, use Reaction to make a melee attack.
Passive Check: Ability check without roll. Equal to 10 + Ability mod + Proficiency + Dis/Advantage.
Proficient: Add your Proficiency Bonus to any rolls for this skill/weapon/save/etc.
Short Rest: An hour of rest. Can spend Hit Dice to recover HP.
Two Weapon: Bonus Action to uselight offhand weapon. No positiveability mod to damage.

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