Farther and Deeper - October 11 Weekly Devlogs

Towns are now visible from really far away, which should help you get less lost while exploring.

Towns are now visible from really far away, which should help you get less lost while exploring.

An itch "missing token" error ate my update, so read the patch notes below~

Patch Notes
* Towns will be visible from really far away in new worlds
* New appearance for bushes and a few trees

* Caves are less common but go much deeper
* Clouds now reflect the time shift when sleeping
* Increased the durability of iron
* Reduced duration of Tainted Water
* Added new items to Collection screen
* Boiling liquids now requires more heat
* Improved performance when loading a save you've loaded before
* All trees should now blow in the wind

* Fixed an error message
* Fixed a case where the ground could disappear while digging
* Fixed a case where sickness could last seemingly forever
* Fixed being able to see through the ceiling when in first person
* Fixed a case where blocks wouldn't stack
* Fixed being unable to see the type of slope you're about to chisel
* Fixed chisel sometimes not being able to chisel a 1/2 or 3/4 block properly
* Fixed buffs showing when the UI is hidden with alt+z
* Fixed weird appearance of slopes
* Fixed an error when researching

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