Getting Salty - September 27 Weekly Devlogs

There's two main themes to this update: lighting, and preserving food.

There's two main themes to this update: lighting, and preserving food.

Instead of using a torch to see at night, which was a bit clunky and historically inaccurate, you may want to use candles instead. Candles last way longer now, but will burn out once all the wax is used up. You can see how much wax is left by the height of the candle, and also extinguish your candles to prolong their duration. If you don't have a bee farm set up yet, you can buy some candles at the Ranch. There's also a hooded candle, for use outdoors, and a lantern which is like a torch but doesn't need to be re-lit constantly. That one will require a bit of a hike.

The other thing is food preservation, and there's a lot of options for those. You can build a dehydrator to dry your meats and fruits into jerky and greatly slow the rate of decay. Once you've got access to vinegar you can start pickling your vegetables to preserve them, though it's pretty salty. Finally there's the icebox, which uses ice or snow to keep your foods fresh so long as it's kept cool.

There's also a number of fixes and balance changes. Water is a bit harder to procure, so you'll want to start purifying it early on. You can see the full list of changes in the patch notes below.

Patch Notes
* Added Hooded Candle
* Added Lantern
* Added Dehydrator, preserve your food by just letting it sit out in the sun for weeks
* Added Icebox, preserve things by freezing them with ice
* Added Vinegar, made by ruining alcohol
* Added Pickling, brine vegetables and then age them to preserve them

* Glass now requires high heat to craft
* Candles will now be consumed at the end of their much brighter and longer duration
* The height of a candle will change based on its duration
* You can now extinguish candles to preserve them
* Beeswax Candles can now be purchased from the Ranch
* Watering Cans will no longer break and can be refilled in water
* Increased the size of tooltips
* Placing fresh water from a container to the ground will no longer taint it
* Drinking water on the ground will consume more than it used to
* Ice and snow will melt in your inventory
* Added messages for what woke you
* The town well is no longer infinite
* Added animation for blocking
* Added progress bar for eating and drinking

* Fixed movement bug when pausing
* Fixed being unable to interact with certain things in first person
* Fixed some error messages
* Tweaked animations to better fix their duration
* Fixed animation getting bugged after dying
* Fixed drill not working up/down

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