July 25 Giving Trees - Weekly Devlogs

Apple trees have been added!

Apple Trees

They're like normal trees, but they take a while to reach a fruit-bearing maturity, after which they'll continuously grow apples. Better yet, they don't die in winter, so you can just keep them around in your orchard and not have to worry about silly things like hydration or atmospherics.

There have also been some quality of life improvements and bug fixes. Shout out to Aaron for reporting a lot of bugs so I could fix them. Hurray! If you find a bug you can report it by posting on the forums. Then I'll fix it and you won't have to deal with it anymore. It's win-win!

Patch Notes
* Added Apple Tree. It's a tree that grows apples!
* Torch now has a different icon when it's not lit
* Certain survival debuffs now only show up on Hard/Bushido difficulty
* It now gets darker when it's raining

* Fixed error messages when loading an old save
* Fixed durability not showing on items
* Fixed broken items keeping their old icon
* Fixed durability not resetting properly on torches when they're re-lit
* Fixed durability decay on torches when not lit
* Fixed being unable to use containers on crops
* Fixed a threading error
* Fixed saplings falling through the ground
* Fixed camera clipping through walls
* Fixed being unable to drink from containers
* Fixed some appearance issues with hair
* Fixed an error message

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