The Star Wars display at Legoland is awesome

Tusken Raiders and Bantha Tusken Raiders and Bantha

Clone Wars Battle Clone Wars Battle

The Emperor's Ship The Emperor's Ship

Phantom Menace Battle Phantom Menace Battle

Millenium Falcon Millenium Falcon

Battle of Hoth Battle of Hoth

Millenium Falcon Engines Millenium Falcon Engines

Naboo Fighter Leaves Base Naboo Fighter Leaves Base

Ambush on Endor Ambush on Endor

A Hive of Scum and Villainy A Hive of Scum and Villainy

Jawas at their Sandcrawler Jawas at their Sandcrawler

Deep Trouble in Phantom Menace Deep Trouble in Phantom Menace

AT-AT down on Hoth AT-AT down on Hoth

The Arena Battle The Arena Battle

Rebels Attack AT-ATs Rebels Attack AT-ATs

AT-ST Crushed on Endor AT-ST Crushed on Endor

Rebel Base on Hoth Rebel Base on Hoth

Luke's Childhood Home Luke's Childhood Home

Massive Clone Wars Battle Massive Clone Wars Battle

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