May 30 Elemental Research - Weekly Devlogs

Continuing from last week's update, the new research system is fully available!

Now in order to research new recipes, you break down new items on your Alchemy Table in order to get a certain amount of elemental research based on the item. Like a campfire will give you fire element, but it only works once per item so you'll need to find/craft new items to continue your research.

If you then open your Research screen in your Journal, you can choose new recipes to research like normal, but now you'll need to spend elemental research to unlock them instead. What are the benefits of this over the old way? Well first of all it's better usability/feedback, it makes more sense to push a button and spend a resource to have a thing happen. More importantly though, it lets you choose which items to break down and gives more control over which recipes to unlock. Instead of needing to fulfill a specific objective of "break down 3 scales and 2 logs" you can instead break down whatever you find or don't need anymore. So if you're playing as a pacifist farmer you don't need to go out and hunt Greks for specific recipes anymore. Likewise Huntmaster Dora that's 5km away from home doesn't need to return and water her strawberries for research components.

I'm also planning to add a small research minigame to the process as I polish and finalize.

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