August 15 Tapping Adventure - Weekly Devlogs

The male model has been added!

The male model has been added!

At last the new player models are in. I'll be working on incorporating everything else using the new appearances.

Maple Tree

Tree Tap

You can now find maple trees in the world which can be tapped for their sap and then boiled for delicious maple syrup.

With the male model in I'll be spending a few weeks on fixes and polish in prep for our next major release!

Patch Notes
* Added new male model
* Added Journey Outfit, your default outfit for your new journey
* Added Maple trees
* Added Tree Tap, used to extract sap from maples
* Fixed ripples in differently sized water
* Fixed some holes in water
* Fixed mouselook in first person
* Fixed houses being a bit too elevated
* Fixed a case where solar stills could disappear

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