July 4 Kegger - Weekly Devlogs

There's a new addition for your farm: the Keg!


You can place all sorts of crops into the keg and age them to make fermented drinks. There's different wines, sake, honey meads, try stuff out but don't overdo it!


The control overhauls are mostly done at this point. Camera, character movement, even inventory management has gotten significant changes and should be overall smoother and feel better to use. It'll also make any future tweaks (if necessary) much easier to do.

The only remaining movement system I'd like to improve is climbing and I've made some good progress on it but not enough to make it into this week's update. A side benefit of all these overhauls is they're also much faster (especially the inventory) so performance should be improved.

Patch Notes
* Added Keg. Add various crops to create fermented drinks.
* Camera movement overhaul, should be smoother and easier to control
* Overhauled and polished inventory display
* Optimized performance
* Fixed some errors
* Tweaked player model

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