SavageL2 was a custom MMORPG server built in Java based on Lineage 2, but what set it apart was its large list of customizations and new features. It was used as a testing platform for a lot of experimental (at least at the time) gameplay mechanics, many of which have found themselves as staples in modern games, or that I still use in my ongoing projects. I've included the feature list that was posted with the server while it was active below, followed by a download of the source code.

PvP System

  • You cannot attack an unwilling player that is less than 10 levels lower than you.
  • Killing another player will net you victim bones that can be used in the PvP Faction system.
  • SavageL2 Player
  • Depending on how you kill another player, you will gain either karma or eval. A "legit" kill earns you karma, while a "fair" kill earns you eval. Note that once a player reaches 50 karma, fair kills begin earning them karma anyway.
  • Having high karma gives you a red name. Having high eval gives you a blue name.
  • Karma and eval decay at a set rate. When your character remains logged out for 6 hours or more, they experience a "PvP Reset" which decays karma and eval by a small amount and resets their "killed today" list.

  • Legit kills (Required to be counted):
  • A player you have not already killed since the last PvP Reset.
  • A player that is not in your guild or alliance.

  • Fair kills (Required for eval):
  • A player no less than 10 levels below you (if they flag themselves to be attackable)
  • A player that has either karma or flags themselves by attacking you back.
  • OR A player killed in a pvp zone such as the colisseum.

SavageL2 Boss Note that while immune to pvp attack (if your attacker is more than 10 levels than you and you are not flagged) he/she will still be able to attack you, their attacks just won't do any damage. If you attack back and flag yourself, you will begin taking damage normally.

Raidboss System

  • Raidbosses scale in difficulty based on the size of the group fighting them. That means a single raidboss will be just as challenging for a group of 10 as it will be for a group of 40.
  • All raidbosses have a base 4 AI types that they will select from randomly at the start of each encounter. Each AI creates a different reaction and encounter for the boss, so each time you engage the same boss the encounter will be different.

Group Loot

  • When an item stack drops and you are in a party, the stack will be evenly distributed to each person in the group. That means if you're in a group of 4 and 20 Coals drop, each member will receive 5 coals each.
  • Gains in karma and eval for killing a player are shared with the group when in a party. This makes group-based pvp more worthwhile than solo, as it allows non-combat classes to gain points by simply being in and contributing to the party.
  • The items that raidbosses drop scale based on the size of your raid. So a raid of 40 players will receive more items than a group of 10, this makes it worthwhile for a group of any size.
  • Beyond just quantity of dropped loot being affected by raidboss raid sizes, the chance is also increased. So certain rare items that bosses drop will only be really feasible to get with a larger raid.

Note: Raidboss loot scaling has a hard ceiling of 40 players, any size beyond that will stop receiving scaling loot. Baium and Antharas, raid encounters that are planned for the near future, will be designed for 100- and 200- player raids respectively and will drop loot appropriate to a raid of that size. Normal raidbosses, however, cap at 40 players.

PvP Faction

  • Players that have at least 50 karma or eval can join the Legions of Chaos or Defenders of Order respectively and participate in faction-related events.
  • Being in a faction is required for PvP rewards, and a player in a faction is freely attackable (regardless of level) by members of the opposite faction.
  • Players in a faction are the only ones able to capture towns.
  • Towns are captured in a CTF event. When a town is attacked a flag will spawn in the town square, it must then be carried to the red or blue base outside of the town. The faction that brings the flag to their base will win the event and capture the town.
  • SavageL2 Group
  • Having karma or eval will make you attacked on sight by guards in towns owned by the opposite faction..
  • If you have both karma and eval you are considered a "traitor" and will have all the penalties of being in either faction with none of the rewards.
  • Killing a player of the opposite faction will earn you an extra point of karma or eval, depending on the type killed. Killing a player of opposite faction will also lower your score of their faction type (So if a karma player performs a legit kill on a blue faction player, they will gain 2 karma and -1 eval)


  • When a player reaches level 75 they may rebirth, which sets them back at level 1 and increases their rebirth level.
  • When rebirthed a character receives a bonus to all their stats equal to their rebirth level.
  • Also when rebirthed the amount of experience required to level increases. If your rebirth level is one, xp required to level doubles, two triples, and so on.
  • Currently players can get their first rebirth level for free from an Angel in the Border Outpost. Future levels will require participation in PvP rewards and defeating powerful encounters.

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