January 30 Accessibility - Weekly Devlogs

Work continues on controls and playability as well as some larger long-term features that aren't ready for primetime yet like storyline and metrics.

The "hand slots" on the actionbar are now gone, you equip items to use by selecting them, and will be bare-handed without anything selected. It added pointless complexity where the only benefits were handedness (which is now gone, but may return later as something you toggle in options) and torches/shields, which have now been moved to the equipment window. I consider a reduction in complexity where the only loss is cosmetic (that can be implemented an easier way) to be a pretty good trade-off.

The tutorial has also been revamped, going into greater detail about the controls and how you interact with the game's various systems. Inventory management should be easier, especially with the tooltip now being more prominent. It should also be easier to research things and find recipes to craft. The Shipping Box is also no longer a farmer-only perk, so no more running into town to unload your junk.

Controls-wise there's a lot more options. You can actually rebind mouse actions like clicking or camera panning to anything you like. Additionally, mouse clicks can be bound to any action, so if you really LOVE crafting you can bind your craft window on left click! Really though, these changes should make the game more accessible to those with disabilities or requirements for alternative control schemes.

All that should help make the game smoother and easier to play for everyone. If there's anything about RL2 that you find difficult or confusing, let me know! I'll likely fix it. You can contact me on the forums or at kassoon@kassoon.com

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