Trap Generator

Trap Generator


Falling Door Trap

This trap is activated when a creature touches its surface, which causes the false door to fall forward onto anyone in front of it.

Effect: Targets any creature that touches it, DC 11 DEX save or take 14 (2d10) bludgeoning damage and knocked prone.

Trigger: touch trigger, activates when surface is touched by a creature.

Countermeasures: A spell or other effect that can sense the presence of magic, such as detect magic, reveals an aura of divination magic around the surface. A successful dispel magic (DC 11) cast on the surface destroys the trap.

Damaging the door causes the trap to trigger. A crowbar or iron wedge can be used from the side to tip over the door safely.

Water-Filled Room

A fragile ceramic figurine is precariously perched on a pedestal at the end of a hallway. Strong enough vibrations can cause the figurine to fall and shatter, triggering the trap that makes the doors slam shut and the area gradually fill with water.

Effect: Initiative +2, doors seal shut and room fills up with 2 ft. of liquid per turn, after 1+(CON bonus) minutes (min 1) of holding breath your HP drops to 0.

Trigger: shatter, activates when a precariously balanced ceramic figurine falls and shatters.

Countermeasures: A spell or other effect that can protect the figurine from shattering, such as feather fall, will disarm the trap. A successful DC 10 Dexterity (Sleight of Hand) check will carefully remove the figurine without breaking it. Disruptive effects like combat or running will vibrate the figurine and cause it to fall.

The doors can be opened with a DC 10 Dexterity check using thieves' tools.

Destroying Traps

Traps can be damaged and destroyed, sometimes to good or bad effect. Pipes containing fire or poison will rupture and spray over the area, while mechanisms can be rendered inoperable with enough force. Determine the HP and AC of your traps based on the tables below. Sometimes a fragile trap is more dangerous than a resilient one if destroying it will fill the corridor with acid.

Cloth, paper, rope11
Crystal, glass, ice13
Wood, bone15
Iron, steel19
SizeHP (Fragile)HP (Resilient)
Tiny (bottle, lock)3 (1d4)4 (2d4)
Small (chest, lute)4 (1d6)12 (3d6)
Medium (barrel, chandelier)7 (1d8)8 (4d8)
Large (cart, 10x10 ft. window)3 (1d10)24 (5d10)

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