Click if underwater caves scare you - October 31 Weekly Devlogs

Most of this week was spent on performance improvements.

Most of this week was spent on performance improvements.

I test on a pretty "average" computer that's about 4 years old, and with average settings I'm getting about 50-60 fps in town and 90 fps in the wild. I'll keep working on performance (probably forever), but it tends to be pretty time-consuming and changes elsewhere tend to worsen performance so it's a back-and-forth.

I also created underwater caves by taking existing caves that spawned in lakes and oceans and filling them with water. I did some work on an underwater camera as you can see in the screen, which will likely be going in this week.

Also BIG NEWS for clippers fans. Villagers should be better about not allowing trees to clip into their homes.

Oogie Boogie Pumpkin Carving

Totoro Pumpkin Carving

Patch Notes
* Got rid of big holes in the ocean
* Replaced them with underwater caverns
* Optimized framerate
* Fixed some cases where trees would clip inside villager buildings

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