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Highheim, City [Permalink]

Population: 10,612, Size: 332 acres
Demographics: Tabaxi (89%), Half-Orc (3%), Tiefling (1%), Human (1%), Elf (1%), Dwarf (1%), Halfling (1%), Dragonborn (1%), Gnome (1%), Half-Elf (1%)
Extra Details
Nearby Points of Interest
Wealth: 21,224,000 gp. Max value for sale: 3,502 gp. Max pawn value: 18,571 gp

Detailed Demographics

Highheim is built nearby an important tomb or graveyard, known for its skilled craftsmen and its wines. It is governed by a consortium of guildmasters. The races live together mostly in harmony.

Defenses: The city is surrounded by rammed-earth walls. 67 trained warriors serve in the city's defense, and a militia of 1,179 can be mustered in case of attack. The sheriff is Spear Peak, Female Tabaxi.

Organizations: Glass Wolves, Cult of the Rawhide Void, trade guilds

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Tavern: The Sharp Hall
Owner: Shadow Grass, Male Tabaxi [Details]

Location: In a small alley. The street outside has a pickpocket looking for marks.
Description: The tavern is a wooden tower, with a reinforced wooden door and simple furniture. It contains a number of pots and miscellaneous supplies hanging from the ceiling and messy tables covered in cutlery and leftover food.
Quests and Rumors | Map
  • Owlbear Pie with Fries and a Glass of Brandy (5 sp)
  • Boar Pie and a Tankard of Bitter (4 sp)
  • Dire Pig Pie and a Mug of Perry (4 sp)

Blacksmith: Banded Friend
Owner: Drifting Shoe, Male Tabaxi [Details]

Location: In the middle of the slums. The street outside is a covered walkway with many twinkling lights. A street preacher wanders by, shouting about the end of the world.
Description: The blacksmith is a wooden rowhouse, with a white tile roof and nicely trimmed hedges. It contains an inviting hearth and saws and tools hanging from the ceiling.
  • Ammunition, +1 (dmg 150) (23 gp)
  • Javelin of Lightning (dmg 178) (1,388 gp)
  • Mithral Armor (dmg 182) (781 gp)

Alchemist: Oloric's Concoctions
Owner: Oloric Fireforge, Male Dwarf [Details]

Location: In the middle of the slums. The street outside is shaded by colorful trees. The peasants are rioting.
Description: The alchemist is a log single storey building, with large windows and finely-crafted furniture. It contains a taxidermied bear near the entrance and a preserved salamander hanging from the ceiling.
  • Potion of Cloud Giant Strength (dmg 187) (956 gp)
  • Potion of Flying (dmg 187) (497 gp)
  • Potion of Growth (dmg 187) (265 gp)

Jeweler: The Night's Necklace
Owner: Flask On the Mountaintop, Female Tabaxi [Details]

Location: In a small alley. The street outside is a covered walkway with many twinkling lights.
Description: The jeweler is a log simple building, with several shuttered windows and overgrown hedges. A small dragon's skull hangs over the hearth. It contains an empty cage and a large well-used grindstone.
  • Ring of Jumping (dmg 191) (2,391 gp)
  • Ring of Jumping (dmg 191) (2,427 gp)
  • Ring of Warmth (dmg 193) (960 gp)

Enchanter: Skirt's Secrets
Owner: Skirt In the Storm, Female Tabaxi [Details]

Location: In an adventurer's district. The street outside has drunken revelers. A street urchin with their pet dashes by followed by guards.
Description: The enchanter is a timber framed two-storey building, with a white shingled roof and a pillared curved-roof entryway. It contains cobwebs in the corners and a horned skull with a crystal ball embedded on it.
  • Cloak of Protection (dmg 159) (3,496 gp)
  • Sending Stones (dmg 199) (1,900 gp)
  • Cloak of Protection (dmg 159) (3,395 gp)

General Store: The Royal Wheel
Owner: Cask Blossom, Female Tabaxi [Details]

Location: In a market quarter. The street outside ominously quiet and empty.
Description: The general store is a plaster and wood framed and large single storey building, with a gray shingled roof and a smooth stone floor. It contains a large grandfather clock and closely packed shelves of goods.
  • Woodcarver's Tools (phb 154) (1 gp)
  • Pot, Iron (phb 153) (2 gp)
  • Cobbler's Tools (phb 154) (25 gp)

Church: Church of Highheim
Owner: Serpent Hummingbird, Female Tabaxi [Details]

Location: In the middle of the slums. The street outside is shaded by colorful trees.
Description: The church is a plaster cabin, with an orange shingled roof and a large cellar. It contains a number of crates stacked along the back wall and a large pulpit.


Small Cottage
Owner: Edge In Shadow, Female Tabaxi [Details]

The house is a plaster and large single storey building, with a tanned wooden roof and well-made wooden furniture. It contains a single bachelor-style room with a bed and chest, along with a dresser on the far wall. In one corner is an enclosed flame with cold coals.

Cruck House
Owner: Flame Mirror, Female Tabaxi [Details]

The house is a stone-walled cabin, with a black shingled roof and a large cellar. It contains 4 rooms total with 2 bedrooms, each containing a chest. The kitchen has a small firepit with a spit of meat over the fire. Outside is a small garden of herbs, and a cat rests lazily on a soft surface.

More Streets

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