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Faral Suithrasas, Female Elf [Permalink]

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Description: Wearing a closed helm and plate, one would not know what she was had she not made sure her armor was more form fitting than normal. Outside of the suit she is wearing colorful clothing, dressed as a Mason. Her hair is always cut to a buzz. She tend to wears goggles to shield her eyes.

Personality: She is irritable and easily angered. She is a bit of a bully and is not afraid to her stature and powers to intimidate and hurt. She is ready at a moment's notice to give into her darker urges. She is a real pyromaniac and does not care who the fire hurts. She often ends up burning people alive in the fires she starts.

History: Born in the east her family was never financially stable. One day when Faral was young, her father was sewing while trying to overcome the flu, when suddenly her father dropped to the ground dead. Her father had died from a severe disease that was unknown to the village doctor. Faral was heart-stricken from the event, and her mother started working long hours to provde for them. Being a Mason kept her interest for a while, but then she became depressed and bored. So she turned to a secret life of crime, taking increasingly more risks and challenges.

Motivation: Seeks redemption.

Occupation: Mason

Attributes [hide]

Faral Suithrasas, Female Elf Expert 4
Medium (5'0") Elf, Chaotic Evil (CR 4)
Armor Class 13
Hit Points 12 (4d6)
Speed 30 ft.
8 (-1)16 (+3)8 (-1)13 (+1)12 (+1)8 (-1)
Skills Arcana +3, Medicine +3
Senses Passive Perception 11
Languages Common, Elven, Orc
Attacks Melee +1, Ranged +5, Grapple +3

Possessions: 600 gp. 1 Minor magic item.

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