March 27 Like a finer grit sandpaper - Weekly Devlogs

Bunch of fixes and gameplay tweaks this week based on playtest data

Ummm... that's it! Next I will be working on art and finally getting rid of the many placeholders. Once that and the new player models are done we'll be ready for beta.

Patch Notes
* Fixed flight/swim controls
* Kilns can now be made with sandstone or marble
* Fixed size of Haggle and Research screen
* Fixed a few error messages
* Entomology now requires a snail
* Caves should no longer engulf parts of town
* Added loading overlay when you manage to enter a part of the world that's not ready yet
* Fixed hole on bottom of juvenile trees
* Fixed a quest formatting issue
* Fixed not being able to see money
* Fixed sometimes not holding a torch or other item in your primary hand when it's selected
* Moved up alchemy screen a bit to make it easier to navigate when backpack open
* Increased tooltip size when in first person
* Fixed weird doorway entrances
* Made Lola's house a bit more historically accurate
* Fixed an error message
* Added tip for climbing
* Fixed villagers sometimes not moving
* Removed decimals from damage text

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