Censorship Leads to War

Censorship inevitably leads to war because you can’t outlaw different ideas. Humans are a species that are completely dependent on thinking up solutions to problems and inventing better technology in order to survive. We don’t have big sharp claws or thick strong hides, we’re fleshy spongey weaklings. An average house cat can outrun the fastest human, and the average gorilla is way more jacked than any bodybuilder. All we have are ideas.

Media is the best way to spread ideas across humanity, and you can’t successfully censor new ideas. Humans will fight you tooth and nail every step of the way. The only thing it accomplishes is sending the idea underground where it can fester and distort.

E.g. you can’t outlaw the idea that the earth is flat, the only thing you can do is present a better idea in a more convincing way. A person will accept the best idea presented to them, and the only way to fight against ideas you hate is by supplanting them with ideas you like. If you push someone that believes in a stupid idea away, they will go and find someone who doesn’t. That can either be someone with the same idea, or someone that has an interest in seeing that idea spread.

Do you know what happens to flat-earthers? They often end up performing experiments to prove the earth is flat and the experiments end up proving the earth is round. That’s a great thing, you want people to test their ideas to find out if they’re true or not. Even when they also end up doubling down on their idea and calling the experiment flawed. They end up trying an even better experiment that can more convincingly prove the hypothesis until, eventually, they devise or attempt an experiment that convinces them. This happens at different rates for different people, and the only way to speed it along is present them with better experiments.

This is what public scrutiny of ideas does and what censorship doesn’t. When you allow an idea to be seen by everyone its adoption will increase and spread, it’s true. Either that proves that the idea is superior, or that those people haven’t been presented with better ideas yet. Maybe instead of attempting to hide or ridicule those ideas, your effort would be better spent on spreading more effective ideas.

Some believe that the internet spreads bad ideas, but all it’s done is expose how many people are uneducated. When you shine a light on bad ideas you are also promoting them, so you need to also include a better idea with better evidence. Promote those that spread good ideas and explain them in an effective way.

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