May 1 New Look Peek - Weekly Devlogs

Just a small update this week with a peek at the new character.

Just a small update this week. I was working on implementing the new character model but it had some face issues so that didn't make it in. So instead there are some bug fixes and FPS optimizations. I also improved the look of distant terrain some so it's less blurry. Here's a picture:

When I put the new character model in she looked a bit gormless, so I've needed to add a whole bunch of new facial bones that can be moved around to give actual expressions. Since I was using flat anime-style eyes and mouths before it requires pretty much a total redo of the facial expression system. There's also a lot of work involved in taking it from "creepy doll" to "that's a person" and it's something I've never done before so there's a lot of learning involved. I'll also likely need a whole new set of animations that fit with the more realistic bone structure. Anyway, this has all been going on in the background of the past several updates. I think her outfit is nice though, so here's a peek at that:

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