August 2 - Scavenger Hunt

Hey there. So there's this big world now full of different biomes, but what else? This is the trap that most open worlds fall into, big open spaces full of nothing. I spent last week and probably this next week on things to find. Puzzles, encounters, and secrets all with rewards. Rewards you actually want.

Potion Shard, Pure Mana, Pouch Patch

There's 3 new special reward items you can find: Pure Mana, which can be brewed into a Potion of Power to increase your max health. Pouch Patches, which can be sewn together to increase your inventory size. Also Potion Shards, which can be used to craft potion holsters to holst more potions. These items (plus some others) can be found everywhere. In enemy camps, in caves, in secrets, in puzzles, in hard to reach spots, in challenges and encounters, everywhere.

Pure Mana upgrade

With this week's patch I've added chests to camps and caves that contain random rewards, which can also include the above rewards. I didn't quite have enough time to finish my puzzles and challenges system, so that will be going in next. Once those are in, plus towns, dungeons, and quests, the world should be a much more interesting place to explore. Yay, finally working on content rather than systems!

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