April 25 I Saw Some New Blocks - Weekly Devlogs

This update features a bunch more half block stuff, as well as new houses and better performance.

Instead of having a huge list of blocks for every type of shape I decided to add a Saw to let you create 1/2 and 3/4 blocks on the fly. It's made at the forge and when used on a block it will change the block to a half block, used again it'll become a quarter block, then used again it will go back to a regular block. The type of half block you'll get also depends on if it's a slope or a diagonal block. Try it on sloped roofs to change the grade.

A bunch of new blocks have 1/2 and 3/4 types added, and I completely redid the cursor detection when using the hammer or placing blocks. It should be more accurate now, with less fiddling to target the block you want.

There's also a bunch of new house types in town, and I've improved the loading speed which should result in less stuttering while exploring.

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