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Most Recent - Apr 11 - On a wing and a prayer

Hello again! Look at all those crossed off things and percentages. I actually played the game for about 20 minutes this week, that's when I know it's getting real.

In the first game I actually start you off with a lot. Some tools, a house, a chest, anything you pick up in the intro town. While I plan to have another intro, a lot of your starting gear is to cover for a lack of early game. Originally I started you with nothing and walked you through the process of building and making stuff, but it was tedious, steppy, and easy to screw up. Also, if you lost your starting hammer and axe it was pretty much game over. There's a bunch of special case stuff in the code to prevent you from getting rid of them accidentally.

We may end up there again, but I want to take a second crack at the early game, having you able to explore, forage, and craft without as much already set up. To that end I've added in sticks and stones to find and use to make your initial tools. Which also means losing them isn't a big deal. I'm also carefully rebalancing the crafting windows and factories to make the progression a bit more natural and not such a sudden "woah there's 30 things to make."

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April 17 - Hail Science!

Hail Science! The Alchemy Table is where you do all your research. Bringing in various items, breaking them down into their elemental components, and recording the results is how all the conveniences of modern life came to be. Have you tried imagining what life would be like without steam-powered golem servants or elemental trains? Well, don't! That's dangerous. Instead, do some alchemical research. Science can be messy, so just really get on in there.

No longer happy with their characterization of "aggressive chickens" the Greks have started outfitting themselves with weaponry, and can now be seen hunting in groups at night. Is it still "hunting" if you attack anything that moves and then run off laughing to the next victim? These are the interesting sort of questions you can ponder when you're alone in the woods at night with a torch and a pointy rock on a stick. Rather sleep through the night? Well don't worry, the Greks will come and wake you up. Maybe you should have built a wall.

Water Grek in the bedroom

Oh gosh it's the quality of life and polish paragraph. I worked some more on the effects and things-that-happen-when-you-do-things things. There's a satisfying "poof and thud" when you place furniture (more of those to come), crafting now shows how long it'll take, and there's been a number of effects, changes, and tweaks to combat. If you look in your Options screen you'll see an Auto HUD option that when enabled will fade out HUD elements when they're not needed (like if you're at full health). I'll be adding all the UI elements to this for the Total Immersive Experience.

Evil Report

Evil Report 360 nosecope

Evil has been practicing his 360 nosecope. He can cope with the boopin from any angle

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Most Recent - Apr 18 - Saving! Optimizing! Pictures

I realized I didn't include any pretty pictures last week, so hopefully this week's offering will do better. I wrote that one after several days of optimizing. Of all activities, that one takes it out of me the most. However, the FPS is much nicer now. Here, have a profiler pic:

Optimization Progress

It'll need to be optimized further, and this is on a lower-end PC, but it's good enough for alpha at least (my new catchphrase).

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