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This is a module that you can play without needing anyone else! The rules are pretty simple: create or choose a character below and press the begin button. If you want to create your character instead of using a premade one, you should read the 5e Basic Rules first. Once you start, click on the link you want your character to do and follow all instructions provided. Don't use your browser's history, and don't cheat! Make sure to follow all the requirements and limitations of your abilities. D&D only works when you go along with the consequences of your actions, you won't have any fun otherwise. Skill checks are handled automatically, and will occur when you attempt to do something with a chance of failure. If you have a special ability on your character that allows rerolls, then you can mark that ability on your sheet to use it and refresh the page to re-roll the check. All abilities will have requirements or a limited amount you can use, so try not to waste them and make sure you follow any instructions in the ability's description.

Any time you perform an action, assume at least 1 minute goes by. This is important for spells you may cast with a duration for when they wear out. In combat, each round is 6 seconds long, so a spell with a 1 minute duration will last for 10 rounds in combat, or 1 action (clicking a link) out of combat.

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