Big Grid Map Update #3

The Grid Map has received another major update!

Big Grid Map Update LoS 1

Line of sight has been added. To start, switch the layer in the top right to "Fog of War," then use the "Draw Wall" drop down below it and select a shape in the "Draw" tab to start making walls that block line of sight. Don't forget to also set the "Torch" values in your token's properties.

Big Grid Map Update LoS 2

Using the "Modify Wall" selection lets you set whether the wall blocks sight, or the specific directions that the wall blocks sight in (as showcased above with the cliff wall).

Big Grid Map Update Move

When selecting a token with their speed set, squares within your movement and attack range are highlighted blue and red respectively.

You can adjust System Measurement and Diagonals in the Token tab to further customize how movement works in your game.

The initiative tracker also has more details to see the current state of combatants at a glance.

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