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Princerath, Capital [Permalink]

Population: 49,418, Size: 1,498 acres
Demographics: Elf (79%), Half-Elf (7%), Halfling (5%), Dragonborn (3%), Gnome (1%), Dwarf (1%), Half-Orc (1%), Tabaxi (1%), Human (1%), Tiefling (1%)
Extra Details
Nearby Points of Interest
Wealth: 247,090,000 gp. Max value for sale: 16,308 gp. Max pawn value: 86,482 gp

Detailed Demographics

Princerath has a notable academy, known for having tough warriors and its artists and writers. The ruler (Elama Fasharash, Female Elf) is fair and just, respected by the populace. The races live together mostly in harmony.

Defenses: The capital is surrounded by stone walls. 331 trained warriors serve in the capital's defense, and a militia of 4,941 can be mustered in case of attack. The sheriff is Bharash Argenthrixus, Male Dragonborn.

Organizations: trade guilds, Silent Coalition, Order of the Uptown Thieves

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Tavern: Myathethil's
Owner: Myathethil Ostoroth, Female Elf [Details]

Location: In the artisan's district. The street outside is recently paved with worn brick. A wagon has a broken wheel in the middle of the street, tying up all the traffic in the area.
Description: The tavern is a terra cotta two-storey building, with a heather-thatched roof and a row of flowers around the building. It contains a deck with chairs and a fire pit cooking food in the middle of the tavern.
Quests and Rumors | Map
  • Turnip Sandwich and a Coffee (4 sp)
  • Egg Ramen with Cake and a Glass of Brandy (5 sp)
  • Ham Cake with Cake and a Glass of Wine (5 sp)

Blacksmith: The Fear Mace
Owner: Althaea Xistsrith, Female Elf [Details]

Location: In the middle of the slums. The street outside is a covered walkway with many twinkling lights.
Description: The blacksmith is a stucco single storey building, with a small fenced yard and a big brick chimney. It contains an empty cage and an unfinished set of armor on a stand near the forge.
  • Sun Blade (dmg 205) (11,400 gp)
  • Chain Shirt (phb 145) (47 gp)
  • Armor, +2 (dmg 152) (5,750 gp)

Alchemist: Fate & Whisper
Owner: Thervan Amastacia, Male Elf [Details]

Location: In a side street near the town gate. The street outside is next to a grand hall and is next to a large public square.
Description: The alchemist is a plaster and wood framed and large single storey building, with a black shingled roof and overgrown hedges. It contains curtains draped over the walls and a broken cage.
  • Potion of Invulnerability (dmg 188) (3,413 gp)
  • Philter of Love (dmg 184) (86 gp)
  • Potion of Healing (dmg 187) (49 gp)

Jeweler: Crown Eye
Owner: Tiaathque Liadon, Female Elf [Details]

Location: In a well-lit avenue with guard towers. The street outside is unusually full of carriages. A child presents a player with a flower and nervously says they're cute before running away giggling.
Description: The jeweler is a wooden and sprawling single storey building, with a yellow tile roof and a big brick chimney. A number of hunting trophies line the walls. It contains a large brass countertop and a table with scattered lenses, clamps, and cutters.
  • Ring of X-ray Vision (dmg 193) (5,867 gp)
  • Ring of Resistance (dmg 192) (5,916 gp)
  • Ring of the Ram (dmg 193) (4,930 gp)

Enchanter: Fate and Arcanity
Owner: Caeldrim Horineth, Male Half-Elf [Details]

Location: In an arcane quarter. The street outside has a weird smell. A wild magic surge occurs.
Description: The enchanter is a wooden cabin, with several shuttered windows and softly blowing chimes by the door. It contains a large grandfather clock and a large telescope coming out of the roof.
  • Stone of Good Luck (dmg 205) (4,182 gp)
  • Rope of Climbing (dmg 197) (1,967 gp)
  • Horseshoes of Speed (dmg 175) (4,800 gp)

General Store: The Poceline Open
Owner: Dreali Amakiir, Male Elf [Details]

Location: In an arcane quarter. The street outside is covered in fallen leaves and is full of market stalls. A blind beggar pleads for alms.
Description: The general store is a timber framed and sprawling single storey building, with a gray shingled roof and nicely trimmed hedges. It contains low ceilings and barrels full of bulk food.
  • Vial (phb 153) (1 gp)
  • Leatherworker's Tools (phb 154) (5 gp)
  • Clothes, Fine (phb 150) (15 gp)

Church: Watchful Hope
Owner: Surina Orexijandilin, Female Dragonborn [Details]

Location: In a civic quarter. The street outside has a fortune teller and is shaded by colorful trees.
Description: The church is a brick two-storey building, with a red tile roof and finely-crafted furniture. It contains a number of small braziers and a large altar.


Small Cottage
Owner: Andraste Ostoroth, Female Elf [Details]

The house is a plaster two-storey building, with a black shingled roof and nicely trimmed hedges. It contains a single bachelor-style room with a bed and chest. In one corner is an enclosed flame with cold coals. A bunch of dried fruit hangs from the ceiling in long strands.

Cruck House
Owner: Heian Casilltenirra, Male Elf [Details]

The house is a stucco simple building, with a gray tile roof and nicely trimmed hedges. It contains 5 rooms total with 2 bedrooms, each containing a dresser. The kitchen has a small firepit with a cauldron over the fire. Outside is a small garden of herbs.

More Streets

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