No Prep Module: Perfect Chimera for D&D or RPGs

This adventure can be can be easily customized to a party of any size or level, or run as a level 4 adventure for 5 players. It can work as a small side adventure in an existing campaign, as a standalone one-shot, or the start of a new adventure. Use the links to the tools in their relevant section to customize the adventure to your party.

Harthurst is built into the side of a mountain, and is known for its mines and industry. The ruler (Justin Dumph, Male Human) is an idiot, and mean-tempered. Half-Orc oppress the majority races.

Circus Troupe

Outside of town is a traveling troupe of performers. If the PCs ask about them, they'll learn that the troupe has been there for quite some time, and puts on regular performances with exotic creatures. The town is a common stop for travelers, so they do good business.

When the PCs go to investigate or continue on, a large chimera will wander out of the stage play, causing people to panic and flee. The chimera is not hostile and curious about the people and things outside the play. A DC 12 Animal Handling check can get the chimera to follow commands. If they return the chimera to the troupe, their leader Werydd Thrahak, a female dwarf will thank them before returning the chimera to a cage.

Werydd Thrahak, Female Dwarf
Description: This woman is very fat, and sports brown clothing, slightly heavier than average wear. Her Stetson hat is riddled with cuts and holes. She wears a mask on her face.
Personality: Aside from being a little slow due to sleep deprivation she is generally quite perceptive. She notices little details and can draw good conclusions from them. A true patriot, Werydd would do anything for her country. She is fiercely protective of her fellow citizens and foreign allies. Voice: Thin and wheezing

Werydd is interested in hiring the PCs for a job. Strange, unnatural creatures are appearing in the forest. Some of them are chimeric, some tauric, some simply abominations, but it must be stopped before the entire ecosystem is destroyed. If asked about the troupe's involvement, she'll confirm that some of the creatures in their show are from the forest, which is why they've remained in the town, but most of the monstrosities in the forest are too savage to tame.

There's heavy rainfall and heavy wind in the forest, causing everything to be lightly obscured, disadvantage on sight/hearing and ranged attacks. Open flames are extinguished, fog is dispersed, and flight is impossible.

The underbrush hugs an antiquated monastery, knocked over, before spanning outward for several miles. A tremendous granite bridge arches over a jagged ravine, connecting to a worn path on the far side. A natural stream has opened in the mountain to the northwest, splitting the land like a tear.

The rain and wind makes passing the bridge slippery and treacherous. Crossing normally requires a DC 15 Acrobatics check. Failing by 5 or more causes PCs to slip over the edge. Falling into the ravine causes 2d6 bludgeoning damage as they tumble down the ravine and land in the stream which sweeps them away.

While traveling, the PCs will see two chimeras fighting. The larger chimera kills the other and eats it, causing it to mutate into an even bigger and twisted monstrosity. If the players don't hide then it attacks, use the statblock for Aphemia.


Eventually they come to a necropolis in an open clearing. Nothing grows here, not even druid magic can grow plant life here. The area is frozen in ice.

Chimera Dungeon

Enemy Patrol: 2 Darkmantle (CR 1/2: Monster Manual p. 46), 1 Blood-Toll Harpy (CR 1/8: Mythic Odysseys of Theros), 2 Mimic (CR 2: Monster Manual p. 220) [Hard, 1,125 XP rewarded] [Customize]
Chance of Encounter Per Rest: 25%

The entrance to the necropolis is room 4. The wizard's workshop is in room 12.


Thick dust covers the floor, and moss and leaves choke the passage. Many tomes and inkwells lie scattered on the floor, around four dense iron chests fitted with sturdy iron locks. Torn and shattered couches lie in heaps, disorderly and sprinkled about. Deep claw marks cover the hardwood furniture, and the once lush upholstery has been sliced to shreds. Several tables stand throughout the cavern, weighed down by stacks of glass flasks and jars, all of them bearing labels. There are twin alcoves, each one containing a standing suit of armor covered with dark stains. Each suit of armor clutches a javelin that's shaped like a gargoyle's head. Fuzzy mold hang like dusty lace down every side of the cavern. A rough, winding walkway leads toward the south. Across the cavern, a set of double doors stands closed.

