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Thea Warmwater, Female Halfling [Permalink]

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Description: She is an average looking southern female in her early mid-life. She prefers to wear black clothing when she does not wear armor. Her chestnut hair is kept up in a ponytail inside a top hat. Her otherwise smooth face is marked with small tiny scars.

Personality: She is someone who is used to having a large amount of sex appeal. She also lacks a concept of privacy and shares just about everything. She does not trust anyone and sleeps with one eye open.

History: Thea was born with her father's beautiful face. She was married off to the eldest child of a minor noble. Her spouse died of illness and she inherited everything. She bought a bow and has really upped her game hunting, due to her understanding of decoy and ambush.

Motivation: To prove her worth to the world.

Occupation: Actor

Attributes [hide]

Thea Warmwater, Female Halfling Monk 4
Small (3'1") Halfling, Chaotic Neutral (CR 4)
Armor Class 15
Hit Points 19 (4d8)
Speed 20 ft.
11 (+0)18 (+4)10 (+0)13 (+1)9 (-1)12 (+1)
Skills Intimidation +3, Medicine +1
Senses Passive Perception 9
Languages Common, Halfling, Gnoll
Attacks Melee +2, Ranged +6, Grapple +4

Possessions: 200 gp.

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