December 20 Creepy Crawlers - Weekly Devlogs

This week's update is full of ground-crawlies, swim-crawlies, and air-crawlies. Plus work on the most requested feature.

A bunch of new insects have been added to find and catch! About 15 new ground-crawlies, swim-crawlies, and air-crawlies are out in the world, so dust off that bug net. Some insects only appear at certain times or in certain biomes, so you'll really need to scour the world to complete your collection.

Really like crab? Lobster? Crayfish? Don't like swimming? Well too ba- then you need a Crab Cage. A curiously crafted curio to cleverly catch coy crustaceans in coastal climates for your crockpot.

Gameplay work has begun on what's probably the most requested feature: relationships. Up til now it's been mostly behind-the-scenes stuff like a robust cutscene engine and the ability to have and track unique characters with their own schedules and personalities. So watch your social faux pas, people are paying attention to them now. One of the best ways to get to know someone is to spend some time together, which you can now request. If they have the free time (and don't hate your guts), you'll be able to go and do a variety of activities based on how close you are. At the end of your time together you can also give them a gift, so make sure to give them something they'll like!

In other games with relationships they always felt like an item dump to me where you're just burying them in flowers until they love you, which is not the most stable foundation for a lasting marriage. I wanted to de-emphasise the gift-giving (while still making it an option) and focus more on getting to know them in more realistic and engaging ways. Hanging out is the beginning of that system, which I'll be revealing more as I work on it. There's a lot to do!

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