An object in this cavern increases, reduces, negates, or reverses gravity.


You are greeted by the distinct smell of animal musk. Covering the floor are many empty jars. The walls here are dirt-caked, and look as if they once supported built-in shelves that have been reduced to rubble. Shuffled stacks of sacks, skins, crates, and animal hides crowd this long cavern. A few hungry spiders make their home here, but upon your sudden arrival, they retreat to the shadows. A table, a bench, and a writing desk have been badly damaged. At the far end of the cavern stands a statue of a fierce-looking halfling in thick leather armor. The statue holds a lance in one hand and a smith’s hammer in the other, standing about six feet tall on a large sandstone pedestal. An exquisitely carved summoning circle rests at the west end between two doors. The mouth of a side hall leads into darkness beyond.

There are 3 Owlwere (CR 1/2: Fifth Edition Foes p. 229), 1 Wolfwere (CR 1: Fifth Edition Foes p. 230) [Easy, 500 XP rewarded] here. [Customize]


The walls and the 35-foot-high arched ceiling are a sickly red color. Fuzzy mold hang like dusty lace down every side of the cavern. Several old skeletons lie littered near the southern wall. Red coals glow from within the west corridor, and a crude iron cage door closes off the east exit.

There are 3 Stryx (CR 1/8: Tome of Beasts p. 369), 2 Worg (CR 1/2: Monster Manual p. 341), 2 Hawktoad (CR 1/4: Fifth Edition Foes p. 141), 1 Death Dog (CR 1/2: Fifth Edition Foes p. 77), 1 Hanu-naga (CR 2: Fifth Edition Foes p. 175) [Hard, 925 XP rewarded] here. [Customize]


As a tremor shakes the cavern, massive beams groan under the weight of the ceiling. Bits of smashed sacks and other debris are sprinkled about the floor. The ceiling soars 25 feet high in the middle of this rough cavern, and the walls are carved with portraits of halflings at their forges. Cut into the wall is a small but strong-looking door of iron plates, about five feet tall and four feet wide. Thick rivets stud its surface, and a tarnished silver rune glints on the door’s rusted face.


Kettles, bone pots, pans, and disfigured crockery envelopes the floor of this kitchen. A fireplace burns mournfully in the center of the cavern, but its tall white flame produces no heat. Around the rim is carved six cup-shaped indentations spaced evenly around the circumference. A dagger sits on the south wall between two doors.

If the cavern is searched, they find 1200 cp, 1000 sp, 70 gp, Cloak of protection, Boots of elvenkind,

25 gp valuables (150 gp total): 2 Silver ewer, Carved bone statuette, Small gold bracelet, Pair of engraved bone dice, and Copper chalice with silver filigree

In the north passage is an unlocked door.

In the south passage is a stuck door (DC 15).


As a tremor shakes the cavern, heavy beams groan under the weight of the ceiling. Several beds are placed about the cavern. Double doors of iron stand closed to the south. A river of water spills from a slender crack to the south and crosses the cavern, disappearing into a precarious, winding tunnel to the north.

In this cavern is A Shrieker (Basic Rules pg. 309)

In the north passage is a stuck door (DC 15).

In the south passage is a stuck door (DC 15).


A skeleton in damaged studded leather armor lies against the wall. 15 feet ahead, arched doorways lead south and east from each side of the hallway. In each arched doorway, an iron door stands closed. A smooth pillar of sandstone rises in the center of the cavern, nearly touching the 10-foot-high ceiling. Behind the cavern, the hallway turns back to rough sandstone and turns to the north.

There are 1 Ronus (CR 1/4: Fifth Edition Foes p. 193), 2 Nyx-Fleece Ram (CR 1: Mythic Odysseys of Theros), 1 Harpy (CR 1: Monster Manual p. 181) [Medium, 650 XP rewarded] here. [Customize]

There is an extinguished brazier here. When the brazier is lit, it causes the door to slowly open at the green passage.

In the south passage (green) is a large door, locked securely (DC 30) and magically sealed.


