January 24 Working on controls - Weekly Devlogs

Big changes to the control and feel of the game.

Quite a few people have downloaded the demo, and while most haven't given feedback, enough have to make me realize the controls don't feel great and the tutorial needs to go into more detail, so I've been working on those.

I've worked on "controls" before and I know that it takes a long time to get it feeling just right, so this might be a couple weeks. I also know it works best for me if I do it all with a gamepad, so I've been working on fleshing out all the gamepad controls. I've managed to get everything but menu navigation working with the gamepad and feeling pretty good. I've adjusted acceleration, air control, and the feel of movement in general.

I think there are too many buttons and forms of compound interactions, so I've been trying to simplify everything down to just a couple buttons. Again, a gamepad helps with this since there's limited buttons. So now, most everything can be done with the attack button, and there's only one attack button rather than 2. I haven't found all the corner cases yet, but the basic idea is you swing whatever you have in your hand slot (or have selected) and it affects the world in some way. For instance you can now swing your hammer around to break blocks, or swing a hoe to till, or swing seeds to plant. This is easiest to see if you're playing with a gamepad, and I'll be changing keyboard and mouse afterward to simplify them as well.

I've also been working on feel. I've realized some things certainly don't feel great when controlling the character so I've been making some big tweaks. Some things you'll probably notice: It no longer costs stamina to jump, you can place and remove blocks anywhere, even in town. Trying to break blocks in town takes much longer though. You can now break blocks and knock down trees with anything, using the right tool is still faster though. The default controls have also been changed, but it won't reset yours if they've already been set up.

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