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Hanforte, Village [Permalink]

Population: 971, Size: 32 acres
Demographics: Dragonborn (64%), Human (18%), Elf (8%), Dwarf (3%), Half-Elf (2%), Tiefling (1%), Tabaxi (1%), Halfling (1%), Half-Orc (1%), Gnome (1%)
Extra Details
Nearby Points of Interest
Wealth: 9,710 gp. Max value for sale: 320 gp. Max pawn value: 1,699 gp

Village Map
Village Map

Detailed Demographics

Hanforte has an awful smell, known for its colorful trees and its spirituality. The ruler (Reeve Lamlis Aloro, Male Elf found at their home) is an idiot, and mean-tempered. The races live together mostly in harmony. Recently a guild scandal has inflated prices.

Defenses: The village is surrounded by palisades. 6 trained warriors serve in the village's defense, and a militia of 97 can be mustered in case of attack. The sheriff is Driindar Phrahdrandon, Female Dragonborn.

Organizations: Society of Carrion Hoard, neighborhood crews, Flying Hoard

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Tavern: Avice's Respite
Owner: Avice Huxley, Female Human [Details]

Location: In a small alley. The street outside is crowded with shoppers. Someone has glued a platinum piece to the ground with sovereign glue.
Description: The tavern is a wooden cabin, with a white tile roof and dead hedges. It contains a large candelabra and shelves filled with random kooky crap.
Quests and Rumors | Map
  • Mutton Soup with Egg and a Tankard of Ale (5 sp)
  • Veggies Hash with Sliced truffle and a Glass of Whiskey (5 sp)
  • Duck Steamed Bun with Roasted Apple and a Glass of Wine (5 sp)

    Other Patrons:
  • Findex Grrrmmballhyst, Female Dragonborn [Details]
  • Emma Hampton, Female Human [Details]
  • Jheri Imbixtellrhyst, Female Dragonborn [Details]
  • Galinndan Ethanasath, Male Elf [Details]

Owner: Eggren Caavylteradyn, Female Dragonborn [Details]


    Other Patrons:
  • None

Owner: Nadarr Shestendeliath, Male Dragonborn [Details]


    Other Patrons:
  • Sumnes Galanodel, Female Elf [Details]
  • Antrara Jharthraxyn, Female Dragonborn [Details]

Owner: Chassath Fharngnarthnost, Female Dragonborn [Details]


    Other Patrons:
  • Adrex Ophinshtalajiir, Male Dragonborn [Details]
  • Nithther Raghthroknaar, Male Dragonborn [Details]
  • Nithther Clethtinthiallor, Male Dragonborn [Details]

Owner: Shedinn Wystongjiir, Male Dragonborn [Details]


General Store: The Sandy Petunia
Owner: Dentratha Imbixtellrhyst, Female Dragonborn [Details]

Location: In a side street near the town gate. The street outside is full of market stalls. A secret door in the cellar opens into a network of tunnels.
Description: The general store is a timber framed cabin, with a tanned wooden roof and overgrown hedges. It is well-lit by a few magical torches. It contains cobwebs in the corners and several lanterns hanging from the roof beams.
  • Pick, Miner's (phb 150) (2 gp)
  • Ink (1 ounce bottle) (phb 150) (10 gp)
  • Barrel (phb 153) (2 gp)

    Other Patrons:
  • Norkruuth Kerrhylon, Male Dragonborn [Details]
  • Driindar Yarjerit, Female Dragonborn [Details] with a quest
  • Rezena Grrrmmballhyst, Female Dragonborn [Details]

Church: Watchful Dream
Owner: Nithther Mystan, Male Dragonborn [Details]

Location: In a market quarter. The street outside is adjacent to a large home.
Description: The church is a wooden and large single storey building, with a small fenced yard and tile flooring. A number of hunting trophies line the walls. It contains a small wood oven and carved statues.

    Other Patrons:
  • Torinn Akambherylliax, Male Dragonborn [Details]
  • Kiirith Nemmonis, Male Dragonborn [Details]
  • Kerkad Orexijandilin, Male Dragonborn [Details]


Small Cottage
Owner: Theodoric Soames, Male Human [Details]

The house is a brick and sprawling single storey building, with a white shingled roof and softly blowing chimes by the door. It contains a single bachelor-style room with a bed and chest, along with a dresser on the far wall. In one corner is brick hearth with simple cooking pot. Cured meats are hung in bundles from the rafters.

Cruck House
Owner: Kadana Imbixtellrhyst, Female Dragonborn [Details]

The house is a plaster and wood framed rowhouse, with several shuttered windows and a large cellar. It contains 4 rooms total with 2 bedrooms, each containing a chest. The kitchen has a small firepit with a cauldron over the fire. Outside is a small fence made of wattle.

More Streets

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