Jump Height and Distance Calculator for D&D 5e

Strength Score:
feet inches
Dexterity Score:
PHB p182

Standing Jump

Long Jump: 5 feet horizontal. High Jump: 1.5 feet vertical.
Maximum Reach: 10.5 feet up.

10-Foot Running Start

Long Jump: 10 feet horizontal. High Jump: 3 feet vertical.
Maximum Reach: 12 feet up.


May need a DC 10 Athletics (Str) check to jump over, but not taller than 2.5 feet.
Difficult Terrain may need a DC 10 Acrobatics (Dex) check to not land prone.


You can jump your Strength Score horizontally with a 10ft run-up, or half that without. Vertically it's 3+Strength Modifier with run, half without.

In general you can't jump further than your remaining movement (you can combine with Dash) in a single turn, but your DM may allow an Athletics (Str) check to push beyond. Jumping counts as movement, so it still provokes opportunity attacks. You also still take falling damage, so watch where you leap.

All Modifiers

  • Grung race (OGA p4) have a minimum 25ft long jump and 15ft high jump.
  • Satyr race (MOT p24, MPMM p29) add a d8 to all jumps.
  • Jump spell (PHB p254) triples your jump distance for a minute.
  • Control Winds spell (XGE p152) can create an updraft that increases jump height by 10ft.
  • Haste or Longstrider spell (PHB p250, p256) increases the max distance you can jump in a turn.
  • Barbarians (Totem Warrior, SCAG p122) can use Tiger Spirit at level 3 to add 10ft to long jumps and 3ft to high jumps.
  • Fighters (Champion, PHB p72) increase their long jump by their Strength modifier at level 7.
  • Monks (PHB p76) can use Step of the Wind to Dash as a bonus action and double their jump distance.
  • Rogues (Thief, PHB p97) increase their running jump by their Dexterity modifier at level 3.
  • Wizards (Graviturgy, EGW p185) can use Adjust Density to halve or double jump distance at level 2.
  • Warlocks can take Eldritch Invocation: Otherworldy Leap (PHB p111) to cast Jump at-will.
  • Athlete feat (PHB p165) allows you to make a running jump in 5ft instead of 10ft.
  • Ring of Jumping (DMG p191) lets you cast Jump at-will.
  • Boots of Striding and Springing (DMG p156) triple your jump distance.
  • Teeth of Dahlver-Nar (TCE p135) allows you to roll a d20: on an 8 your minimum long-jump becomes 30ft and high jump becomes 15ft.

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