The ceiling soars 40 feet high in the middle of this magnificent cavern, and the walls are carved with depictions of halflings at a celebration. Two open iron chests stand against the east wall. A layer of fine sand coats the inside of the chests and the floor around them. Debris from disfigured sandstone furniture covers the floor. Shattered tableware and scattered piles of cards litter the blade-scarred tabletops. An old fountain sit against the west wall, a stone holy symbol mounted above. Benches coated with centuries of dust lie about the floor in disordered shambles. A door stands closed to the east. 20 feet ahead, arched doorways lead north and west from each side of the hallway. In each arched doorway, an iron door stands closed.

There are 2 Cobbleswarm (CR 2: Tome of Beasts p. 68) [Medium, 900 XP rewarded] here. [Customize]


A somewhat rectangular-shaped cavern opens up beyond a set of double doors. Attached to the north wall is a steel plate that has an stone lever protruding upward. The west end of this room has collapsed, exposing the room beyond.

If the cavern is searched, they find 2100 cp, 1300 sp, 70 gp, Spell scroll (2nd level),

10 gp valuables (70 gp total): 2 Obsidian (opaque black), Tiger eye (translucent brown with golden center), Turquoise (opaque light blue-green), Lapis lazuli (opaque light and dark blue with yellow flecks), Blue quartz (transparent pale blue), and Azurite (opaque mottled deep blue)


Each of its walls holds a three-foot by three-foot iron plate, mounted at the center of the wall and featuring a three-inch-diameter hole cut along the plate and the rock behind it. This room is full of pretty little dolls with tanned skin and red hair, some of them dressed beautifully, others plainly. The tunnel continues past the cavern, curving abruptly to the east and out of sight. A long, sagging bed sits to one side under a big tarnished tapestry. Cut into the wall is a small but strong-looking door of iron plates, about five feet tall and four feet wide. Wide rivets stud its surface, and a tarnished silver rune glimmers on the door’s rusted face.

In this cavern is Yellow Mold (On touch, eject sports DC 15 Con, 2d10 poison and poisoned for 1 minute. Take 1d10 each turn while poisoned, repeat saving throw each turn to end. Destroyed by sunlight or fire)

In the north passage (green) is a large door, locked securely (DC 30) and magically sealed.


There is little dust on the ground, but light fog tumbles down from above. An old desk sit against the west wall, a stone holy symbol mounted above. This 50-by-25-foot cavern is crowded with perplexing mechanisms, except for modest spaces between the stone instruments and the stone shackles and pulleys. A door stands closed to the west. The east end of this room has collapsed, exposing the room beyond.

In this cavern is Brown Mold (Frigid temperature. DC 12 Con, 4d10 cold damage, half on save. Immune to fire, causes it to expand. Destroyed by cold)


Water trickles through cracks in the ceiling, streaming down the south wall and adding to a large puddle on the floor. Audible throughout the entire cavern is the sigh of a soft, cool breeze that rises toward the surface far above. A crevasse spills from a tight crack to the east and crosses the cavern, disappearing into a cramped, winding tunnel to the west.

They find the wizard in his workshop with cages of strange beasts. If questioned, the wizard reveals he was hired by the troupe to make chimeras for their show, but the chimeras are too violent and unstable so the wizard throws them out. He's uninterested in stopping his experiments, and will attack at the first opportunity to protect his secret.

Use this for the encounter. During the fight, whenever a creature dies one of the other creatures can spend a standard action to eat it to grow in size, gaining a +2 to AC, Attack Roll, and Damage.

After defeating the chimeras, the wizard surrenders, only to be eaten by a chimera which starts growing out of control and traps the party inside it. Let the players come up with solutions to free themselves, and give them an appropriate DC 18 skill check. On failure, they take 1d10 bludgeoning damage as they're squished and must try again. Other players that freed themselves can assist or make the roll for them.

With the wizard defeated and the chimeras destroyed, the forest slowly returns to normal, but never fully recovers and chimeras still hunt there. Upon returning to town, the party will find that the troupe has packed up and left town. If the previous site of the troupe is searched, a DC 15 Investigation check finds a ruby ring worth 50gp, but the ruby has become dull and faded.

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