August 22 Field Repair - Weekly Devlogs

Field repair, fermented maple, and more character customization!

Field repair, fermented maple, and more character customization!

There's a new craft option to perform a field repair of your tools if you have an appropriate material. No more suddenly broken tools while you're out adventuring!

Maple Vodka

Your maple syrup can now be fermented in the keg

There's also a bunch of fixes to the male rig and customization. I'm currently working on getting all the appearance options in and getting it all fine-tuned enough to make a variety of different looks. I'll also be replacing everything with the new models, so it's important to ensure that there will be enough variety.

Patch Notes
* You can now repair your tools anywhere with a bar of the correct material
* Added Maple Vodka
* Fixed visual issue with GI at night on high
* Adjusted first person distance so you can still do a close-up on your face
* Fixed hair color
* Fatigue wounds accumulate faster without sleep but won't cause you to pass out. You'll just be very tired until you sleep.
* Fixed clothes in first person

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