Big Grid Map Update #2

Big Grid Map Update

There's a new terrain panel with some easy drag-and-drop blocks that you can use to quickly build out nice looking maps on the fly.

There's a couple more multiplayer features: if you click and hold a spot on the map you'll ping it, creating a sound and indicator that all other players currently on the map can see.
If you're the DM you can now send all currently present players to a new map in the Save tab. Use this to keep the action going into a new scene.

Big Grid Map Update

Tokens can be given a colored indicator in addition to the hover text. You can use this to further distinguish tokens from each other, or as a quick visual indicator for status effects.

There's been a large number of quality of life changes and bug fixes:
All windows are now draggable.
Added heal option for attack macros, for abilities that auto-hit.
Added 1/2 damage on miss for attack macros
There's a button in the properties window to add a creature to the existing initiative
There's a button in the properties window to send a token to the background or foreground layer.
There's a new rectangle tool for drawing, as well as a corner-to-corner option when drawing squares.
New message in chat when someone is reduced to 0
Various bug fixes: fog and drawing, fixed a bug with zoom, fixed a bug with panning while drawing, fixed a bug with duplication on background layer.

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