No Prep Module: Scattered Monks for D&D or RPGs

This adventure can be run as a level 7 adventure for 5 players, or can be easily customized to a party of any size or level. It can work as a small side adventure in an existing campaign, as a standalone one-shot, or the start of a new adventure. Use the links to the tools in their relevant section to customize the adventure to your party.

  • The players stop at a renowned monastery, either because they need the help of the monks for a different task relevant to your campaign, or as a sightseeing destination on their travels.
  • The monastery has a small hamlet nearby: Sedge Plains, with the fortress being the monastery.

The Monastery


You come to the site of the monastery, and see a structure in need of repair. Chunks of the wall have fallen into piles of rubble, and many of the wooden structures are scorched or smashed. Torn cloth blows gently in the wind, and chimes can be heard echoing in the distance, though a couple of chimes lay broken on the ground. Through the large stone doors, the inside of the monastery is empty and quiet, save for the occasionally dripping coming from a crack in the roof. At the back of the monastery is a prayer area, where a lone monk sits in quiet contemplation.

  • The monastery is destroyed, and all the monks gone except for one.
  • The remaining monk Bethrynna Ilphelkiir tells how the temple was destroyed by a warring kingdom, and the other monks were driven into hiding.
  • She'll ask the party to find and reunite her scattered monks, hoping to rebuild the monastery and continue their teachings.
  • The hamlet as well would like to see the monastery restored, as the visitors it attracts are good for trade.
  • The monk and nearby village can all pitch in for a suitable reward (around 200-400 gp depending on your party).

Find the missing monks

  • You may want to accelerate the timescale and treat this more like a traveling montage, stopping at each city and encounter as they travel.
  • Let the players come up with their own plans and ideas on how they want to track down the missing monks. Have them roll relevant skill checks for their plan and the players that roll the highest will have their approach work, while the others... not so much.

Travel Locations

  • Each time the party travels to a new city or distant location, choose a random event from the list below. If you need more, the Wilderness Travel and Exotic Locations generators can help.

Random Events

  • A monster's lair within a wild magic zone. A monk could be held captive.
  • Traveling performers putting on plays of the party's exploits, mistake the party for their actors and hurry them on stage to reenact one of their famous moments
  • A traveling merchant selling standard equipment at 10% over book price.
  • Ramparts, high hills, and trenches filled with water that stretch for mile marking the location an ancient battlefield. It has grown over. A monk Isabella Suithrasas could be staying within the abandoned ramparts and has decided to become a druid.
  • A copse of trees growing in a single spot on an otherwise barren mountain. Unbeknownst to the world, it is the burial place of a great wizard of earthen magics. It is watched over by a trio of stone golems and a handful of slumbering treants to guard the immense knowledge held within the tomb. A monk (Kr√Ľk Blakeley) could have joined the protectors.



  • Many of the monks can be found within cities, so choose random towns from the list below.
  • A coastal town within a valley. The area shifts frequently between hot and cold, with icy parts broken up by hot spots. Ladyleon, the monk (Dworic Deepdelver) can be found at the grand temple and has grown accustomed to the luxuries of a rich temple.
  • A stronghold in the mountains. Many of the trees are instead giant mushrooms. Cardvale, the monk (Senteq Silverthread) has become an artist that makes terrible paintings.
  • City on a frigid tundra. The air seems iridescent, causing everything to be tinted with a kaleidoscope of colors. Hartside, the monk (Arannis Caphaxath) spends most of his time drunk at the tavern.

Once Reunited

  • Once enough monks have been found (3-4 is good, but you can do more if you want), the monks approach the party and thank for the PC's help in reuniting them. As a gift, they're presented with a Ring of Jumping.

Return to the Monastery

As you crest the hill back to Sedge Plains, you find the hamlet in ruins. Most of the buildings have been looted or destroyed, and none of the inhabitants are in the streets. Several fires can be seen from the monastery, but not because it's burning. A war camp has been constructed on the site of the monastery, building up a reinforced position on top of the stone walls. There are sentries posted up in towers and on walkways.

  • Unless the players had been traveling cautiously (slow pace with stealth) then they'll be spotted by the sentries as soon as they spot the war camp.
  • The raiders have returned and taken the original monk hostage within the temple after destroying the hamlet.
  • The raiders aren't actually soldiers from the neighboring kingdom, but mercenaries hired by them.
  • Shortly after spotting the PCs, an attack force will be sent out after them. You can use this for the encounter: Assault Force

Assault the war camp

  • The other monks will offer to help, and join the PCs in their assault on the temple, now fortified with defenses.
  • Approaching the camp directly will result in a hail of arrows as long as the PCs can be seen by the ramparts.
  • The camp itself uses the monastery's stone doors for for the entrance, with additional wooden walls built on top. They can be scaled, but if spotted the PCs will be attacked.
  • The stone door will be braced from behind with logs, able to withstand substantial abuse without budging.
  • Once the players figure out a way inside and make some good skill checks, they can attack the camp's leader.

After the battle

  • Once the war camp is defeated, the temple and hamlet are rebuilt by the survivors.
  • The players can stick around and help rebuild if they wish, or move on. Either way, they're hailed as heroes.

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