New Player Character Sheet for 5th Edition

I've run quite a few games with brand new players who knew absolutely nothing about D&D or tabletop RPGs or even roleplaying at all. Typically I describe it to them as improv with some rules for realism and a narrator, which is the DM. That seems to do the trick to get them to understand and get excited about playing. Then I hand them a character sheet and all the color drains out of their face as they see a dizzying matrix of numbers and math and terms they've never heard of before. What was genuine excitement before is replaced with a "maybe I'll just watch."

How I generally manage to salvage the situation is telling them to ignore huge swaths of the sheet and only focus on the simple lists and character descriptors. I also decided to make this sheet, with the parts players will actually want to focus on at the top, and leaving the stuff that honestly only the DM needs to care about at the bottom for reference.

Download (PNG)

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